How to Craft Handgun Ammo and Stats

The Handgun Ammo is a type of ammo in Palworld. Learn the stats, rarity, weapons that use Handgun Ammo, and what materials are needed to craft it!

How to Craft Handgun Ammo

Crafting Materials and Requirements

Weapon Materials
Palworld - Handgun Ammo Weapon Handgun Ammo
Required Level Lv. 29
Technology Points 1
Crafting Workbenches

The Handgun Ammo requires the materials listed above. You'll also need to unlock the Technology tied to the weapon by raising your Level and using up Technology or Ancient Technology Points. Make sure to have one of the Crafting Workbenches listed above to craft it.

Handgun Ammo Overview

Basic Information

Handgun Ammo Overview
Palworld - Handgun Ammo Weapon Handgun Ammo
Category Rarity Damage Durability
Ammo Common - -
Description Bullets used in items like Handgun

Weapons That Use Handgun Ammo

Palworld - Grappling Gun Weapon Grappling Gun Palworld - Handgun Weapon Handgun Palworld - Legendary Handgun Weapon Legendary Handgun

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