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Welcome to Game8's walkthrough and comperehensive guide for Baldurs Gate 3 (BG3). This guide will cover all relevant news, updates, story paths, classes, races, builds and everything else you need on your adventure along the Sword Coast.

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Baldur's Gate 3 Main Campaign


Main Campaign Walkthrough

Act 1 Campaign Walkthrough

All Act 1 Main Quests
Prologue Find a Cure

Act 2 Campaign Walkthrough

All Act 2 Main Quests
Infiltrate Moonrise Towers Help Your Protector

Act 3 Campaign Walkthrough

All Act 3 Main Quests
Get Gortash's Netherstone Get Orin's Netherstone Confront the Elder Brain

Baldur's Gate 3 Beginner Guides and Tips and Tricks

Baldurs Gate 3 - Beginner Guide Partial

Baldur's Gate 3 Beginner's Guide

All Beginner Guides
Class Tier List DX11 vs Vulkan
Scuffed Rock Location: Hidden Cache Rewards Difficulty Setting Differences
Fall Damage Guide Guardian Explained
Where to Get the Wolf Rune All Companions and Types
All Illithid Parasite Locations Soul Coin Guide
All Infernal Iron Locations Best Adamantine Item
Noblestalk Location What to Do With the Iron Flask
Crafting Guide How to Use the Flower Key
Glossary Guides
Proficiency Bonus Guide Advantage and Disadvantage Guide
Difficulty Class Guide Armor Class Guide
High Ground Guide HP and Hit Dice Guide
Bonus Action Guide Alchemy Guide
FAQ and How-To Guides
What is Concentration? What is the Max Level?
Is BG3 Multiplayer? Is There a Split-Screen Feature?
Should You Enable Karmic Dice? What is Opportunity Attack?
How Many Party Members Can You Have? Should You Sell or Keep the Owlbear Egg?
Do Illithid Powers Have Consequences? What Does Add to Wares Do?
What is Saving Throw? How to Mod BG3
How to Pause the Game Is There a Bag of Holding?
How to Shove How to Go to the Camp
How to Highlight Objects How to Get to the Underdark
How to Solve the Silent Library Puzzle How to Multiclass and Best Class Combos
How to Jump and Increase Jump Distance How to Destroy Destructible Objects
How to Turn Off the Arcane Turrets Death Saving Throws: How to Help Incapacitated Allies
How to Use and Cast Spells How to Sneak: Stealing and Pickpocket Guide
How to Respec Your Character How to Get to Last Light Inn
How to Fix Top Down Camera View How to Use a Torch
How to Get to the Grymforge How to Recruit Hirelings
How to Buy and Sell Items from NPCs How to Get to the Shadow-Cursed Lands
How to Revive Fallen Allies How to Adjust the Camera
How to Get a Sussur Tree Bark How to Use Non-Lethal Attacks
How to Farm Gold Fast How to Get to Moonrise Towers
How to Learn New Spells How to Stack Objects
How to Infiltrate Shattered Sanctum How to Save / Quick Save
How to Find and Dig Up Dirt Mounds Should You Invite Yenna to Your Camp?
Where to Find Dammon How to Get to the Last Light Inn Basement
How to Use the Strange Chunk of Amber How to Get to Thorm Mausoleum

Baldur's Gate 3 Character Creation


Character Creation Guide

All Character Creation Guides

All Character Creation Guides
List of Races List of Subraces
List of Feats List of Race Features
List of Skills Ability Scores
Background & Origins -

Baldur's Gate 3 Origin Characters


List of Origin Characters

List of All Origin Characters

Character Guide
Romance Guide
BaldurAstarion Dark UrgeDark Urge BaldurGale BaldurLae'zel
BaldurKarlach BaldurShadowheart BaldurWyll

List of All Non-Origin Characters

Character Guide
BaldurHalsin BaldurMinthara
BaldurJaheira BaldurMinsc

Baldur's Gate 3 Class Guides


Class Guide: All Classes and Subclasses

All Classes

All Class Guides
BaldurBarbarian BaldurBard BaldurCleric BaldurDruid
BaldurFighter BaldurMonk BaldurPaladin BaldurRanger
BaldurRogue BaldurSorcerer BaldurWarlock BaldurWizard

Baldur's Gate 3 Legendaries

Baldurs Gate 3 - Legendary Weapons and Armor

All Legendary Weapons and Armor

All Legendary Weapons

All Legendary Weapons
Balduran's Giantslayer Bloodthirst
Crimson Mischief Devotee's Mace
Duellist's Prerogative Gontr Mael
Markoheshkir Nyrulna
Orphic Hammer Selune's Spear of Night
Shar's Spear of Evening Silver Sword of the Astral Plane
The Blood of Lathander -

All Legendary Armor

All Legendary Armor
Gloves of Soul Catching Helldusk Armor
Helm of Balduran Mask of the Shapeshifter
Scarab of Protection Viconia's Walking Fortress

All Legendary Books

All Legendary Books
Caution Before the Seelie The Annals of Karsus
The Red Knight's Final Strategem The Tharchiate Codex

Baldur's Gate 3 Weapons


List of All Weapons

All Simple Weapons

All Simple Weapons
ClubClubs DaggerDaggers GreatclubGreatclubs HandaxeHandaxes
JavelinJavelins Light CrossbowLight Crossbows Light HammerLight Hammers MaceMaces
QuarterstaffQuarterstaffs ShortbowsShortbows SicklesSickles SpearSpears

All Martial Weapons

All Martial Weapons
BattleaxeBattleaxes FlailsFlails GlaiveGlaives GreataxeGreataxes
GreatswordGreatswords HalberdsHalberds Hand CrossbowHand Crossbows Heavy CrossbowHeavy Crossbows
LongbowLongbows LongswordLongswords MaulMauls MorningstarMorningstars
PikePikes RapierRapiers ScimitarScimitars ShortswordShortswords
TridentTridents WarhammerWarhammers War PickWar Picks -

Baldur's Gate 3 Armor


List of All Armor

All Armor by Type

All Armor Types
Helms Chest Armor Gloves
Boots Shields Cloaks

Baldur's Gate 3 Accessories


List of All Accessories

All Accessories

All Accessories
Amulets Rings

Baldur's Gate 3 Spells


List of All Spells

All Spell Types

All Schools of Spells
BaldurAbjuration BaldurConjuration BaldurDivination BaldurEnchantment
BaldurEvocation BaldurIllusion BaldurNecromancy BaldurTransmutation

Other Spell Types

Other Spell Types
Ritual Spells

Baldur's Gate 3 Items


List of All Items

All Item Types

All Item Types
Potions Scrolls Food
Tools Musical Instruments Throwables
Arrows Quest Items Ingredients
Miscellaneous Gemstones

Baldur's Gate 3 Actions

List of All Actions

All Actions

All Actions
Weapon Actions Class Actions

Baldur's Gate 3 Maps

Faerûn All Maps and Locations

Faerûn All Locations

Prologue Locations
Act 1 Locations
Wilderness Chapel Ruins
Emerald Grove Owlbear Nest
Blighted Village Whispering Depths
Putrid Bog (Sunlit Wetlands) Overgrown Tunnel
The Risen Road Zhentarim Basement
Goblin Camp Mountain Pass: Rosymorn Monastery
Creche Y'llek Underdark
Arcane Tower Grymforge
Act 2 Locations
Shadow-Cursed Lands Reithwin Town

Baldur's Gate 3 Bosses

Baldurs Gate 3 - All Bosses

List of All Bosses

Act 1 Bosses

All Act 1 Bosses
Auntie Ethel Bulette Ch'r'ai W'Wargaz
Commander Zhalk Dror Ragzlin Flind
Grym Kagha Lump the Enlightened
Minthara Nere Owlbear
Phase Spider Matriarch Priestess Gut Spectator

Act 2 Bosses

All Act 2 Bosses
Ch'r'ai Tska'an Balthazar Fist Marcus
Gerringothe Thorm Kar'niss Ketheric Thorm
Malus Thorm Thisobald Thorm Yurgir

Act 3 Bosses

All Act 3 Bosses
Ansur Auntie Ethel Cazador Szarr
Dominated Red Dragon Lord Enver Gortash Lorroakan
Mystic Carrion Orin the Red Raphael
Sarevok Steel Watcher Titan Viconia DeVir
The Unbreakable Will of the Netherbrain

Baldur's Gate 3 Latest News and Information

All News and Latest Updates

Latest News

About Baldur's Gate 3

A Game Based on D&D5e

Baldur's Gate 3 is an upcoming RPG from Larian Studios and is a game based on the traditional Dungeons and Dragons table-top RPG and is based on its 5th edition (5e). Baldur's Gate is a phenomenal game that manages to truly bring the D&D5e mechanics and its world to life! Here's our review.

Baldur's Gate 3 Game8 Review

An Upcoming RPG In Development for 6 Years

Baldur's Gate 3 is an RPG that has been in development for 6 years! During the 3rd year (2020), Baldur's Gate 3 went into early access which gave players the chance to play the game up to act III. However, the final version will update and change a lot of existing features in the game and the latest version will breathe some fresh air for all the players that have been keeping up with the game's development.

Explore the Campaign With Several Companions

There are several companions that you can explore the game with. Some of them are even characters you can play as the main character! Journey with a party of four and make your own story as you journey onwards to Baldur's Gate!

Companions Guide: All Recruitable Allies and Characters

Product Information

Release Date August 3, 2023 (PC)
August 31, 2023 (Playstation)
Full Title Baldur's Gate 3
Developer Larian Studios
Price $59.99
Genre Strategy RPG
Platforms PC (Early Access)
Website Official Website

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