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Best Weapons List | How to Get the Best Weapons

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Not all weapons are created equal. Check here for the list of the best weapons you can obtain in Bravely Default 2. Read on to learn how to get the best weapons available in Bravely Default 2 and why they made our list for the strongest.

Bravely Default 2 Strongest Weapons List

Strongest Weapons Obtained through Item Drops

Enemy Type Weapon Ability
Hall of Tribulation Ⅰ
Lady Emma Staff Leviathan Black Mage Black Mage
Lonsdale Spear Spear of Judgement Bastion Bastion
Sir Sloan
Sword Sword of Light Bravebearer Secret Job
Hall of Tribulation Ⅱ
Orpheus Staff Fallen Angel's Harp Bard Bard
Anihal Spear Ringmaster's Spear Beastmaster Beastmaster
Bernard Dagger Givampalui Thief Thief
Shirley Bow Longshot Bow Gambler Gambler
Hall of Tribulation Ⅲ
Galahad Axe Portcullis Hammer Shieldmaster Shieldmaster
Gladys Sword Executioner's Blade Swordmaster Swordmaster
Glenn Axe Foraging Shovel Salve-Maker Salve-Maker
Hall of Tribulation Ⅳ
Martha Spear Draconic Lance Dragoon Dragoon
Helio Staff Sunshine Staff Spiritmaster Spiritmaster
Domenic Bow Farsight Bow Oracle Oracle
Hall of Tribulation Ⅴ
Castor Axe Hysteriax Berserker Berserker
Folie Staff Bloody Brush Pictomancer Pictomancer
Vigintio Staff Crescent Cane Arcanist Arcanist
Hall of Tribulation Ⅵ
Marla Dagger Vengeance Phantom Phantom
Adam Sword Darksoul Sword Hellblade Hellblade
Hall of Tribulation Ⅶ
Selene Staff Maidenhair Staff White Mage White Mage
Dag Sword Bullhead Blade Vanguard Vanguard
Roddy Staff Red Moon Red Mage Red Mage
Lily Bow Wildwood Bow Ranger Ranger

※Since Horten battles as a bare-handed Monk, he doesn't have nor drop any equipment.

Why Asterisk Weapons are the Strongest

They Provide All the Passives Abilities of a Given Job

There are 22 different Asterisk Weapons available in the game. There is one for every Job except for Freelancer and Monk. What makes these weapons outstanding is their ability to use all of the passive abilities of the Job they represent.

This allows you to essentially have more than just 5 Passive Abilities for your character. This also opens up a lot more strategies for you to experiment with, without losing the perks from your other Jobs.

The Passives Even Overlap

This can be especially useful for Jobs such as the Thief where, when equipped with multiple Givampalui abilities, has the steal rate for rare drops raised to 75%. With Rob Blind, you can also steal up to 4 items at once from each enemy.

How to Get the Strongest Weapons

Farm Weapons in the Hall of Tribulations

Obtained from an Asterisk user as a normal drop

Many of the strongest weapons in the game come in the form of the Asterisk Weapons. These weapons can be dropped by their respective Asterisk holders in the Halls of Tribulation. Most Asterisk Holders will have their weapon as a normal drop, however, Dag and Lonsdale have their equipment drop as rare drops. To get theirs easier, we recommend equipping the Gambler's passive ability Rare Talent.

Don't use Rare Talent for the other Asterisk Weapons

Since Rare Talent increases your chance to receive rare drops, it actually lowers your chance to get the Asterisk weapons as they are considered normal drops. Avoid equipping Rare Talent or the Longshot Bow when farming for the other Asterisk Weapons to maximize your luck to get them to drop.

Hall of Tribulation Portal Locations

You can also get strong equipment by stealing

The bosses of the Halls of Tribulations also have strong equipment among the items you can steal from them. If you are skilled enough, you can use this chance to gain strong weapons from drops, and steal strong equipment from steals in one go!

Monster Stealable Items
Lady Emma Small JP Orb
Selene Small JP Orb
White Robe
Dag Small JP Orb
Diamond Chestplate
Horten Small JP Orb
Genji Gloves
Orpheus Small JP Orb
Hypnos Crown
Anihal Small JP Orb
White Robe
Bernard Small JP Orb
Diamond Chestplate
Prince Castor Small JP Orb
Shirley Small JP Orb
Roddy Small JP Orb
Hypnos Crown
Lily Small JP Orb
Galahad Small JP Orb
Diamond Chestplate
Folie Small JP Orb
Martha Small JP Orb
Crystal Vest
Helio Small JP Orb
Lordly Robes
Gladys Small JP Orb
Domenic Small JP Orb
Glenn Small JP Orb
Hypnos Crown
Lonsdale Small JP Orb
Marla Small JP Orb
Duelling Mask
Vigintio Small JP Orb
Adam Small JP Orb
Sir Sloan Small JP Orb
Lordly Robes

Remember, most of their strong equipment is a Rare Stealable item, so be sure to equip the Thief's Magpie Ability to gain a 25% chance of stealing a Rare Item.

Learn more about Steal Mechanics

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