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Orpheus Character Guide

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Here is the character guide for Orpheus in Bravely Default 2. Learn everything you need to know about this character including their backstory, personality, and skills!

Orpheus Basic Information

A self-important bard who believes his many critics simply don't understand him. Disliked by almost everyone.

Skills and Abilities

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When up against Orpheus, he will use his skills as a Bard to buff the monsters on his team with spells including Don't Let 'Em Get To You and Don't Let 'Em Trick You. These spells reduce the party's physical damage and magic damage taken by 15% respectively.

How to Beat Orpheus

Orpheus Profile and Backstory

Chapter 1

Dispelling the Crowd

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People of Savalon are rallying outside of the city's gaming hall. They are looking for the proprietor, Lord Bernard, to address the rumors that his excavations of the waterways beneath the city caused the flood in Savalon. A minstrel, by the name of Orpheus, appears.

The crowd clamors for Bernard's appearance but he Orpheus claims Bernard is not available. The crowd roars in unison then Orpheus suddenly performs a ballad that had a magical effect on the townspeople.

As he sang to the crowd, they slowly become entranced. They forgot their worries and dispersed from the gaming hall. Orpheus is impressed at his own act and credits his newly-found power from an Asterisk.

Musans Meet Again

Orpheus Musans Meet Again.png
After the crowd scatters, our heroes approach the scene and Gloria recognizes Orpheus. Gloria explains that Orpheus was once Musa's court minstrel and that he was banished from Musa after he was found to be embezzling the royal family's funds.

Orpheus claims that such is necessary for the lavish life that he wishes to live and that Gloria merely misunderstands him. He bids the group farewell and goes on his way.

Orpheus' Plot

Orpheus Orpheus Plot.png
Orpheus is next seen with Anihal where she is badgering Orpheus about where he might be off to. Orpheus explains that he is on his way to the Sandswept Ruins to bring someone's story to an end. After hearing so, Anihal slinks off to report to Bernard.

Orpheus' Revenge

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As Gloria and the team follow Orpheus deeper into the Sandswept Ruins, Orpheus reveals that he had prepared a trap and plotted to get his revenge on Gloria for getting kicked out of Musa. He posits that every misfortune he had endured since getting exiled of Musa was Gloria's fault and for that he will get his revenge.

Revealing The Crystal's Location

Orpheus Revealing the Crystal
Despite his attempts to take on Gloria, he fails and loses his Asterisk to the team. Scared of further harm, Orpheus admits that Bernard has been keeping the Crystal all along and that it was his misuse of the Crystal that caused the flood, and not excavations. He scampers away to make his escape while the team refocuses their attention on getting to Bernard.

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