Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Chapter 3 Story Walkthrough and Boss Guides

Chapter 3 Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for Chapter 3 of Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know all the objectives for this chapter, all the boss fights and strategies against them, all the side quests and missions, and all the necessary tips to get through this chapter.

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Main Objectives

Enderno- Rimedhal Serpent's Grotto Jaw of Judgement-Hall of High Holies

Enderno - Rimedhal

1 After passing the forest, head northwest until you reach Enderno.
This is not the next destination but you'll want to complete Truff's Quest and the quest from Glenn (the Mayor's Brother) to get a new Job.
2 Head north and look for the Luneclover on the most northeastern side of the map.
3 Return to Glenn and give him the Luneclover. Once that's done, prepare your party and enter the dreamworld.
Note The Plagues can counter magic abilities with an ability that steals MP and the Triffids (plant monsters) can counter physical attacks with massive amount of status ailments. Use your moves accordingly.
4 After reaching the end, prepare for a boss fight against the kidnapper.
Boss How to Beat Glenn.jpg Glenn
5 After the quest, cross the bridge northeast from Enderno then head west to reach Rimedhal.
6 Use the stairs then head into the crowd for a bizarre scene.
7 Enter the church then talk to the archbishop
8 After the scenes, head out then proceed to the cave north of Rimedhal.

Serpent's Grotto - Rimedhal

Note The Serpent's Grotto is located exactly north of Rimedhal. The enemies here are tough so you'll want to have several AOE abilities or be prepared to consume lots of MP from your mages to clear them out faster.
1 Head through the cave. While there will be lots of stairs, your primary objective is simply heading north inside the cave.
2 After the 2nd save point, feel free to approach the lady nearby.
3 After the scenes, return to the save point and save your game. You'll also want to recover your party's status to prepare for a boss fight.
Boss How to Beat MarthaMartha
Note You'll now have a new ally in your party! He uses AOE fire attacks often so take this chance to explore the tundra regions!
4 After the boss fight, return to Rimedhal.
5 Return to the plaza.
6 Gather intel from the people in the Plaza then talk to the man just after the staircase in the plaza leading up.
7 Head northwest to find Rhydion's home. Talk to the man inside.
8 Head to the inn.
9 After recieving the grim news, head to the Church to the North Eastern most side of Rimedhal.
10 Exit Rimedhal then head north to reach the Jaws of Judgement.

Jaw of Judgement - Hall of High Holies

Note The wolves in the area counters physical attacks and they can deal a huge amount of damage.
1 Despite being large, the Jaws of Judgement is a simple spiral dungeon. The entrances to the other areas may be hard to find, so check for a different lighting on the walls to see if it's an enterable area or not (or alternatively, follow the marker.)
Refer to our map page below for more details of the dungeon's layout!
Note Beware of blue slopes, they will be slippery and will make it hard for your characters to stop moving or turn while walking in these areas, check the area before crossing paths like these to avoid enemy ambushes!
2 Keep descending until you reach Rhydion.
Boss Fight How to Beat Helio and Gladys.jpgHelio and Gladys
3 After the battle, return to Rimedhal.
4 Head to the area church on the west most side of Rimedhal.
5 Make your way through the Hall of High Holies. The dungeon is 5 floors and enemies counter magical attacks so you'll want to prepare a physical team for this dungeon.
Note 1 While on the dungeon, you should take a keen look on scattered books. These is an indicator that says that a wall can be entered and it may lead to hidden treasure chests.
Note 2 Aside from scattered books, you'll also want to check walls with cracks on them. If you have cleared Truffle's 3rd quest, you'll gain the ability to destroy rocks. Attack these walls to reveal hidden areas which commonly contains chests!
6 Upon reaching the 5th floor, you'll find Domenic. Prepare for a tough boss battle!
Boss Fight How to Beat Domenic.jpgDomenic
7 Head to the bar near the entrance of Rimedhal.
8 Talk to Martha and agree to head out. (Be prepared for a series of battles!)

Chapter 3 Maps

Chapter 3
Rimedhal Near Rimedhal
Serpent's Grotto Jaws of Judgement
Hall of High Holies Frosty Forest
Enderno Crystalcap Mountain

Chapter 3 Bosses


How to Beat Martha.jpg

Martha is the guardian of the dragon and has the Dragoon Asterisk. Despite looking like a fair and sweet maiden, she actually craves fights like a battle hardened Valkyrie and she's definitely not a push over!

How to Beat Martha

Helio and Gladys

How to Beat Helio and Gladys.jpg

The next duo boss you'll fight after Selene and Dag. They follow the prior battle's strategy as a healer and damager role. With Helio being the healer, we should know who to prioritize first in this fight.

How to Beat Helio and Gladys


How to Beat Domenic.jpg

Domenic, the head of the dragon worshippers in Rimedhal is the last boss of Chapter 3. He possess the Oracle Asterisk and has command over time magics and can unleash strong water, lightning, and fire elemental spells at random.

A tough boss fight, but we have you covered with our Domenic boss fight guide!

How to Beat Domenic

Optional Boss: Glenn

How to Beat Glenn.jpg

Glenn is an optional boss you can fight while in Enderno. You'll have to complete the quest “In Dreams” then agree to Glenn and enter his brother's dreams.

How to Beat Glenn

Chapter 3 Obtainable Asterisks


Salve Maker Image
The Salve-Maker is an expert in item usage. This class can use ingredient items and combine it with existing items to produce unique effects! They are also able to analyze enemies and give more information to the player which can ease the flow of battle. Definitely a handy class!

Salve-Maker Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Bravely Default 2 Dragoon.jpg
A famous attacker class in several Job system based games. They are well known for their ability to jump and be away from battle for a short period of time. They are a master of the lance and they are often key fighters in some bosses thanks to their signature jump move.

Dragoon Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Spirit Master

Bravely default 2 Spirit Master.jpg
The Spirit Master can be considered an extension of the White Mage. They can cast light magic and use restorative spells too. The difference is these effects are often restorative buffs like regen and reraise. They can also summon Spirits (why call them spirit masters if they can't) that can use abilities automatically at different intervals during the battle.

Spirit Master Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Sword Master

Bravely Default 2 Sword Master.jpg
Sword Master is a class that specializes in damage. It can assume an offensive stance that can delay enemy turns and deal heavy damage or assume a counter attack stance that can destroy enemy momentum by damaging their BP.

Sword Master Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Bravely Default 2 Oracle.jpg
More commonly known as a Time Mage in previous rpg franchises that features Job systems. They can cast time manipulating magics that can speed up allies and slow down foes. They can also increase the amount of attack hits an ally (or enemy for that matter) in a single attack but they're not just supporters, Oracles can also damage enemies via using Triple magic to demolish them using three elements at once!

Oracle Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Chapter 3 Sidequests

Available Quests Directory
Scales in the Sand Taste Test Test Your Strength
In Dreams Human's Best Friend: Part III The Wayward Merchant
Mysteries of the Heart The Joys of Spring Gone Fishing
That's the Spirit

The Tea of Teas

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
35 Collect mandarin tea leaves from defeated laerads. (0/3) Booster Bun (MP) x 2
Quest Giver
Elvis inside the shop in Wiswald

Laerad Location

Like Teacher, Like Student

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
41 Search all the bookshelves in the Institute. Amulet x 1
Quest Giver
Elvis inside the Institute in Wiswald

Scales in the Sand

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
42 Defeat Mushussu Light Talisman x 1
Quest Giver
Grandma in Savalon

How to Beat Mushussu

Blinded by Beauty

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
43 Search for the lost little girl Small JP Orb x 10
Quest Giver
Young boy near Elvis in Wiswald's tree hollow

How to Beat Vespus Hex

Taste Test

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
45 Find some banananectarines Bomb Arm x 4
Quest Giver
Bar lady in Wiswald

Test Your Strength

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
46 Defeat an aka-oni. 0/1 Ikaboshi Kabuto x 1
Quest Giver
Lady in Wiswald

In Dreams

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
47 Acquire some luneclover Large Experience Orb x 1
Quest Giver
Mayor of Enderno's brother

How to Beat Glenn

Human's Best Friend: Part III

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
48 Find Mitch Large Experience Orb x 1
Quest Giver
Truff in the north of Enderno

Leading by Example

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
49 Speak to the townspeople. Heart Ring x 1
Quest Giver

The Wayward Merchant

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
50 Look for the lost merchant. pg x11500 ★★★★★
Quest Giver
Merchant in the upper area of Rimedhal

How to Beat Jealous Jody

Mysteries of the Heart

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
51 Speak to the girl Booster Bun (Aim) x 1
Quest Giver
The worried boy in Rimedhal

The Joys of Spring

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
52 Collect some horsetail buds. pg x 7700 ★★★
Quest Giver
Old woman at Rimedhal

Gone Fishing

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
53 Defeat some flanbaneros. Adamant Bangle x 1
Quest Giver
Man near the plaza in Rimedhal

Flanbanero Location

The Ultimate Stew

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
54 Collect a snow cabbage 0/1
Collect a moon onion 0/1
Collect a flowery fungus 0/1
Carving Knife x 1
Quest Giver
A man east of Rimedhal

That's the Spirit

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
56 Collect some soul food from defeated kitty-caits or other sources. Monstrous Medley x 2
Quest Giver
Man in Rimedhal

How to Get Soul Food

More Side Quests

For a complete list of all available side quests in Bravely Default 2, see our side quest guide below!

Complete Side Quest List

Chapter 3 Tips

Organize and Plan your Party Setups

The dungeons and boss fights from this chapter onward will start to pack some challenges (as if they didn't already). You'll want to properly organize your party and plan out which Job and which role you would like each character to have for the future.

If you're looking for specific Job combos, check our Job combination pages for references!

Best Job Combos

Don't Sell Old Gear

Unless they surpass the amount of people that can equip it (4 for armour, and headwear, 8 for weapons, shields, and accessories). Old gear may have less stats but some have unique effects that can still be used against future boss battles so don't sell them!

List of Rimedhal and Enderno Shop Items

Available from the Beginning


Item Price Item Price
Antidote 15 Ether 220
Mini Ether 90 Phoenix Down 150
Hi-Potion 200 Potion 40
Balsam 66 Atlatl 240
Stone 240 Magnifying Glass 22
Teleport Stone 180 Tent 270
Ward Light 85 Eye Drops 20
Echo Herbs 24 Wakeup Bell 40
Animator 52 Throwing Knife 240
Shuriken 240 Throwing Axe 240
Dart 240 Throwing Stick 240
Bomb Fragment 240 Antarctic Wind 260
Zeus's Wrath 260 Direct Moonlight 260
Earth Drum 260 Tengu Yawn 260
Stardust 260 Dark Drops 260


Weapon Price Weapon Price
Jade Crosier 5720 Rod of Fire 4140
Rod of Ice 4140 Oak Staff 3420
Ancient Bow 5620 Quickdraw Bow 3610
Halberd 5800 Hinderlance 4610
Crimson Spear 3020 Alastor 6300
Earthbreaker 3880 Hawkeye 3160
Scimitar 6050 Kiku-Ichimonji 2940
Air Knife 5390 Main-Gauche 3810
Orichal Dagger 2460


Armor Price Armor Price
Adamant Armour 4230 Plate Mail 3290
Mirage Vest 3090 Protector 4000
Nanosuit 2970 Academy Gown 2010
Eisenhut 3110 Adamant Helm 2830
Adamant Hat 1450 Iron Headband 2840
Shako 1850 Laurel Wreath 1400
Tactician's Hat 2630 Mortarboard 1250
Adamant Shield 3350 Typhoon Shield 2110


Accessory Price Accessory Price
Ice Talisman 1560 Flame Talisman 1560
Iron Bangle 880 Thunder Talisman 1560
Star Pendant 600 Silver Glasses 620
White Veil 760 Safety Ring 2320
Locket 2200 Peace Ring 2270
Courage Ring 840 Earthing Rod 880
Clothespin 810 Artisan Gloves 2470
Wind Talisman 3490 Artisan Gloves 2470
Force Armlets 2160 Vambraces 3420
Thief Gloves 2830 Mythril Gloves 1670
Mittens 120 Power Bracers 2190
Mythril Bangle 1340

Available after entering Jaws of Judgement


There are no new items available for purchase


Weapon Price
Great Bow 7230
Defender 7120
Carving Knife 6790


Armor Price
Ninja Garb 4890
Full-Face Helm 3850


There are no new items available for purchase

Available from Chapter 4


Item Price Item Price
Pathogen 2000 Witch's Whisper 1500
Wildweed 1000 Dreadstool 500
Numbneedle 250 Hush Pollen 200
Ink 100 Magic Herb 800
Healing Herb 100 X-Potion 630


Weapon Price Weapon Price
Gaia Rod 7120 Yggdrasil Staff 7010
Staggering Sword 7970 Summoner's Axe 8360
Chronos Glaive 8220


Armor Price Armor Price
Cuirass 5620 Valkyrie's Coat 5230
Brigandine 4930 Kalasiris 5240
Acorn Hat 4200 Spiked Shield 4310


Armor Price Armor Price
Heart Ring 2860 Adamant Bangle 3310

Available from Chapter 5


Item Price Item Price
Spellblossom 15000 Healing Bloom 2000
Meteorite 2200 Dark Deluge 2200
Direct Sunlight 2200 Tengu Sneeze 2200
Earth Mallet 2200 Pantheon's Wrath 2200
Arctic Wind 2200 Bomb Arm 2200
Elixir 10000


Weapon Price Weapon Price
Zwill Crossblade 8680 Yatagarasu 10350
Blind Blade 8960 Ama-no-Murakumo 10470
Sandman's Axe 9460 Deforester 10810
Wyvern Spear 9170 Ama-no-Sakahoko 10700
Shigeto Bow 8940 Ama-no-Kagoyumi 10640
Hammer Mace 8740 Gambanteinn 10260


Armor Price Armor Price
Icefire Shield 5020 Aegis Shield 5520
Blessing 6670 Ascetic's Cap 3370
Dragonskin Headscarf 6470 Carbon Cap 5320
Armet 5580 Saffron Robes 5690
Minerva Bustier 7570 Crimson Vest 6170
Fluted Armour 6370


Accessory Price Accessory Price
Vaccine 10870 Self-Portrait 11810
Snappy Sash 10780 Adamant Gauntlets 6840
Amulet 2730 Sands of Time 3720
Gauntlets 4620 Snug Scarf 3680

Available from Chapter 6


Item Price Item Price
Soul Food 5770 Devil's Delight 5190
Ghoulash 5770 Plant Food 5190
Insect Nectar 5630 Fresh Fish 5440
Beast Flesh 5440 People Pleasers 5630


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase

Available from Chapter 7


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase

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