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Welcome to our quests guide for Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Check here for the list of all available quests in the game as well as details on how to start the quest and rewards!

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Bravely Default 2 Prologue Quests

Title Reward Quest Giver
1 Borrowing the Boat Teleport Stone x 2
Boat Lending Woman in Halcyonia
2 A Knife to Remember Dart x 3
A man in the tavern in Halcyonia
3 Human's Best Friend: Part I Small Experience Orb x 2
Truff in the south of Halcyonia
4 You-Know-What Mini Ether x 4
A man north of Halcyonia
5 One Boy's Quest Echo Herbs x 3
A mother on the eastern bridge at Halcyonia
6 Business to Be Getting on With 470 pg A woman near the stairs at Halcyonia during nighttime
7 Dish of the Day Fresh Fish x 2
The innkeeper at Halcyonia
9 Double Dare Booster Bun (Evasion) x 1
A little boy outside of the shop at Halcyonia during nighttime
10 A Grizzly Conundrum Mythril Staff x 1
A man beside the rock east of the Outlaw's Hideout during daytime
11 Hear the Wind Blow Ward Light x 2
A woman on the eastern bridge at Halcyonia
13 Gold in the Grass 1300 pg An old man on the bridge at Halcyonia during daytime

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 1 Quests

Title Reward Quest Giver
8 Presentation is Everything Small JP Orb x 3
An old lady in the king's castle in Halcyonia
12 Always By Your Side Wind Talisman x 1
King of Halcyonia
14 In the Dark Booster Bun (Physical Defence) x 1
A soldier outside of the Outlaw's Hideout during nighttime
15 Belle of the Ball Feather Hat x 1
A woman near the stairs at Halcyonia during daytime
16 The Harbinger of Calamity 680 pg A guy wearing a white robe on the bridge near the entrance of Savalon (only available after the scene with the prince)
17 Say It with Shells 520 pg A man in a blue roof house that can be found at the end of the dock just before the road to the palace in Savalon
18 Target Practice Iron Bow x 1
Guard in the palace in Savalon
19 Book Smarts Silver Glasses x 2
An old man southeast of the gambling hall in Savalon during daytime
20 A Long Lunch Large JP Orb x 1
A woman outside the inn in Savalon during nighttime
21 Heart and Sole Snug Scarf x 1
22 Add Some Sparkle Teleport Stone x 5
Avid glassblower in the Gambling hall in Savalon during daytime
23 Bond of Brothers Peace Ring x 1
Prisoner inside the jail in Savalon
24 Taking a Gamble Medium JP Orb x 2
Shirley in the Gambling Hall
25 A Fragrant Lie Booster Bun (Magical Attack) x 2
Man near the weapon shop in Savalon during the daytime
26 A Fluttery Stomach Mythril Shield x 1
One of the guards in Savalon palace
27 Rich Pickings Small JP Orb x 1
Troubled father in the Gambling Hall during daytime
28 Human's Best Friend: Part II Medium Experience Orb x 1
Truff at the north of Savalon

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 2 Quests

Title Reward Quest Giver
29 Uneasy Friends Sands of Time x 1
30 Tools of the Trade Medium JP Orb x 2
Man outside Savalon
32 Pedal to the Medal Teleport Stone x 7
A little boy outside the shop in Wiswald
33 Hopping Mad Courage Ring x 1
Man near the entrance of Wiswald
34 Make Do and Mend Booster Bun (HP) x 1
Man near the sewer area in Wiswald
36 An Exquisite Drop 2100 pg Woman in the bar in Wiswald
37 Seek Out That Weakness! Main-Gauche x 1
A soldier outside Wiswald
38 Seek Out That Weakness...Again! Flametongue x 1
A soldier outside Wiswald
39 The Road Home Direct Sunlight x 3
Young girl near the inn in Wiswald
40 A Helping Hand Medium Experience Orb x 3
Grandma in the Great Tree Hollow in Wiswald
44 For the Sake of the Kids Booster Bun (Speed) x 2
Brother of the sick girl in the Great Tree Hollow in Wiswald

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 3 Quests

Title Reward Quest Giver
35 The Tea of Teas Booster Bun (MP) x 2
Elvis inside the shop in Wiswald
41 Like Teacher, Like Student Amulet x 1
Elvis inside the Institute in Wiswald
42 Scales in the Sand Light Talisman x 1
Grandma in Savalon
43 Blinded by Beauty Small JP Orb x 10
Young boy near Elvis in Wiswald's tree hollow
45 Taste Test Bomb Arm x 4
Bar lady in Wiswald
46 Test Your Strength Ikaboshi Kabuto x 1
Lady in Wiswald
47 In Dreams Large Experience Orb x 1
Mayor of Enderno's brother
48 Human's Best Friend: Part III Large Experience Orb x 1
Truff in the north of Enderno
49 Leading by Example Heart Ring x 1
50 The Wayward Merchant pg x11500 Merchant in the upper area of Rimedhal
51 Mysteries of the Heart Booster Bun (Aim) x 1
The worried boy in Rimedhal
52 The Joys of Spring pg x 7700 Old woman at Rimedhal
53 Gone Fishing Adamant Bangle x 1
Man near the plaza in Rimedhal
54 The Ultimate Stew Carving Knife x 1
A man east of Rimedhal
56 That's the Spirit Monstrous Medley x 2
Man in Rimedhal

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 4 Quests

Title Reward Quest Giver
0 Getting Hold of a Glintstone Glintstone x 1
31 One Swanky Shell Booster Bun (Physical Defence) x 2
Young boy inside the inn in Savalon
55 Pen Pals Remedy x 2
Woman on the stairs near the weapon shop in Rimedhal
57 Cool Customer Large JP Orb x 1
Man in Enderno
58 A Frosty Fable Booster Bun (Critical Chance) x 2
Elvis at Rimedhal Inn
59 The Big Brush-Off Spellblossom x 8
Adelle at the Inn in Rimedhal
60 The Mystery Couple Arctic Wind x 6
Elvis near the weapon shop in Rimedhal
61 A Time to Forgive Mark of the Void x 1
Galahad in Rimedhal
62 Stormin' Jormun Mal Meadwortth x 1
Dragon Knight in Rimedhal
63 Jewelly Heist Heiji's Jitte x 1
Woman in Enderno
64 The Cold Soldier Artemis's Bow x 1
Soldier in Rimedhal
65 Ant-Ipathy Brave Suit x 1
Kid in Savalon
66 The Power of Flowers Demon's Rod x 1
Woman in the Gambling Hall
67 A Forgotten Sound Medium Experience Orb x 2
Old lady near the entrance to Wiswald Slums
68 Undead and Unwelcome Heiji's Jitte x 1
Wizard on the first floor of the institute

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 5 Quests

Title Reward Quest Giver
69 Mine Sweeping Assassin Dagger x 1
Soldier in Halcyonia's palace
70 An Explosive Plan Icebrand x 1
Female soldier in Halcyonia
71 To Be a King Giant's Armour x 1
Prince Pollux
72 A Scaly Tale Floral Robe x 1
Man in the bar in Wiswald
73 A Message from the Shadows Holy Dagger x 1
74 Keep Your Feet on the Ground Divine Rod x 1
75 The Price of Defeat Life Ring x 1
76 Fingers in the Fruit Bowl 10000 pg Soldier in Holograd
77 A Comic Episode Big Brush x 1
Man in Holograd
78 For the Common Good Apollo's Bow x 1
Man near the big gate in Holograd
79 The Good Son Medium JP Orb x 3
Man in Chromatite Mine
80 Find the Friend in Halcyonia Minerva Bustier x 1
Lady near the big gate in Holograd
81 The Sound of the Sea Wavesong Necklace x 1
Gloria at the Inn in Halcyonia
82 Tree's a Crowd Fairyglow Charm x 1
Elvis in the bar in Wiswald

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 6 and 7 Quests

Title Reward Quest Giver
83 Let Your Light Shine Genji Armour x 1
Old Man in Holograd
84 Clearing the Wreckage Large JP Orb x 2
Barkeep in Halcyonia
85 The God of Trees Chaos Blade x 1
Girl in the palace in Halcyonia
86 To Kill a King Blood Blade x 1
Young girl in Wiswald
87 Emergency Measures Wizard's Robes x 1
Old Man in Enderno
88 A Divine Duel Dalmatica x 1
Man outside Enderno
89 To Arms! Yoichi's Bow x 1
Man near the mines in the Holograd region
90 New Horizons Star of the Abyss x 4
Man on the eastern side of Holograd
91 The Bard and the Beastmaster Normalizer x 1
Anihal in the Gaming Hall
92 Doctor's Orders Growth Egg x 2
Martha in the Serpent's Grotto
93 Dry Thy Tears Small Experience Orb x 2
Glora while in Musa
94 A World in Bloom Smart Cravat x 1
95 The Snowman Giant JP Orb x 1
Fairy on the giant branch in Mag Mell
96 A Fairy's Blessing Blessing x 1
Fairy in the back side of Mag Mell
97 Feline Free Reflect Ring x 1
Fairy near the fount of knowledge's entrance in Mag Mell
98 Memory Loss Giant JP Orb x 1
Man in Holograd
99 Around the World Genji Gloves x 1
Young woman in one of the houses in Musa
100 The Collector Growth Egg x 2
Fairy in Mag Mell

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4 Anonymousalmost 3 years

A great guide, but these titles aren't the ones in the Travelogue list, so I have no way of knowing which ones I've missed without playing the scenes again.

3 Anonymousalmost 3 years

I was actually able to get quest 31, about the swanky shell, at the start of Chapter 3 right after arriving in Wistwald.


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