Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Chapter 4 Story Walkthrough and Boss Guides

Chapter 4 Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for Chapter 4 of Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know all the objectives for this chapter, all the boss fights and strategies against them, all the side quests and missions, and all the necessary tips to get through this chapter.

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Main Objectives (Choose Your Route)

The objectives below can be done at any order. You can head to any of the previously visited areas but once you have chosen an area, you won't be able to leave until you have vanquished the enemy that's causing the mayhem. For our guide, we'll be heading to Wiswald first then Savalon then Halcyonia.

Wiswald Route

1 Upon arriving in Wiswald, you'll notice that not a single soul is in sight. Talk to Adelle first.
2 After talking to Adelle, head to Elvis' location near the Magic institute.
3 Head to the inn to find Gloria.
4 After the cutscenes, you'll instantly head to the treetop tower. Start making your way up using the new staircase at the center.
5 After the rescue scene, make your way out of Wiswald and head to the Wiswald Woods up north.
6 After reaching Lily's doll, take it then return to the Inn in Wiswald.
7 After the scene, exit Wiswald then head west into the Wrecked Institute.
8 There aren't any suprises in this dungeon. As long as you're at least level 40 or above with a decent team, the dungeon should be no problem.
9 At the 2nd Save Point is where you'll fight Vigintio
Boss Fight How to Beat Vigintio.jpgVigintio
10 Once the battle's over, you'll find yourself in Wiswald, free to choose between Savalon and Halcyonia.

Savalon Route

1 After having a discussion with the Prince, talk to the people with quest markers in Savalon.
2 Return to the palace.
3 Proceed to Savalon's prison. Prepare for a boss fight.
4 There will be a boss fight but the battle will abruptly end after a few turns have passed.
5 After the battle, investigate around town. Once done, head to the prince for a series of questions. There will be a boss fight after so prepare accordingly.
6 During the choice prompt, choose the following answers:
  1. Against joining the Holograder Empire
  2. Only the Council knew
  3. A necklace.
  4. Cygnus
Boss Fight How to Beat Marla.jpgMarla

Halcyonia Route

1 After the scene, head outside the inn then proceed to the bar.
2 Head outside Halcyonia.
3 Head to the huge rock near the outskirts of Halcyonia.
4 Start chopping the grass nearby to get materials for Glintstones.
5 Return to Halcyonia and report to Gloria inside the inn.
6 Talk to the innkeeper to proceed with the story.
You won't be able to save after this prompt so make sure to do so before proceeding.
7 Head inside the palace.
8 Keep on following the path until you reach the king.
9 Exit Halcyonia's prison.
There will be three groups of soldiers that will intercept your path. Defeat them.
10 After defeating the 3rd wave, prepare for a boss fight.
Boss Fight How to Beat Lonsdale.jpgLonsdale

Into Holograd!

1 Make your way to Halcyonia and enter the previously blocked path southwest of the city.
2 Talk to the guard stationed on the end of Halcyonia's new path.
3 Continue heading west until you reach Holograd. There will be some cutscenes along the way.
4 Despite being at war, feel free to explore Holograd City. You can rest at the inn, talk to the soldiers and people, and even buy some equipment!
5 Once your preparation is complete, head to Holograd Army's HQ located north.
This is a dungeon and you'll be facing Holograd soldiers. Unlike the previous soldiers, they are weaker and comparable to normal enemies on the map.
6 The savepoint leading to the 4th floor is a point of no return. Make sure to save your game and explore the current state of the game before proceeding.
Note The Nocta Wizzys in the area can counter physical attacks with charm. Equip your party accordingly to avoid accidental team wipes.
7 After clearing the bridge and reaching the elevator, use the lift and head to the Grand Hall.
There's a shop to the left of the lift as well as a savepoint. Stock up on items then head right to face the final boss of the chapter.
Boss Fight How to Beat Adam.jpgAdam

Chapter 4 Maps

Chapter 4
Holograd Near Holograd
Holograd Army HQ Flying Fortress
Wrecked Institute -

Chapter 4 Bosses


How to Beat Lonsdale.jpg

Lonsdale possess the Bastion Asterisk. It's an extremely tanky class that relies on Defense to dish out damage and barriers to protect himself from damage both physical and magical.

His damage comes from Corporal's punishment which scales with his defense and lightbringer which can deal a decent amount of light elemental attack. Gear accordingly to take him down!

How to Beat Lonsdale


How to Beat Marla.jpg

A spy that possess the Phantom Asterisk. She's capable of dishing out massive damage to single target enemies. Controlling her aggro and who she can attack will be the deciding factor to clear this fight.

How to Beat Marla


How to Beat Vigintio.jpg

An unkillable undead which is a master of the arcane. He possess the Arcanist asterisk which deals damage to the whole battlefield.

Prepare a lot of damage and a lot of elemental resistant gears to survive the blasts of his elemental magics!

How to Beat Vigintio


How to Beat Adam.jpg

The emperor of Holograd and the bearer of the Hellblade Asterisk. A tough boss battle with permanent health Regen and devastating elemental attacks that persists for a few turns.

It's payback time for what happened in Vale of Sighs!

How to Beat Adam

Chapter 4 Obtainable Asterisks


Bastion Job.jpg

A tanker that focuses on damage reduction and damage immunities. Fear no damage and turn your defense into the mightiest offense!

Bastion Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Phantom Job.jpg

An Assassin that can deal multiple damage and regenerate BP by killing enemies. A true force to be reckoned with.

Phantom Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Arcanist Job.jpg

Friends? Foes? None of those matters to the Arcanist Job! Its spells doesn't choose which targets to attack! The strongest mage Job but the hardest one to use.

Arcanist Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Hellblade Job.jpg

Sacrificing its own HP to defeat enemies, the Hellblade is one of the strongest damage Jobs in the game. Just be careful when using your abilities and don't consume too much health lest the get a lucky shot against you!

Hellblade Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Chapter 4 Sidequests

Getting Hold of a Glintstone

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
0 Gather materials for a glintstone. 0/4 Glintstone x 1
Quest Giver

One Swanky Shell

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
31 Get a rock tortoise shell 0/1 Booster Bun (Physical Defence) x 2
Quest Giver
Young boy inside the inn in Savalon

Where to Find Roc Tortoise Shells

Pen Pals

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
55 Find the woman's pen pal. Remedy x 2
Quest Giver
Woman on the stairs near the weapon shop in Rimedhal

Cool Customer

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
57 Collect some sugar rime. Large JP Orb x 1
Quest Giver
Man in Enderno

A Frosty Fable

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
58 Search for some snow elk. Booster Bun (Critical Chance) x 2
Quest Giver
Elvis at Rimedhal Inn

The Big Brush-Off

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
59 Collect some pigment. 0/5 Spellblossom x 8
Quest Giver
Adelle at the Inn in Rimedhal

The Mystery Couple

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
60 Look for the puppy's owner. Arctic Wind x 6
Quest Giver
Elvis near the weapon shop in Rimedhal

A Time to Forgive

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
61 Head to the Hall of High Holies Mark of the Void x 1
Quest Giver
Galahad in Rimedhal

Stormin' Jormun

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
62 Defeat Jormungandr. Mal Meadwortth x 1
Quest Giver
Dragon Knight in Rimedhal

How to Beat Jormungandr

Jewelly Heist

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
63 Recover the young woman's earrings from the dagon shaman. 0/1 Heiji's Jitte x 1
Quest Giver
Woman in Enderno

The Cold Soldier

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
64 Defeat some goliaths. Artemis's Bow x 1
Quest Giver
Soldier in Rimedhal


Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
65 Defeat some killer ants. 0/30 Brave Suit x 1
Quest Giver
Kid in Savalon

Killer Ants Location

The Power of Flowers

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
66 Collect spellblossoms from defeated triffids or other sources. Demon's Rod x 1
Quest Giver
Woman in the Gambling Hall

Where to find Spellblossoms

A Forgotten Sound

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
67 Get hold of some special wood from defeated coppices 0/1 Medium Experience Orb x 2
Quest Giver
Old lady near the entrance to Wiswald Slums

Coppices Location

Undead and Unwelcome

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
68 Colelct some sprigs of holly. Heiji's Jitte x 1
Quest Giver
Wizard on the first floor of the institute

More Side Quests

For a complete list of all available side quests in Bravely Default 2, see our side quest guide below!

Complete Side Quest List

Chapter 4 Tips

Answers in Savalon's Investigation

When in Savalon, you'll be trying to find the spy that's hidden among the Elders. When brainstorming about information regarding the spy, choose the following answers.

  • Against joining the Holograder Empire
  • Only the Council knew
  • A necklace.
  • Cygnus

Start Mastering Jobs

Chapter 4 is the last chapter where you'll gain normally obtainable Jobs. This is the best time to grind and explore possible Job combinations for your party. Learn those support abilities, master Jobs, and create your ultimate party!

Best Job Combos

List of Holograd Shop Items

Available from the Beginning


Item Price Item Price
Antidote 15 Ether 220
Mini Ether 90 Phoenix Down 150
Hi-Potion 200 Potion 40
Balsam 66 Atlatl 240
Stone 240 Magnifying Glass 22
Teleport Stone 180 Tent 270
Ward Light 85 Eye Drops 20
Echo Herbs 24 Wakeup Bell 40
Animator 52 Throwing Knife 240
Shuriken 240 Throwing Axe 240
Dart 240 Throwing Stick 240
Bomb Fragment 240 Antarctic Wind 260
Zeus's Wrath 260 Direct Moonlight 260
Earth Drum 260 Tengu Yawn 260
Stardust 260 Dark Drops 260
Smelling Salts 85 X-Potion 630
Pathogen 2000 Witch's Whisper 1500
Wildweed 1000 Dreadstool 500
Numbneedle 250 Hush Pollen 200
Remedy 300 Ink 100
Magic Herb 800 Healing Herb 100


Weapon Price Weapon Price
Hammer Mace 8740 Gaia Rod 7120
Yggdrasil Staff 7010 Shigeto Bow 8940
Great Bow 7230 Wyvern Spear 9170
Chronos Glaive 8220 Sandman's Axe 9460
Summoner's Axe 8360 Blind Blade 8960
Staggering Sword 7970 Zwill Crossblade 8680
Carving Knife 6790


Armor Price Armor Price
Pilgrim's Hat 60 Fluted Armour 6370
Cuirass 5620 Valkyrie's Coat 5230
Ninja Garb 4890 Crimson Vest 6170
Brigandine 4930 Kalasiris 5240
Armet 5580 Full-Face Helm 3850
Adamant Hat 1450 Carbon Cap 5320
Acorn Hat 4200 Iron Headband 2840
Tactician's Hat 2630 Aegis Shield 5520
Icefire Shield 5020 Spiked Shield 4310


Accessory Price Accessory Price
Ice Talisman 1560 Flame Talisman 1560
Thunder Talisman 1560 Star Pendant 600
Silver Glasses 620 White Veil 760
Snug Scarf 3680 Sands of Time 3720
Safety Ring 2320 Locket 2200
Peace Ring 2270 Courage Ring 840
Earthing Rod 880 Clothespin 810
Wind Talisman 3490 Artisan Gloves 2470
Earth Talisman 3490 Vambraces 3420
Amulet 2730 Gauntlets 4620
Feather Mantle 1120 Power Bracers 2190
Heart Ring 2860 Adamant Bangle 3310

Available from Chapter 5


Item Price Item Price
Spellblossom 15000 Healing Bloom 2000
Meteorite 2200 Dark Deluge 2200
Direct Sunlight 2200 Tengu Sneeze 2200
Earth Mallet 2200 Pantheon's Wrath 2200
Arctic Wind 2200 Bomb Arm 2200
Elixir 10000


Weapon Price Weapon Price
Gambanteinn 10260 Yatagarasu 10350
Ama-no-Sakahoko 10700 Deforester 10810
Ama-no-Murakumo 10470 Ama-no-Kagoyumi 10640


Armor Price Armor Price
Blessing 6670 Ascetic's Cap 3370
Dragonskin Headscarf 6470 Saffron Robes 5690
Minerva Bustier 7570


Accessory Price Accessory Price
Vaccine 10870 Self-Portrait 11810
Snappy Sash 10780 Adamant Gauntlets 6840
Amulet 2730 Sands of Time 3720

Available from Chapter 6


Item Price Item Price
Soul Food 5770 Devil's Delight 5190
Ghoulash 5770 Plant Food 5190
Insect Nectar 5630 Fresh Fish 5440
Beast Flesh 5440 People Pleasers 5630


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase

Available from Chapter 7


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase


There are no new items available for purchase

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