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Jedi Survivor is the sequel to Star Wars action-adventure game Fallen Order, where you fight against the Empire as Jedi Knight Cal Kestis! Read on for a complete guide wiki on the story missions, puzzle dungeons, maps, items and collectibles, and more!

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Rumors Puzzles Choices
Skills Tips and Tricks Outfits
Lightsabers Blasters BD-1 Parts
Weapon Materials Enemies Bosses
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Jedi Survivor Walkthrough

Planets Jedi Survivor

Walkthrough: All Planets

All Planet Walkthroughs

# Story Chapter Unlockables
1 Coruscant Walkthrough ・Double-Bladed Stance
・Dual Wield Stance
2 Koboh Walkthrough ・Rumors
・Jedi Chambers
3 Jedha Walkthrough ・Blaster Stance
・The Archive
4 Shattered Moon Walkthrough ・Crossguard Stance
5 Koboh Part 2 Walkthrough ・Koboh Grinder
6 Jedha Part 2 Walkthrough ・Dash Ability
7 Koboh Part 3 Walkthrough ・Lift and Slam Ability
8 Shattered Moon Part 2 Walkthrough ・Upgraded Ascension Cable
9 Koboh Part 4 Walkthrough ・Electro Dart
10 Jedha Part 3 Walkthrough -
11 Nova Garon Walkthrough ・Dark Side Ability
12 Koboh Part 5 Walkthrough -
13 Tanalorr Walkthrough -

Jedi Survivor Collectibles

Jedi Survivor Partial Banner Collectibles


All Collectibles

All Collectible Types
Chests Stim Upgrades
Perks Skill Points
Perk Slots BD-1 Scans
Force Echoes Seeds and Plants
Priorite Shards Datadiscs
Jedha Scrolls Essences
Force Essences Health Essences
Treasures Fish
Recruits Force Tears
BD-1 Upgrades -

Collectibles by Planet

All Planets
Coruscant Koboh
Jedha Shattered Moon
Nova Garon Tanalorr

Jedi Survivor Jedi Chambers

Jedi Survivor Jedi Chambers

All Jedi Chamber Locations

All Jedi Chambers

All Jedi Chambers
Chamber of Duality Chamber of Connection
Chamber of Detachment Chamber of Reason
Chamber of Fortitude Chamber of Clarity
Final Jedi Chamber -

Jedi Survivor Rumors

Rumors Jedi Survivor

List of Rumors and Side Quests

All Rumors

Koboh Rumors
Explore the High Republic Chamber in the Forest Recruit the Mysterious Fisherman
Check in With Pili Help Zygg in the Swamp
Find Missing Prospectors Visit Doma's Shop
Visit Zee's Shop Visit the Saloon's Garden
Investigate the Raider Watchtower Investigate the Central Valley Facility
Gorge's Secret Investigate the Abandoned Shack
Investigate the Roller Mine Factory Explore the Ruins in the Northern Desert
Find the Musician and Their Droid Check on the Jawa Settlement
Locate the Odd Pair Explore the Ruins in the Northern Desert
Explore the Ruins in the Southern Desert Explore High Republic Chamber on the Mountain

Jedi Survivor Puzzles

Puzzles Jedi Survivor

All Puzzle Solutions

All Puzzles

Jedi Survivor Side Puzzles
Hunter's Quarry Door Puzzle
Foothill Falls Melted Door Puzzle
Green Laser Gates
Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle
Moldy Depths Door
Harvest Ridge Barn Puzzle
Pit Droid Puzzle Solution
Yellow Platform Puzzle
Alignment Control Center Puzzle
Wayfinder's Tomb Puzzle
Path of Conviction Puzzle
Path of Persistence Puzzle
Path of Restoration Puzzle
Derelict Dam Elevator
Vashtan Wolfe Door Puzzle
Generator Underbelly Puzzle
Jedi Survivor Main Journey Puzzles
Roller Mine and Breakable Structure Puzzles Purple Orb and Blue Socket Puzzle
Cere's Door Puzzle Devastated Settlement Puzzle
Trailhead Pantheon Puzzle Whistling Drop Wind Puzzle
Buried Refuge Door Puzzle Republic Research Laboratory Puzzle
Summit Ridge Puzzle Observatory Understructure Puzzle
Electron Wall Puzzle -

Jedi Survivor Choices

Jedi Survivor Choices

Dialogue Choices and Consequences

All Choices

All Choices and Consequences
Trust or Reward? Being Careful or Moving Quicker?
Shattered Moon or Koboh? Nothing to See Here or Inspection?
Nova Garon ISB Officer Choices Guide -

Jedi Survivor Skills

Jedi Survivor Partial Banner Skill

List of Skills and Skill Trees

List of Skill Trees

Survival Lightsaber Force

Jedi Survivor Tips and Tricks

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Best Builds and Equippables
Best Skills to Get First Best Stance
Best Perks to Get Best Builds
Best Outfits Best Hairstyles
Best Sith Outfits -
Post Game and 100% Completion
Post Game 100% Completion
Achievements Missables
New Game Plus Is There a Secret Ending?
Speedrun Guide -
All Unlockables Map Upgrade Locations
Abilities How to Unlock Holotactics
How to Get Garden Droid Upgrade All Force Powers
Electro Dart Lift and Slam
Dash Ability Blaster Stance
Crossguard Lightsaber Stance All Lightsaber Styles and Stances
Upgraded Ascension Cable Ridable Mounts
How to Get a Mount Force Confuse
Tame Koboh Grinder
Locations Guides
Rift Passage Lift Rift Passage Zipline
Fort Kah'lin Phon'Qi Caverns
Untamed Downs Locked Door Smuggler's Tunnel Locked Door
Stables Chest Devastated Settlement
How to Get Past Bygone Settlement Fan How to Pass Mountain Ascent Green Shield
How to Open Desert Passages Door Monastery Walls Collectibles
How to Activate Phon'Qi Caverns Lift How to Open Locked Door in Pyloon's Saloon
How to Open Coruscant Locked Doors How to Open Electric Doors in Phon’Qi Caverns
Story Guides
How to Open the Forest Gate How to Reach the Forest Array
How to Leave the Forest Array How to Return to Coruscant
Where to Rendezvous with Cere's Contact Best Planet Order
How to Reach Pilgrim's Sanctuary How to Locate Brother Armias
Should You Embrace the Darkness? Does Merrin Die?
How to Activate Alignment Control Center Spinning Doors -
Best Settings Bugs and Performance Issues
Save File Corrupted Save Game File Location
Difficulty Differences Difficulty Trophy
How to Claim Bonus Content How to Enable Hints
How to Skip Cutscenes How to Disable Spiders
Language Options How to Save Game Progress
EA App Temporary Lost Connection -
Combat Guides
How to Kill Digging Droids How to Dropkick an Enemy
How to Disable Robot Shields Combat Tips
All Companions How to Parry
Cosmetics Guides
How to Get Beskar Steel Customization Options
Can You Customize the Mantis? Can You Get the Inquisitor Outfit?
Other Guides
How to Farm XP How to Farm Skill Points
How to Win All Holotactics Matches How to Beat Tulakt
List of Exploits How to Clean the Fish Tank
Rooftop Garden Guide Legendary Enemies
How to Meet Boba Fett How to Change Blaster Shot
Secrets and Easter Eggs Mysterious Keycode Unlocks
How to Open Red Chests How to Grapple to Yellow Balloons
How to Fast Travel Can You Romance Merrin?
How to Quick Save What Happens When You Die?
What to Do First -

Jedi Survivor Outfits

Jedi Survivor Outfits and Cosmetics

Outfits and Cosmetics

All Outfits and Cosmetics

All Hairstyles All Beards
All Jackets All Shirts
All Pants All Materials

All Sets

Survivor Outfit Tactical Outfit
Bomber Outfit Scrapper Outfit
Frontier Outfit Outrider Outfit
Commander Outfit Wanderer Outfit
Hunter Outfit Jedi Outfit
Hermit Outfit Rebel Hero Outfit
ISB Outfit -

Jacket Only

Mountaineer Corsair
Bandolier Pilot
Poncho Exile
Drifter Duelist

Shirt Only

Training Shirt -


Headband Mullet
Scrapper Undercut
Crew Cut Hawk
Windswept Shag
Buzzcut Slicked Back
Choppy Forward Bun
Center Part -


Short Beard Full Beard
Full Goatee and Mustache Goatee and Mustache
Short Goatee Soul Patch
Extended Mustache Light Mustache
Mustache and Patch Goatee
Light Mustache and Patch -

Jedi Survivor Lightsabers

Lightsaber Jedi Survivor

Lightsaber Customization

All Lightsabers

Jedi Survivor Lightsaber Customization
All Lightsaber Colors All Lightsaber Parts

Jedi Survivor Blasters

Jedi Survivor Blasters partial banner

All Blaster Parts

All Blaster Sets

LW-896 Arakyd Heavy
Model 13 Showdown
Quickdraw K3 Vindicator
Swoop Skeleton Key
Enforcer RSKF-44
Caij Vanda Combustion
DL-44 -

Jedi Survivor BD-1 Parts

Jedi Survivor BD -1 Parts partial banner

All BD-1 Parts

BD-1 Parts

All BD-1 Components All BD-1 Materials

All BD-1 Components

BD-1 Assembly
Scrapyard Geonosian
Swooper Industrial
Solar Kaminoan
Nocular Rugged
BD-Astro -

Jedi Survivor Weapon Materials

Weapon Materials Partial Banner

List of All Weapon Materials

All Weapon Materials

Starter Metal Starter Non-Metal Light Metal
Warm Metal Two-Tone Metal Coated Metal
Worn Metal Anodized Metal Unique Metal
Imperial Hard Plastoid Bumpy Rubber
Textured Rubber Soft Leather Hard Leather
Wood Unique Non-Metal Coruscant Paint
Kashyyyk Paint Jedi Paint Jedha Paint
Rebel Paint Droid Paint Inquisitor Paint

Jedi Survivor Enemies

Enemies Star Wars Jedi Survivor

All Enemies

Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Scout TrooperScout Trooper Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Scout Trooper CommandersScout Trooper Commanders Star Wars Jedi Survivor - StormtrooperStormtrooper
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Stormtrooper CommandersStormtrooper Commanders Star Wars Jedi Survivor - AT-STAT-ST Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Security DroidSecurity Droid
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - FlametrooperFlametrooper Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Heavy Assault TrooperHeavy Assault Trooper Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Probe DroidProbe Droid
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Rocket Launcher TrooperRocket Launcher Trooper Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Electrobaton Purge TrooperElectrobaton Purge Trooper Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Electrostaff Purge TrooperElectrostaff Purge Trooper
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Purge Trooper CommanderPurge Trooper Commander Star Wars Jedi Survivor - The Ninth SisterThe Ninth Sister Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Shield TrooperShield Trooper
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Jetpack TrooperJetpack Trooper Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Imperial OfficerImperial Officer Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Viper Probe DroidViper Probe Droid
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - DT Sentry DroidDT Sentry Droid Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Security Droid EnforcerSecurity Droid Enforcer Star Wars Jedi Survivor - ISB AgentISB Agent
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Darth VaderDarth Vader Star Wars Jedi Survivor - B1 Battle DroidB1 Battle Droid Star Wars Jedi Survivor - B1 Melee Battle DroidB1 Melee Battle Droid
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - B2 Battle DroidB2 Battle Droid Star Wars Jedi Survivor - BX DroidBX Droid Star Wars Jedi Survivor - BX Droid (Hybrid)BX Droid (Hybrid)
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - BX Droid (Rifle)BX Droid (Rifle) Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Dagan GeraDagan Gera Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Dagan Gera (2nd Encounter)Dagan Gera (2nd Encounter)
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Dagan Gera (3rd Encounter)Dagan Gera (3rd Encounter) Star Wars Jedi Survivor - DroidekaDroideka Star Wars Jedi Survivor - E3-VE3E3-VE3
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - The MassiffThe Massiff Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Urgost, Fist of RayvisUrgost, Fist of Rayvis Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Bedlam Raider Lieutenant (Single-Blade)Bedlam Raider Lieutenant (Single-Blade)
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Bedlam Raider Lieutenant (Double-Blade)Bedlam Raider Lieutenant (Double-Blade) Star Wars Jedi Survivor - MagnaguardMagnaguard Star Wars Jedi Survivor - RayvisRayvis
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Raider VeteranRaider Veteran Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Raider GruntRaider Grunt Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Bedlam SmasherBedlam Smasher
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Beetu DeetuBeetu Deetu Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Haxion Brood CommandoHaxion Brood Commando Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Haxion Brood Bounty DroidHaxion Brood Bounty Droid
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Haxion Brood Bounty HunterHaxion Brood Bounty Hunter Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Caij VandaCaij Vanda Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Haxion Brood Brawler Bounty DroidHaxion Brood Brawler Bounty Droid
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Haxion Brood Shock CommandoHaxion Brood Shock Commando Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Haxion Brood GunslingerHaxion Brood Gunslinger Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Haxion Brood GrenadierHaxion Brood Grenadier
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - GoroccoGorocco Star Wars Jedi Survivor - GorgerGorger Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Vile BalemawVile Balemaw
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Gorocco MatriarchGorocco Matriarch Star Wars Jedi Survivor - The Mire TerrorThe Mire Terror Star Wars Jedi Survivor - RancorRancor
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - BilemawBilemaw Star Wars Jedi Survivor - RawkaRawka Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Spawn of OggdoSpawn of Oggdo
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - BramlikBramlik Star Wars Jedi Survivor - ShiverpedeShiverpede Star Wars Jedi Survivor - MoguMogu
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - HardshellHardshell Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Golden SkritonGolden Skriton Star Wars Jedi Survivor - SkritonSkriton
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - SutabanSutaban Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Sutaban AlphaSutaban Alpha Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Roller MineRoller Mine
Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Scavenger DroidScavenger Droid Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Bode AkunaBode Akuna Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Bode Akuna (2nd Encounter)Bode Akuna (2nd Encounter)

Jedi Survivor Bosses

Bosses Jedi Survivor

List of All Bosses

All Bosses in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Story Bosses
K-405 The Ninth Sister
Zeik Dagan Gera
Skriton AT-ST
Reprogrammed Magnaguard Drya Thornne
Tague Louesh Rayvis
Rick, The Door Technician Urgost, Fist of Rayvis
Bode Akuna Darth Vader
Final Boss
Legendary Enemies
Rancor Spawn of Oggdo
D-L1T Frenzied Jotaz
Masiff The Mire Terror
Beetu Deetu E3-VE3
Vile Bilemaw Golden Skriton
Sutaban Alpha Gorocco Matriarch
Optional Bosses
Sebb Eshan Prince Patren
Urjef Mekor Vashtan Wolfe
Hytho Pixx Mads Gresh and San Dersen

Jedi Survivor Bounties

Jedi Survivor Bounties

All Bounty Hunter Locations

All Bounties and Bounter Hunters

All Bounties
Kip Ostar Raz Bounty
Selfin Jook Vaslyn Martz
Caij Vanda Yuhong
Kili Oso Gatt Medo
Mash Jo the Cannibal
Korej Lim Meyen Corr
Corde the Half
PR-85T the Other Half
Fenn Finau
Masi Finau

Jedi Survivor Characters

Jedi Survivor Characters

List of All Characters

All Characters

All Jedi Survivor Characters
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal KestisCal Kestis Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cere JundaCere Junda Star Wars Jedi Survivor Greez DritusGreez Dritus Star Wars Jedi Survivor Nightsister MerrinNightsister Merrin
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bode AkunaBode Akuna Jedi Survivor Icon Rayvis.pngRayvis - -

Unconfirmed Characters

Characters Unconfirmed for Jedi Survivor
Grand Inquisitor Bacta Tank Character

Jedi Survivor News

Star Wars Jedi Survivor News and Game Info

News and Game Info

New Updates Have Arrived for PC and Consoles

Star Wars Jedi Survivor May Update

EA has released updates for Star Wars Jedi Survivor on PC as of May 1 and on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles as of May 2!

May 1 and 2 Update Patch Notes

All News and Updates

Game Information

Pre-Release News

About Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Product Information

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Info
Jedi Survivor Key Art
Price $69.99 (Standard Edition)
$89.99 (Deluxe Edition)
$299.99 (Collector's Edition)
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC
Genre Action-Adventure
Publisher Electronic Arts Inc. (EA)
Official Site

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