Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Exp Farming Guide: How to Farm EXP Fast

Bravley Default 2 EXP Farming Guide
This is a guide to EXP farming in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know the fastest way to level up, other tricks to leveling, and the best EXP farming method.

Fastest Way to Get EXP

Use EXP Orbs

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EXP orbs are items that can be consumed to give a character a flat amount of EXP. They cannot be purchased in stores but their potency is great, especially in the early stages of the game where enemies dont provide much EXP per battles yet.

Keep On Fighting Enemies

Unlike JP, EXP doesn't get multipliers when defeating enemies for consecutive battles. Instead, it is suggested to focus on learning AOE skills and making glass cannon builds (term used for builds that solely focus on offense) and quickly lay waste to enemies.

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Speed Up the Battle

Always crank that speed multiplier to max by pressing the + button on the Switch. Faster battles means faster exp obtained!

Use the Gambler's Dealer's Choice!

Dealer's Choice is a vague effect that simply says it can do random things. These “random things” however, are so potent that it ranges from inflicting ailments to enemies, getting debuffs for your party, or even multiplying your EXP or JP. Be careful though as it can fizzle out and kill the Gambler or reduce your whole party's HP to 1.

Gambler Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Best Places To Farm EXP


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While it may be tempting to look for specific spots to gather EXP, it is highly suggested to just do it in the worldmap. The world map allows you to use Tents anywhere which can greatly aid your party in recoving their HP and MP.

Hunt During the Night!

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It is better to hunt enemies during the night as they are more abundant during this time. At the day, you may encounte 3 or four enemies but fighting enemies at night can yield 5 enemies or sometimes, even 6! This can greatly increase the pace you can farm EXP from enemies.

The Latest Area You Can Explore

Progressing the story naturally will also pit you against enemies that are stronger than the last. If you wish to increase the amount of EXP you obtain from enemies, always consider on progressing the story instead of grinding in one spot for a long while.

Full Story Walkthrough and Guide

How to Farm EXP Orbs

Use the Freelancer's Forage Ability

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The Freelancer's job may seem tempting to raise because of the JP Up ability. While this is true, another secret ability that the Freelancer posses is the Forage ability. While not having a guest party, you can leave a single enemy alive and just spam Forage in battle. Given a good 30 minutes or so, you'll be able to pack yourself with several items.

Look For Weak Enemies

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The items you get from Forage are based on the Job's level. Go to an area with weak enemies, leave one enemy alone, and keep on using Forage for as long as you like. The battle can end with you owning several EXP orbs.

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