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New Game + Options | How to Unlock NG+

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This is a guide to Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)s New Game plus feature on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know about New Game Plus, what can you carry over, and are there additional challenges for it.

How to Unlock New Game +

Obtain the True Ending

The game's true ending is when you beat the last boss in Chapter 7 and choose to continue after. Once you have cleared the prerequisites, the option New Game+ will appear on the main menu.

After beating the Night's Nexus and completing the story the first time, players can find a silver medal on their save files. If you complete the story again while on NG+, players will receive a shiny gold medal by their save file.

How to Unlock the True Ending | Chapter 7 Story Walkthrough and Boss Guides

Choose New Game+ on the Main Menu

New Game Plus Menu

New Game Plus Features

Carry Over Progress!

New Game Plus Carry Over
You can carry over a lot of things from your true ending save file to your new game plus file. Below is a list of all the content you can carry over.

Play Time Character Level
・Jobs ・Job Level
・Items ・Money
・Captured Monsters ・No. of Monsters Captured
・Battles Won ・Memories/Lore
・B 'n' D Cards ・B 'n' D Results
・B 'n' D Rank -

See a potential new Ending

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Unless you grinded to a very high level during the first part of the game, chances are you'll lose against Adam in the Valley of Sighs. However, if you defeat him, you'll see a unique ending which is normally only acquired for new game plus players.

Thing to do before New Game+

Get all Asterisk Weapons

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At the latter stages of the game, you can find portals scattered around the map. Heading inside will pit you against groups of previous Asterisk bearers. Defeat them and you'll be able to unlock the potential of the Asterisks and level up your Jobs even further to gain their last 3 abilities.

Furthermore, they also drop valuable weapons with the majority of them granting their Job's support ability automatically!

Halls of Tribulation Portal Locations

Defeat Boss #66

Boss #66 is the last boss of the game. It has a massive 500,000 HP and can only be fought after clearing all the portals and checking the huge obelisk in Rimedhal's graveyard.


How to Beat Gwydion.jpg

Gwydion, the dragon that Adam has felled, is the true hidden super boss of the game. It is weak to shadow and its abilities change depending on whethere it is flying or on the ground.

How to Beat Gwydion

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