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Stats of All FEH Duo and Harmonized Heroes

This is a page of all Duo and Harmonized heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to see the stats and compare ratings of all of these heroes with unique active skills!

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Hero Properties

Close PhysicalClose Physical Ranged PhysicalRanged Physical Close MagicClose Magic Ranged MagicRanged Magic
Physical WallPhysical Wall Magic WallMagic Wall Effective WeaponEffective Weapon Movement AssistMovement Assist
Excluive SkillExcluive Skill All-Range CounterattackAll-Range Counter RecoveryRecovery Refresher AssistRefresher Assist
LegendaryLegendary MythicMythic Duo/HarmonizedDuo /

Duo Heroes

Move Type
Lyn - Ninja-Friend Duo ImageNinja Lyn Flying ImageFlying 40 47 46 17 22 9.9
Corrin (F) - Nightfall Ninja Act ImageNinja Corrin (F) Cavalry ImageCavalry 38 50 44 19 16 9.9
Líf - Undying Ties Duo ImageValentine's Líf Cavalry ImageCavalry 39 56 25 30 25 9.5
Peony - Álfar Dream Duo ImageNew Year Peony Flying ImageFlying 40 48 43 16 23 9.5
Sigurd - Destined Duo ImageMasquerade Sigurd Cavalry ImageCavalry 38 55 18 16 37 9.5
Byleth - Fell StarSummer Byleth (F) Flying ImageFlying 40 50 42 16 21 9.5
Hinoka - Fair Pirate Pair ImagePirate Hinoka Flying ImageFlying 40 57 40 23 23 9.0
Micaiah - Dawn WindBridal Micaiah Flying ImageFlying 39 56 20 19 38 9.0
Ephraim - Dynastic Duo ImageDuo Ephraim Infantry ImageInfantry 41 58 30 37 25 9.0
Hilda - DeerSummer Hilda Flying ImageFlying 39 51 40 20 25 9.0
Eirika - Twin Refulgence ImageDuo Eirika Infantry ImageInfantry 40 52 43 30 28 9.0
Alfonse - Askran Duo ImageNew Year Alfonse Infantry ImageInfantry 41 52 17 35 30 9.0
Idunn - Dragonkin Duo ImageSpring Idunn Armored ImageArmored 46 53 26 37 41 9.0
Palla - Sisterly Trio ImageYoung Palla Flying ImageFlying 40 58 31 33 24 9.0
Alm - Lovebird Duo ImageValentine's Alm Infantry ImageInfantry 40 51 43 32 25 9.0
Sothis - Bound-Spirit Duo ImageHalloween Sothis Flying ImageFlying 40 52 42 31 34 9.0
Hector - Dressed-Up Duo ImageHalloween Hector Armored ImageArmored 47 60 26 39 27 8.5
Marth - Royal Altean Duo ImageWinter Marth Armored ImageArmored 42 50 41 30 25 8.0

Harmonized Heroes

Move Type
Myrrh - Spring Harmony ImageSpring Myrrh Flying ImageFlying 40 54 25 40 35 9.5
Altina - Cross-Time Duo ImageWinter Altina Infantry ImageInfantry 42 50 13 37 39 9.5
Mia - Harmonic Blades ImageSummer Mia Cavalry ImageCavalry 38 49 41 17 25 9.0
Dorothea - Twilit Harmony ImagePlegian Dorothea Flying ImageFlying 37 55 35 16 26 9.0
Caeda - Sea-Blossom Pair ImageSummer Caeda Cavalry ImageCavalry 39 52 42 26 28 9.0
Leif - Destined Scions ImageScion Leif Cavalry ImageCavalry 40 54 41 27 20 9.0
Veronica - Harmonic Pirates ImagePirate Veronica Cavalry ImageCavalry 38 55 19 36 29 9.0
Tiki - Harmonic Hope ImageHalloween Tiki (Young) Flying ImageFlying 39 58 42 32 25 9.0

Duo Heroes: Characteristics and Duo Skills

Access to an Active Duo Skill

Summer Byleth Duo Skill.png

All Duo Heroes have access to a Duo Skill, an active skill that you can use for useful effects once per map! This does not end the unit's action, so they can still attack or assist after using the skill. Many duo skills can be activated in a map again through meeting a specific trigger condition. Duo Skills can be used in all game modes, but it can not be activated if the Duo Hero is part of a pair-up with a Legendary Hero.

Effects of Summer Byleth (F)'s Duo Skill

Summer Byleth Duo Skill.jpg

In the case of the duo Hero, Summer Byleth (F), her duo skill grants her and all allies wihin 2 spaces of her Desperation. It is pretty similar Desperation 3 as it allows for the follow-up attack to come before the foe's counterattack, but this status does not require for an HP requirement.

Access to a built-in Duel Skill

Duo Byleth Duel Skill.png

No, those are not typos! In addition to a Duo Skill, Duo Heroes also have access to a built-in Duel Skill! It is similar to the Duel Skills you can find on units like B Duel Flying. This makes Duo Heroes very valuable as they can help you score more points in the arena while being very solid units.

Easy to be utilized in Aether Raids



Duo's Indulgence is an offensive Aether Raids building that makes it easy for you to re-use your Duo Skilll. This improves all Duo Heroes' viability in the competitive game mode. Be careful though, as a defensive building, Duo's Hindrance, can cripple Duo units as well! Take note that this requires a Duo her on the defensive team. This means that Duo Heroes can be utilized in both sides of Aether Raids!

Future Duo Hero Prospects

Duo Hero predictions

Heroes Relationship

The Trend for Duo Heroes

Duo Heroes seem to follow a trend of characters who have developed a strong bond in their respective storylines. The kind of relationships include Parent-Offspring, Siblings, Lovers and Close Friends.

It looks like the trend will not be broken soon so we made some predictions for good candidates for future Duo Heroes!

Hamonized Heroes: Characteristics and Harmonized Skills

Access to an Active Harmonized Skill

Summer Mia Harmonized Skill.png

All Harmonized Heroes have access to a Harmonized Skill, an active skill that is pretty similar to a duo skill. This does not end the unit's action, so they can still attack or assist after using the skill. Unlike Duo Skill, it only affects the Hamonize Hero and allies that come from the same games as either of the Hamonized characters. Like Duo Skill, it cannot be used if the Harmonized Hero is paired-up with a Legendary Hero.

Effects of Mia and Marth's Duo Skill

Summer Mia's harmonized skill grants her and all allies coming from Fire Emblem titles such as Radiant Dawn, Path of Radiance and Awakening +4 Atk/Spd. There are a lot of powerhouses from these titles such as Ike and Chrom so this can be a great skill depending on the circumstances.

The skill does not have any additional trigger requirements besides the one mentioned above. It is a combat buff, meaning, it can be easily stacked with other buffs and it does not make the target units susceptible to panics and chills. Lastly, it is refreshed at the start of every third turn. All of these quirks make this skill extremely valuable and adds to Summer Mia's value as a versatile unit.

Summer Mia Harmonized Skill Showcase.jpg

Increases Score in Resonant Battles

Resonant Battles Score.jpg

Resonant Effect.png

Similar to Duo Heroes increasing your score in the Arena, Harmonized Heroes increase your score in Resonant Battles! Since this game mode offers some great rewards, we recommend getting a Harmonized Hero when you get the chance!

Team-up with Compatible Units!

Entry Filter.png

Since the Harmonized Skill only works with specific units, you should use said units in Resonant Battles with the Harmonized Hero as much as possible. This is so that you get as much of as an advantage as possible because the enemies in Resonant Battles get very powerful in the harder difficulties.

Filter to see Compatible Units


In your Barracks, click this icon and scroll down to the very bottom to see the Entry filter. Your Harmonized Hero will have an icon that meks it easy for you to tell which heroes are compatible with the Harmonized Skill.

Future Harmonized Hero Prospects

Harmonized Hero predictions

Heroes Relationship
Same Individual in Different Worlds
Twin-like Individuals in Different Worlds
Common thoughts and lines on Axes
Both are beast units

The Trend for Harmonized Heroes

As of writing, the two Harmonized Heroes are Pirate Veronica and Xander, and Summer Mia and Marth, who is actually another character in disguise. These two have interacted before in the world of Fire Emblem Heroes. This might be the trend for the next Harmonized Heroes. Our predictions on the future Harmonized Heroes are more of what people think will be cool or fun to see in-game.

Other Information on Duo and Harmonized Heroes

Summary of both kinds of Heroes

Duo and Harmonized Heroes are a special kind of units that feature 2 characters in one! They both have an active skill and a skill that helps you get higher scores in their respective game modes.

Difference Between Harmonized, Duo Heroes and Pair-Up Heroes

Harmonized Hero/Duo Hero Pair-Up (Legendary Hero Feature)
  • Considered as 1 unit
  • Harmonized Skill and Duo Skill can be used on any map
  • 2 units that take up one tile. Taking an action with one ends both of their actions so choose wisely.
  • This function can only be used in specific maps
  • Useable in Story Maps, Allegiance Battles and Røkkr Sieges
  • New players might confuse Duo, Harmonized and Legendary Heroes that can use the Pair-Up ability. Duo and Harmonized Heroes can simply be put as 2 characters featured in one unit. They function the same as normal units with some added effects and an active ability. The Pair-Up ability on the other hand joins 2 unit in 1 tile! You can switch from one unit to another but they can only perform one action per phase. Though you can still switch them after taking action, this allows you to expose the more powerful enemy phase unit for protection!

    Special Conversation!

    Duo Ephraim and Lyon Conversation

    These heroes are not featured together without a reason! A big reason why is they pack interesting dynamics together. You can hear them interact by pressing this button in their hero screen. Yes, you read that right, hear them interact! The dialogue between them is fully-voiced so enjoy this simple fan service if you get your hands on either kind of hero.

    Limited Availability

    Both Harmonized and Duo Heroes are not part of the normal summoning pool. This means that you would have to wait for special kinds of banners that feature them for a chance to get them. We recommend them as they are not only very solid units, but they also pack on secondary skills and abilities that help you progress further in the game.

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