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Tacticooler Guide: How to Use and Rating

Tacticooler is a Special Weapon available in Splatoon 3. Continue reading to learn about the Tacticooler including the effects of this weapon, how to use it, ranking & rating, and which weapons it is paired with!

Tacticooler Overview and How to Use


Base Damage None
Additional Damage None
Deploys a fridge stocked with drinks that enhances your abilities for a brief time. There are four drinks, but you can only have one- the rest are for sharing! You'll lose the enhancement if you're splatted while the drink is in effect, but you'll respawn right away.

How to Use Tacticooler

Upon filling your Special Gauge, get behind cover or position near your allies and hit NSW - Right Analog Click then R to deploy a Tacticooler nearby. This is a support type special weapon that provides boosts for you and your team.

Drink Effects

・Increased Swim speed
・Increased Run speed
・Special Weapon gauge decreases slower
・Respawn in one second
・Super Jump is shortened
Note that you cannot grab a drink while in Swim Mode

Drink lasts longer with the Special Power Up Gear Ability

When affected by the Special Power Up Gear Ability, each drink extends its effect duration by 120%.

In other words, while a drink would normally last 15 seconds, if a player is wearing gear with the Special Power Up Gear Ability, the drink would now last 18 seconds.

All Gear Abilities and Effects

Tacticooler Ranking

SS Tacticooler currently is considered an SS Tier Special Weapon.
Using the Tacticooler will surely give you a greater advantage in your matches!

Best Special Weapons Tier List: Special Weapons Ranked

Weapons with Tacticooler

Main Sub Special
N-ZAP N-ZAP '85 Suction BombSuction Bomb TacticoolerTacticooler
Dynamo RollerDynamo Roller SprinklerSprinkler TacticoolerTacticooler
H-3 NozzlenoseH-3 Nozzlenose Point SensorPoint Sensor TacticoolerTacticooler
Dapple DualiesDapple Dualies Squid BeakonSquid Beakon TacticoolerTacticooler

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3 Anonymousover 1 year

I noticed that during ranked matches the quick respawn from Tacticooler is disabled and it is kinda exposing you to the enemy team when you want to get a drink. This ult is very great in classic matches but definetely not SS in rank matches imo

2 Splatoon 3 Guides Team@Game8over 1 year

Great question! After doing some testing and looking into it, the gear ability Special Power Up extends the duration of each drink an additional 20%. With one Special Power Up equipped, it extends the duration of the drink from 15 seconds to 18 seconds!


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