Stellar Blade Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Stellar Blade will have you control EVE as she battles the hordes of Naytiba to save the monster-infested Earth! Read on to learn how it plays, what it’s about, and everything else we know so far.

Everything We Know About Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade Story Plot

Stellar Blade takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth, where humanity is driven off-planet by monsters known as the Naytiba. The surviving humans, in hopes of reclaiming their planet, deploy Airborne squads to combat and investigate.

Players will take control of EVE, one of the members of the 7th Airborne squad. She will undertake the dangerous and almost impossible task of cleansing the world of the monsters by taking down their leader, the Elder Naytiba.

On her journey, she will meet friendly accomplices from other squads, or remnants of humanity hidden within the Earth. Her most important ally will be Lily, who will act as her engineer to help maintain EVE’s gear and upgrade equipment to combat the hostile creatures that have overrun the planet.

Stellar Blade Gameplay

Stellar Blade is an intensive 3rd person action RPG bearing stylish gameplay similar to Devil May Cry, NieR Automata, and Code Vein. EVE can perform ruthless melee attacks, slicing and dicing monsters left and right, or EVEn shooting them from a range. She will have access to multiple special flashy moves that look similar to Devil May Cry Vergil’s Judgement Cut End, where she slices across the entire battlefield and attacks foes from all angles. She can also dodge with perfect timing, as well as parry enemies just as they strike.

Aside from the combat, Stellar Blade will have tons of quests that will require EVE to explore the available open world of Earth overrun by the Naytiba.

Stellar Blade Trailers

EVE Vignette Trailer

The trailer provides further insights into EVE's lore and her mission. When Adam inquires about her plans post-victory against Alpha Naytiba, she says that members of Airborne Squad are destined to fulfill their mission above all else. This statement transitions into captivating scenes showcasing EVE battling various Naytibas in cinematic sequences.

Gameplay Overview - State of Play Jan 2024 Trailer

The gameplay overview shows off more of Stellar Blade’s story and combat. It features the arrival of the Airborne squads to Earth, EVE’s meeting with Lily, and EVE accepting and carrying out quests from the surviving inhabitants of Earth.

Name REVEal/Story Trailer - State of Play Sep 2022 Trailer

The State of Play Sep 2022 trailer rEVEaled the game’s new name of Stellar Blade. It tells the story of humanity’s fall and the world overtaken by monsters. Now, the remaining batch of humanity has taken to arms to try and reclaim their planet.

First Trailer

The first trailer, where the game was still titled Project EVE, shows off the game in spectacular fashion as EVE battles a giant monster in space. Afterward, it plays various combat footage and story elements regarding her mission to fight the monsters and save the world.

Stellar Blade Product Information

Stellar Blade Banner
Release Date April 26, 2024
DEVEloper Shift Up
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Supported Platforms PlayStation 5
Genre Action, RPG
Number of Players Single-Player (1)
Rating Rating Pending
Official Website Stellar Blade Official Website


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