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Welcome to Game8's Splatoon 3 Guide and Walkthrough Wiki! See everything you need to know about Splatoon 3, including all weapons, gear, and maps, as well as other tips and tricks for winning matches.

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Splatoon 3 Tips and TricksTips and Tricks Splatoon 3 Main WeaponsMain Weapons Splatoon 3 Sub WeaponsSub Weapons
Splatoon 3 Special WeaponsSpecial Weapons Splatoon 3 Gear AbilitiesGear Abilities Splatoon 3 Hero ModeHero Mode
Splatoon 3 BossesBosses Splatoon 3 CharactersCharacters Splatoon 3 StagesStages
Splatoon 3 Game ModesGame Modes Splatoon 3 Salmon RunSalmon Run Splatoon 3 All Gear and EquipmentGear & Equipment
Splatoon 3 Gear BrandsGear Brands Splatoon 3 Updates and Patch Notes PartialUpdates & Patch Notes Splatoon 3 News and EventsNews
Splatoon 3 Message BoardsMessage Boards -

Splatoon 3 Tips and Tricks

Splatoon 3 Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks: Beginner's Guide to Splatoon

Weapon and Gear Tier Lists
Weapons Tier List Specials Tier List
Sub Weapons Tier List Gear Abilities Tier List
Best Beginner Weapons -
Collectible Locations
All Sardinium Locations All Sunken Scroll Locations
All Gold Record Locations List of Stickers
List of Decorations List of Banners
List of Emotes All Alterna Logs
List of Badges -
Gameplay Tips and Tricks
Character Creation Guide All Hero Gear Upgrades
Mailbox Guide Tutorial Guide
All Hairstyles Splatsville Features
Golden Sheldon Licenses Guide Best Gameplay Settings
Communication Errors Guide How to Beat Boss Salmonids
How to Super Jump List of Controls
Ability Chunks Guide How to Unlock Tableturf Battle Cards
Recon Mode Guide Shell-Out Machine Guide
Power Egg Farming Guide All Hero Mode Rewards and Unlocks
How to Get Upgrade Points How to Level Up Catalog
Freshest Fits Guide How to Add and Change Gear Abilities
Test Range Features Gear Slots Guide
Star Power Guide How to Get Fish Scales
How to Get Super Sea Snails Best Deck for Tableturf Battles
All Salmon Run Rewards All Unlockables and Secret Rewards
How to Increase Salmon Run Rank Shel-Drone Guide
How to Survey All Sites When is Big Run?
All Titles and How to Unlock Best Gear Builds and Loadouts
All Medals and How to Get All Level Up Rewards
All Anarchy Battle Ranks All QR Codes and How to Scan
Speedrunning Guide List of Glitches and Bugs
Wandercrust Tour Guide All Music and Bands
100% Story Mode Completion Guide All Salmon Run Outfits
How to Make Money Fast World Map Guide
How to Get Drink Tickets All Splatfest Events and Themes
All Mystery Box Contents Disconnect Penalty Guide
Frequently Asked Questions
How to Earn Clout How to Increase Your Rank
How to Do a Squid Surge How to Do a Squid Roll
Motion Controls or Stick Controls How to Vote for a Team in Splatfest
How to Play With Friends How to Get Wallpaper
How to Get Food Tickets How to Save
Where is the Locker Room How to Cancel Matchmaking
What is Wipeout? What is Weapon Freshness?
Inkling vs Octoling When Do Shops Restock?
How to Skip the News Intro How to Get Conch Shells
How to Get the Harmony Badge How to Watch and Upload Replays
How to Use and Add Widgets Is Splatoon 3 Multiplayer?
Do You Need NSO? How Long to Beat Story Mode
Where to Buy Official Merchandise Who is Judd?
How to Get 100x and 333x Battles Is Agent 8 in the Game?

Splatoon 3 Main Weapons

Splatoon 3 Main Weapons

All New and Returning Main Weapons

All Weapon Types

Splatoon 3 - ShootersShooters Splatoon 3 - BlastersBlasters Splatoon 3 - ChargersChargers Splatoon 3 - RollersRollers
Splatoon 3 - BrushesBrushes Splatoon 3 - SloshersSloshers Splatoon 3 - SplatlingsSplatlings Splatoon 3 - DualiesDualies
Splatoon 3 - BrellasBrellas Splatoon 3 - StringersStringers Splatoon 3 - SplatanasSplatanas -

Splatoon 3 Sub Weapons

Splatoon 3 Sub Weapons

List of All Sub Weapons

List of Sub Weapons

Splatoon 3 Angle ShooterAngle Shooter Splatoon 3 AutobombAutobomb Splatoon 3 Burst BombBurst Bomb
Splatoon 3 Curling BombCurling Bomb Splatoon 3 Fizzy BombFizzy Bomb Splatoon 3 Ink MineInk Mine
Splatoon 3 Point SensorPoint Sensor Splatoon 3 Splash WallSplash Wall Splatoon 3 Splat BombSplat Bomb
Splatoon 3 SprinklerSprinkler Splatoon 3 Squid BeakonSquid Beakon Splatoon 3 Suction BombSuction Bomb
Splatoon 3 TorpedoTorpedo Splatoon 3 Toxic MistToxic Mist -

Splatoon 3 Special Weapons

Splatoon 3 Special Weapons

All Special Weapons and How to Use Them

List of All Special Weapons

Splatoon 3 Big BubblerBig Bubbler Splatoon 3 Booyah BombBooyah Bomb Splatoon 3 Crab TankCrab Tank
Splatoon 3 Ink StormInk Storm Splatoon 3 Ink VacInk Vac Splatoon 3 InkjetInkjet
Splatoon 3 Killer Wail 5.1Killer Wail 5.1 Splatoon 3 ReefsliderReefslider Splatoon 3 TacticoolerTacticooler
Splatoon 3 Tenta MissilesTenta Missiles Splatoon 3 Triple InkstrikeTriple Inkstrike Splatoon 3 TrizookaTrizooka
Splatoon 3 Ultra StampUltra Stamp Splatoon 3 Wave BreakerWave Breaker Splatoon 3 ZipcasterZipcaster

Splatoon 3 Gear Abilities

Splatoon 3 Gear Abilities

All Gear Abilities and Effects

List of All Gear Abilities

Ability DoublerAbility Doubler ComebackComeback Drop RollerDrop Roller
HauntHaunt Ink Recovery UpInk Recovery Up Ink Resistance UpInk Resistance Up
Ink Saver (Main)Ink Saver (Main) Ink Saver(Sub)Ink Saver (Sub) Intensify ActionIntensify Action
Last-Ditch EffortLast-Ditch Effort Ninja SquidNinja Squid Object ShredderObject Shredder
Opening GambitOpening Gambit Quick RespawnQuick Respawn Quick Super JumpQuick Super Jump
Respawn PunisherRespawn Punisher Run Speed UpRun Speed Up Special Charge UpSpecial Charge Up
Special Power UpSpecial Power Up Special SaverSpecial Saver Stealth JumpStealth Jump
Sub Power UpSub Power Up Sub Resistance UpSub Resistance Up Swim Speed UpSwim Speed Up
TenacityTenacity Thermal InkThermal Ink -

Splatoon 3 Hero Mode

Splatoon 3 Hero Mode

Hero Mode Walkthrough

List of Hero Mode Sites

Camp CuttleCamp Cuttle Future Utopia IslandFuture Utopia Island
Safe and Cozy FactoryCozy & Safe Factory Cryogenic HopetownCryogenic Hopetown
Landfill DreamlandLandfill Dreamland Eco-Forest TreehillsEco-Forest Treehills
Happiness Research LabHappiness Research Lab Alterna Space CenterAlterna Space Center

Splatoon 3 Bosses

Splatoon 3 Bosses

List of Bosses

Splatoon 3 DJ Octavio.pngDj Octavio FryeFrye
ShiverShiver Big ManBig Man
Mr. GrizzMr. Grizz -

Splatoon 3 Characters

Splatoon 3 Characters

List of Characters

List of All Characters

All Character Categories
Spaltoon 3 Deep Cut TrioDeep Cut Idols Splatoon 3 - All Hero Mode CharactersHero Mode Characters
Splatoon 3 - Shopkeepers and NPCsShopkeepers & NPCs -

Splatoon 3 Stages

Stages Partial.png

List of All Stages

List of All New Stages

All New Stages
Scorch Gorge
Scorch Gorge
Eeltail Alley
Eeltail Alley
Mincemeat Metalworks
Mincemeat Metalworks
Undertow Spillway
Undertow Spillway
Hagglefish Market
Hagglefish Market

List of All Returning Stages

All Returning Stages
Museum D
Museum D'Alfonsino
Mahi-Mahi Resort
Mahi-Mahi Resort
Inkblot Art Academy.png
Inkblot Art Academy
Sturgeon Shipyard.png
Sturgeon Shipyard
Wahoo World.png
Wahoo World
Hammerhead Bridge
Hammerhead Bridge

Splatoon 3 Game Modes

Splatoon 3 Game Modes

All Game Modes and Rules

Splatfest Battles Salmon Run Next Wave
Tricolor Turf War Turf War
Tableturf Battle Anarchy Battles
Clam Blitz Splat Zones
Rainmaker Tower Control

Splatoon 3 Salmon Run

Splatoon 3 Salmon Run

Salmon Run Next Wave Guide

Salmon Run Categories
All Boss Salmonids All Grizzco Weapons
All Salmon Run Maps All Known Occurrences

Splatoon 3 Gear and Equipment

Splatoon 3 All Gear and Equipment

All Gear and Equipment

Gear and Equipment by Type
Splatoon 3 HeadgearHeadgear Splatoon 3 ClothingClothing Splatoon 3 ShoesShoes

Splatoon 3 Gear Brands

Splatoon 3 Gear Brands

All Gear Brands and Compatible Abilities

List of All Gear Brands

Non-Purchasable Gear Brands
Splatoon 3 AmiiboAmiibo Splatoon 3 GrizzcoGrizzco Splatoon 3 CuttlegearCuttlegear
Purchasable Gear Brands
Splatoon 3 AnnakiAnnaki Splatoon 3 BarazushiBarazushi Splatoon 3 EmberzEmberz
Splatoon 3 EnperryEnperry Splatoon 3 FirefinFirefin Splatoon 3 ForgeForge
Splatoon 3 InklineInkline Splatoon 3 Krak-OnKrak-On Splatoon 3 RockenbergRockenberg
Splatoon 3 SkalopSkalop Splatoon 3 Splash MobSplash Mob Splatoon 3 SquidForceSquidForce
Splatoon 3 TakorokaTakoroka Splatoon 3 TentatekTentatek Splatoon 3 Toni KensaToni Kensa
Splatoon 3 ZekkoZekko Splatoon 3 ZinkZink -

Splatoon 3 Updates and Patch Notes

Splatoon 3 Updates and Patch Notes Partial.png

All Updates and Patch Notes

All Splatoon 3 Updates
Splatoon 3 Update 1.1.2Update 1.1.2 Splatoon 3 Update 1.1.1Update 1.1.1

Splatoon 3 Latest News and Events

Splatoon 3 News and Events

Latest News and Events

Splatoon 3 Message Boards

Message Boards Partial
All Message Boards

Discussion BoardDiscussion Board Questions BoardQuestions Board
Friend Finder BoardFriend Finder Board Fashion BoardFashion Board
Art BoardArt Board -

About Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 Product Information

Title Splatoon 3
Box Art Splatoon 3 Box Art
Release Date September 9, 2022
File Size 6 GB
Available Platforms Nintendo Switch
Genre Action, Multiplayer
Developer/Publisher Nintendo
ESRB Rating Everyone 10+
Supported Languages Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Online Competitive Third-Person Shooter

Splatoon 3 Competitive Third-Person Shooter

Splatoon 3, like the previous games in the franchise, is a competitive third-person shooter. Team up with a group of up to four players to defeat a rival team using a variety of weapons that can spread ink around the battlefield. The first team to cover more of the map with their color of ink wins.

A Story Mode campaign called Return of the Mammalians will be available for those who prefer a singleplayer experience.

Third Game in the Splatoon Series

Splatoon 3 Third Game in Series

Splatoon 3, as the name implies, is the third game in the Splatoon series and inherits many of its gameplay mechanics from its predecessors. The first game in the series, Splatoon, was released back in 2015 for Wii U, while Splatoon 2 released in 2017 also for the Nintendo Switch.

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