Ability Chunk Farming Guide: How to Get and Use Ability Chunks | Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 - How to Get and Use Ability Chunks

Farm ability chunks in Splatoon 3 to add new abilities to your gear with Murch. Read on to find out how to get ability chunks, the best ways to farm them, and how to use them to get new gear abilities!

Best Ways to Farm Ability Chunks

Continuously Scrub the Splatfest Tee

Splatoon 3 Receive Splatfest Tee

The Splatfest Tee is a gear item that you obtain from Splatfests that already has four slots by default. It also costs half as much to scrub compared to other gear items since it only takes 2,000 Coins to scrub instead of the usual 4,000. Each scrub can get you up to 3 ability, chunks depending on how many slots are filled.

By continuously leveling up the Splatfest Tee and scrubbing it, you can farm up several ability chunks throughout the duration of Splatfest. However, once the Splatfest is over, the item is removed from your inventory and you will no longer be able use this farming method until the next Splatfest

How to Get Splatfest Tee: Abilities and Brand

Buy Drinks to Get the Abilities You Want Faster

Splatoon 3 Crab-N-Go Drinks

Though not required, you can also purchase drinks from Crab-N-Go located inside the Lobby to increase the amount of XP your gear receives and to increase the chance of getting the abilities you want.

Earn Salmon Run Rewards

Splatoon 3 Featured Gear Reward Salmon Run

Though the Splatfest Tee is the fastest way to farm Ability Chunks, it is not reliable since it can only be done during Splatfest events. The best and most consistent way to farm Ability Chunks is by earning points in Salmon Run.

Not only do you get Ability Chunks from capsules as a possible reward, but you can also exchange the featured gear item for chunks if you have obtained more than one. Once you reach 1200 points, you consistently get featured gear every 200 points, allowing you to get them quickly.

All Salmon Run Rewards

How to Get Ability Chunks

How to Get Ability Chunks

Spend Cash Using Scrub Slots

Splatoon 3 - Talk to Murch Near the Lobby Entrance
Scrub Slots is one of the ways to get Ability Chunks, and it works by asking Murch to scrub your gear clean. The process costs a lot of cash, and you will lose your ability, but you'll earn Ability Chunks.

Reroll Gear Abilities to Get Ability Chunks

Splatoon 3 - Reroll Gear Abilities to Get Ability Chunks
Going through Reroll Gear Abilities' allows you to get chunks without spending any gold. You can also keep rerolling as much as you like to get more Ability Chunks, but it requires 3 slotted secondary gear abilities, and you will need Super Sea Snails to do so.

Participate in Salmon Runs

Splatoon 3 - Salmon Run
Participate in the multiplayer co-op survival game mode "Salmon Run" if you want to consistently get Ability Chunks. By progressing through the Bonus Meter, you have a chance to get purple capsules which will reward you with random Ability Chunks.

Salmon Run Next Wave Guide

Progress Through the Hero Mode

Splatoon 3 - Play Through the Story Mode
You can get Ability Chunks by progressing through the Hero Mode, which you can access by following Cap'n Cuttlefish inside the man-hole cover at the Splatville Square.

Hero Mode Walkthrough

Get Lucky in Shell-Out Machine

Splatoon 3 - Shell-Out Machine Reward
If you're lucky, you can try the Shell-Out Machine in the lobby to get Ability Chunks. However, this is not advisable as the Shell-Out Machine will cost you a lot of cash on top of no guarantees .

How to Use Ability Chunks

Use Ability Chunks For Adding Abilities

Splatoon 3 - Use Ability Chunks For Adding Abilities
To spend your Ability Chunks, talk to Murch at the Lobby Entrance and select Add Abilities, where you can change your primary or secondary gear ability by spending the Ability Chunks you've collected.

How to Find Murch

Splatoon 3 - How to Find Murch
Murch can be found just outside of the Lobby Entrance, looking at his phone near the signage at Splatville Square. Talk to him, and he should start explaining his services to you if it's your first time talking to him.

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