Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Orichal Dagger Stats, Location, and Recommended Jobs

Here is the overview page for Orichal Dagger, a weapon in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Check here to learn about important information such as overall stats, weapon proficiencies, and recommended Job pairings!

Orichal Dagger Weapon Overview

Orichal Dagger Overview

Orichal Dagger
Bravely Default II - Orichal Dagger
Description A knife forged from a very rare metal.
Bonus -
Location Shop at Wiswald.

Orichal Dagger Stats

Type Max HP Max MP Wght Phys Atk Phys Def Mag Atk
Daggers 0 0 10 45 0 42
Mag Def Res Pwr Spd % of Trgt Aim Evade Crit
0 9 -2 7 104 0 12

Orichal Dagger Recommended Job Pairings

Best Job Combinations
Thief Swordmaster Salve-Maker Phantom

The current Job recommendations are based on weapon proficiencies of A or higher!

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