Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Waterfall Path Dungeon Map and Treasure Chest Locations

This is the complete guide to the Waterfall Path, a dungeon in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. We have everything you need to know including treasure chest locations, a map of the area, which enemies appear, and more!

Nearby Areas
Near Halcyonia Near Musa

Waterfall Path Dungeon Map

Waterfall Path EN 1.pngHalcyonia Side Waterfall Path EN 2.pngMusa Side

Chapter 5 Story Walkthrough

Treasure Chest Locations

Location and Description Loot
Normal Chest

Next to some crates on a rocky platform in the east part of the map.
2x Remedy
Normal Chest

At the top of a series of ramps.
5440 pg
Normal Chest

In the lower path on the west side of the map.
Moonbeam Shield
Normal Chest

In a clearing to the west of the map next to some crystals.
3x Meteorite
Normal Chest

In a raised path on the west side of the map, across a wooden bridge.
Elf Cape

All Chest Locations and Items

Monsters Found in the Waterfall Path


There are no bosses located in this dungeon.

List of Story Bosses

Normal Monsters

Enemy Basic Info
Umbra Element
Vulnerable Immune
Light Axe Bow
No Immunities
Half DMG Absorbs
No Resistances
Vulnerable Immune
Fire Dagger Sword
No Immunities
Half DMG Absorbs
Dark Light Earth Lightning Spear
No Damage Type Absorbed

List of All Enemies

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List of Maps

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Dungeon Maps
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Chapter 6
Fount of Knowledge
Chapter 7
Isle of Nothingness


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