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Bravely Default II - Monk Job Abilities and Proficiencies

This is a guide to the Monk Job class in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know all the details about the Monk Job including its abilities, specialties, stat modifiers, and weapon proficiencies!

Monk Overview

Monk Overview
・Monks are fist fighters, specializing in abilities such as Bare-Knuckle Brawler.
・Monks also have good healing abilities, making a restorative sub-job ideal.
・Monks' speed are high which gives them more turns during battles.

Monk Overall Stats

HP MP Strength Defense
Bravely Default 2 HP Ratio Bravely Default 2 MP Ratio Bravely Default 2 Strength Ratio Bravely Default 2 Defense Ratio
Magic Magic Defense Healing Power Agility
Bravely Default 2 Magic Ratio Bravely Default 2 Magic Defense Ratio Bravely Default 2 Healing Power Bravely Default 2 Agility Ratio

How to Play the Monk

Balance Your HP Usage

The Monk's HP pool is massive but it comes with a set of skill that consumes a percentage of the character's max HP. These moves are extremely powerful so learning how to balance your HP is the key to mastering the Monk.

Monk Ability List

Ability Type Cost Level Effect
Strong Strike Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 18% HP 1 Perform a physical attack on a target that deals heavy damage, but has a slightly reduced chance of landing.
Inner Alchemy Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 20 MP 2 Restore 20% of the user's Hp and cure poison, blindness and slow.
Bare-Knuckle Brawler Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 3 Boosts user and equipment's physical attack by 80% and aim by 30% when both hands are empty.
Firebird Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 15% HP 4 Perform a fire-mbued physical attack on a target. Target's reistance to fire is reduced for two turns.
Qigong Wave Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 20% HP 5 Perform a physical attack that can penetrate a target's Default defence.
Mindfulness Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 1 BP 6 Restore 15% of the user's MP and cure silence, dread and contagion.
Flying Heel Drop Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 30% HP 7 Flying Heel Drop
Invigorate Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 20 MP 8 Boost the user's physical attack by 15% for three turns. Stats cannot be increased beyond 200% of their base value.
Tortoise Kick Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 10% HP 9 Perform a physical attack on a target and delay their next turn.
Flames of War Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 35% HP 10 Perform an extremely powerful fire-imbued physical attack on a target.
Pressure Point Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 1 BP 11 Damages the target and ignores their physical defense.
Focal Blast Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 99 MP 12 Damages and reduces the enemy's stats by 20%
??? Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 2 Slots 13 Increases physical attack and accuracy by 200% if no armor and accessories are equipped
??? Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 14 Reduce your HP to 1 then deal damage equal to the reduced damage to your HP to the enemy x2.
??? Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 15 HP doubles during battle (19,998 during battle)

The current ability list is a translation from our Japanese partners. Found any missing info? Leave a comment in the comment section below to aid our fellow warriors of light!

Best Abilities

checkmarkQigong Wave
checkmarkBare-Knuckle Brawler

Qigong Wave

An ability that costs 20% of the user's HP. It allows you to deal high damage to an enemy and it pierces the enemy's default ability. Use this against enemies that loves to play defensively.

Bare-Knuckle Brawler

Does your character not excel in his/her weapons? Don't fret! As long as your character has the Bare-Knuckle Brawler skill, it'll be able to dish out decent damage even without any equipment. It's also a great skill to have for all characters since it can save you a lot of money from buying weapons as well.

Monk Speciality and Special Ability


Specialities Effects
Concentration Increases Critical Chance everytime Invigorate, Inner Alchemy, or Mindfulness is used. Effects lasts the whole battle.
??? Immune to Berserk, Confusion, and Charm. You can also act faster when using physical command abilities.

Speciality 2 Can only be learned after leveling the Monk to Level 12.

Special Abilitiy

Special Ability
Eternal Inferno
Strike a single enemy with a powerful fire-imbued physical attack.
Bonus Effects
Restorative Power +15%
Critical Chance +15%
Use Martial Arts x13

Monk Weapon Proficiencies

Below are the weapons proficiencies for the Monk job. Refer to this section to know which weapons are best suited for the Monk job.

sword icon bravely default 2 Bravely Default 2 Dagger Icon Bravely Default 2 Ax Icon Bravely Default 2 Shield Icon
Bravely default 2 Spear Icon Bravely Default 2 Bow Icon Bravely Default 2 Staff Icon

How to Unlock the Monk Job

Defeat Horten


Horten is the last (?) boss you'll fight in Chapter 1. He posses the Monk Asterisk and is a fighter that relies on banking Brave Points to unleash combos to a single target.

How to Beat Horten

Best Sub-Jobs for Monk


Bravely Default II - Class Image Vanguard.png
The Monk can maximize the Vanguard's ability to pull aggro due to the Monk's high HP pool. It can also use other offensive skills like Cross Cut to deal high damage to enemies without using HP.


With abilities that can siphon health, the Monk's repertoire of HP skills can easily be recovered without losing momentum in damage.

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