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Pokemon Sleep is an exciting new Sleep Tracking App/Game for Android and iOS! Learn about everything from all of the Sleep Styles, featured Pokemon, Recipes and Ingredients, Snorlax Drowsy Power Guide, as well as all of the latest news, events, tips and tricks to maximize your play experience!

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Pokemon Sleep Latest News & Events

Version 1.0.10 Released

Version 1.0.10 Update
・Fixes the iOS "Quick Start" issue
・Fixes complications caused by network instability

Version 1.0.10 fixes the Quick Start data transfer issue that caused many iPhone users to lose their Pokemon Sleep data after upgrading to a new iPhone.

This update also fixes issues that arose in Version 1.0.9 of the app for users who had unstable internet connections.

Version 1.0.10 Update and Patch Notes

Good Sleep Day Event for September is Now Over

Pokemon Sleep - Good Sleep Day Event

The Good Sleep Day Event for September has concluded! The next full moon will be on October 28, so we can expect the October Good Sleep Day Event to be from October 27-29.

Clefairy Line Now in Pokemon Sleep!

Clefairy Line
Pokemon Sleep - CleffaCleffa Pokemon Sleep - ClefairyClefairy Pokemon Sleep - ClefableClefable

Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable made their Pokemon Sleep debut during the September 2023 Good Sleep Day Event. They may appear more frequently during all future Good Sleep Day events.

Good Sleep Day Event

Account Linking Bonus Gift

Pokemon Sleep - Account Linking Bonus

After the Version 1.0.9 update, you can now claim a bonus gift of 100 Diamonds after linking an account to Pokemon Sleep. Those who have already linked an account prior to the update can find this gift automatically in their gift box.

Those who have yet to link either a Google account, Facebook account, or Apple ID can do so by going to Settings. After linking at least one account, you should be able to find this gift in your gift box.

Account Linking Bonus Gift

Version 1.0.9 Released

Version 1.0.9 Patch Notes
Game Contents
・Changes to make Pokémon in the Pokémon Box recover a small amount of Energy from sleep
・Changes to when fonts for other languages will be downloaded: when they become needed for display (this will apply to users who install or reinstall the app in the future)
・Changes to give a gift of diamonds to users who link their accounts or who have already linked accounts
・Changes to allow users to navigate to their bag from the Gift Box screen when the gift cannot be accepted because the bag’s items pocket is full

Bug Fixes
・Fixes to a bug that caused adjustments based on Pokémon Natures not to be reflected when using candies to gain EXP
・Fixes to a bug that caused multiple messages to be unintentionally sent in a single day to the research community (when sleep is tracked twice in one day, the results of only the first sleep research session will be sent to friends)
・Fixes to a bug that caused session photos not to be displayed when the graphic quality was set low
・Fixes to a bug that caused Error 028001 to occur when the Auto Cook button was pressed repeatedly

Version 1.0.9 of Pokemon Sleep was released during the September 26 server maintenance.

This update allows Pokemon in the Box to recover a small amount of Energy during sleep sessions. It also rewards people who have linked accounts to Pokemon Sleep, likely a response to the amount of people who have lost their Pokemon Sleep data after upgrading to a new iPhone using Apple's Quick Start feature.

Unfortunately, there seem to be issues in this version update that surface when internet connection is unstable. Pokemon Sleep has been working on a fix for these issues even before the update dropped, but they may not be addressed until the next update.

Version 1.0.9 Update and Patch Notes

September 26 Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

Pokemon Sleep has finished its scheduled maintenance on September 26, 2023.

Sleep tracking is still available while maintenance is ongoing, and those who only track one sleep session during maintenance should be able to do sleep research and snack time as usual once maintenance has concluded.

Those who track multiple sleep sessions during maintenance will instead be presented with a speed review, which shows the sleep research that the app did automatically. Pokemon Sleep will also automatically conduct snack time for you if you record more than one session during maintenance.

Server Maintenance Status

Quick Start Data Transfer Bug for iPhone Users

Pokemon Sleep - Starting on New Device

The Quick Start feature that allows you to transfer data quickly from an old iPhone to a new one does not work properly with Pokemon Sleep.

Users who want to transfer their Pokemon Sleep accounts to a new iPhone should not rely on this feature and should instead use the account linking feature on the Pokemon Sleep app to keep their data secure.

Once you have your Apple ID or social media accounts linked to Pokemon Sleep, you can delete the app on your new iPhone and reinstall it in order to properly start the transfer process.

Minors and those without outside accounts to link can instead get a transfer code and Support ID from their old phone. Take note of these codes and enter them onto the app on your new phone.

Quick Start Data Transfer Bug for iPhone Users

100 M Pokemon Befriended Bundles

Pokemon Sleep - 100 M Pokemon Befriended Bundles

Limited Time Bundles
Bundle Items Cost
Pokemon Sleep - 100M Befriended Bundle S100 Mil. Pokemon Befriended Bundle S Poke Biscuit x10
Friend Incense x2
Handy Candy S x5
600 Diamonds
Pokemon Sleep - 100M Befriended Bundle M100 Mil. Pokemon Befriended Bundle M Great Biscuit x20
Friend Incense x6
Handy Candy S x10
Handy Candy M x3
3,000 Diamonds

To commemorate 100 million Pokemon being befriended in Pokemon Sleep worldwide, two special bundles will be available at the General Store from September 17, 2023 until September 22, 2023, 5 AM UTC.

These two 100 Mil. Pokemon Befriended Bundles both provide a lot of value and allow you to befriend even more Pokemon. The medium bundle in particular is an excellent deal because of the abundance of Great Biscuits and the Premium Exchange-exclusive Handy Candy M.

Special Limited Time Bundle: 100 M Pokemon Befriended Bundles

Special Gift for Future Features and Adjustments: Volume 2

Pokemon Sleep - Future Features and Adjustments Vol 2

A special gift containing 10x Poke Biscuits, 1000 Sleep Points, 20x Handy Candy S, and a Growth Incense is now available for players who started using Pokemon Sleep before October 28.

Special Gift: Future Features and Adjustments Volume 2

Planned Future Features and Adjustments: Volume 2

Future Features and Adjustments: Volume 2
Future Update Fixes
・Pokemon recovering a small amount of Energy from sleep while inside the Pokemon Box
・Fixes to an issue that caused the effects of Pokemon Natures not to be reflected when candies were used to give EXP

Future Development Plans
・Implementing seasonal events
・Adding new Pokemon in September and October
・Adding new Relaxing Sounds and alarm sounds

A lot more features including events such as Pokeween and new Pokemon will be added in future updates of Pokemon Sleep! Fixes for known issues will also be implemented.

Planned Future Features and Adjustments Volume 2 (Updates 1.0.9+)

Version 1.0.8 Released

Version 1.0.8 Update
・Fixed Error -000001 which caused some players to be unable to log in

There appears to be only one fix introduced in Version 1.0.8. However, this one bug prevented many people from logging into Pokemon Sleep after finishing their sleep session.

Error -000001 is believed to be connected to the introduction of Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime as this error first started popping up the day they were added into the game.

Version 1.0.8 Update and Patch Notes

Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime Coming to Pokemon Sleep!

Pokemon Sleep - Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime

Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime are the first Pokemon to be added after the release of the game.

They will start to appear in the Cyan Beach research area on September 12, 2023, 6 AM UTC.

Some users had September 15 listed as the date when the in-game news announcement first arrived, but this has been corrected to September 12.

Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime Coming to Pokemon Sleep!

Version 1.0.7 Released

Version 1.0.7 Patch Notes
Game Contents
・Adjustments to make it possible to use more than one Dream Cluster at once from the bag's items pocket
・Adjustment to display the pop-up that says "Synchronize with your Pokemon GO Plus+ to receive sleep data?" while transitioning from the title screen to the home screen even when a new week begins
・Difficulty giving biscuits to a Pokemon when its friendship point gauge overlapped with another Pokemon during snack time
・Adjustments to make it possible to open the bag from the "Bag Capacity Reached" pop-up when a player with a full item pocket tries to claim mission rewards

Bug Fixes
・Helper Pokemon's Energy returning to 100 if the app was restarted when they had over 100 Energy
・Players being unable to edit their teams on some devices
・The app becoming unable to proceed if the player exchanged sleep points for items when their bag's items pocket was full
・Help contents from the special Pikachu that appears when players pair a Pokemon GO Plus+ sometimes not changing even when its friendship increased
・Energy gained from cooking not being reflected in sleep reports if a player cooked immediately after moving sites when a new week began, closed the app, and tracked their sleep with their Pokemon GO Plus+

Version 1.0.7 of Pokemon Sleep has been released! This update improves how items are handled and fixes some of the problems regarding the Pokemon GO Plus+ device.

Version 1.0.7 Update and Patch Notes

Heal All Boxed Pokemon on Sundays Glitch

Pokemon Sleep - Pokemon Box Sorted by Energy.png

A glitch has been disovered that allows you to heal your Pokemon and have them regain energy without having to go to sleep or use an item. However, this glitch only works on Sundays.

This glitch can be executed by going to your current Helper Team, swapping each of the Pokemon one-by-one, returning to the main screen with Snorlax, and repeating this process for all of your tired Pokemon.

Heal All Boxed Pokemon on Sundays Glitch

Pokeween Event


Pokemon Sleep will be celebrating Halloween through a special event called Pokeween in October. This event will allow Ghost Type Pokemon to appear more often in the morning after your sleep session.

There will be more bonuses for this event particularly during the limited-time in-game event in late October, but we have to wait for Pokemon Sleep to announce more details.

Pokeween Event: Dates, Bonuses, and Pokemon

10 Million Downloads Commemorative Gift

Pokemon Sleep - 10 Million Downloads Gift Rewards

Pokemon Sleep is celebrating 10 million downloads of the app worldwide by giving all players a special gift! This gift contains 1000 sleep points, a Good Camp Ticket, 3 Ingredient Tickets, and 5 Poke Biscuits.

The distribution period for this gift is from August 25 to September 22, 5 AM UTC.

10 Million Downloads Gift

Version 1.0.6 Released

Version 1.0.6 Patch Notes
Game Contents
・Implementing the Good Sleep Day event, starting Wednesday, August 30
・Broadening the conditions required to meet one's bedtime so that players can meet their bedtimes by starting sleep tracking up to 90 minutes before or 30 minutes after their set bedtime
・Implementing night mode for the loading screen
・Adjustments to graphic quality settings to include four levels (settings will be divided more finely than before, to help with performance and power usage)
・Adjustments to the Research Community so that the player is returned to the same scroll location when they look at a friend's research and then return to the Research Community screen
・Decreasing the amount of data for new users to download when they register
・Adding a function that notifies the player on the home screen when a Good Camp Ticket's effects have ended

Sleep Tracking
・Adjustments to make it possible to conduct sleep research even when damage to sleep data causes sleep tracking to fail
・Addressing an issue that caused sleep duration measurements to be significantly shorter when the Slumbering stage was not detected during sleep tracking
・Further optimization of power use during sleep tracking

This update was released during the August 25 server maintenance.

Version 1.0.6 introduces the Full Moon Good Sleep Day Event and has several improvements to both active gameplay and sleep tracking that makes the app more reliable.

A plethora of bugs were also fixed in this update. Please check the link below for a full list of patch notes:

Version 1.0.6 Update and Patch Notes

Future Features and Adjustments Special Gift

Pokemon Sleep - Gift Box.PNG

A special gift has been released for Pokemon Sleep players who started playing before September 2, 2023.

This gift includes 10x Poke Biscuits, 30x Handy Candy S, a Growth Incense, and a Focus Incense.

You can claim this gift through the gift box on the upper right corner of the main menu.

Special Gift (August 14, 2023): Future Features and Adjustments Gift

Planned Future Updates (Version 1.0.7+)

Next Update Fixes
・Pokemon recovering Energy while inside the Pokemon Box
・An issue that causes the app to run slowly or freeze on some devices
・Further optimization of battery usage during sleep tracking
Future Development Plans
・Adding new Pokemon
・Adding more alarm sounds and Relaxing Sounds
・Implementing night mode for the loading screen
・Responding to an issue that makes it difficult to meet one's bedtime
・Responding to an issue that makes it difficult to collect Berries among other things located near the edge of the screen
・Putting on the Good Sleep Day event starting Wednesday, August 30

Pokemon Sleep is working on future updates to fix bugs and to improve the overall quality of the game.

Planned Future Updates (Patches 1.0.7+)

Balance Patch Released (August 9, 2023)

August 9 Balance Patch Notes
Missions have been adjusted as follows:
・ Candy requirements have been lowered by about 20%.
・ The number of Pokemon you must befriend to earn a reward has been reduced by about 15%.
・ The number of Dream Shards, Handy Candy S, and diamonds given as rewards have been increased.

Pokemon Sleep has stealthily implemented a balance patch and has listed these adjustments to the game's balance.

It seems that completing weekly missions is now easier with this patch, and the rewards for doing so have been increased!

Balance Patch (August 9, 2023)

Pokemon Sleep Review

Sleep Tracker Fun GO Plus+
Pokemon Sleep - Poke Biscuit4/10 Pokemon Sleep - Great Biscuit7/10 Pokemon Sleep - Great Biscuit7/10
Free Only Premium Overall
Pokemon Sleep - Master Biscuit8/10 Pokemon Sleep - Poke Biscuit4/10 Pokemon Sleep - Great Biscuit6/10

Pokemon Sleep is a fun and relaxing Pokemon game that can truly motivate you to go to sleep. It doesn't require a lot of time to play (at least while awake), and the Pokemon collecting aspect is as good as ever. However, it does not function very well as an accurate sleep tracker.

The game can be experienced in full without having to pay any fee, though you can buy the Pokemon GO Plus+ or the Premium Pass for an enhanced experience.

Pokemon Sleep Review: Is Pokemon Sleep Worth It?

Pokemon Sleep Types Quiz

Pokemon Sleep Type Quiz - Pokemon Sleep
Pokemon Sleep has a fun quiz on their website to help you determine your sleep type. It takes into account your usual sleep times, activity levels, and how often you wake up after going to bed. The quiz then matches you to a Pokemon with similar sleeping habits as you.

Pokemon for Each Sleep Type Combination

Time Sleep Type Pokemon
Espeon - Pokemon SleepMorning Pokemon Sleep - Dozing Pokemon Sleep - Dozing VigorothVigoroth
Pokemon Sleep - Snoozing Espeon - Pokemon SleepEspeon
Pokemon Sleep - Slumbering Pokemon Sleep - Slumbering SwabluSwablu
Charmander - Pokemon SleepDaytime Pokemon Sleep - Dozing Bulbasaur - Pokemon SleepBulbasaur
Pokemon Sleep - Snoozing Charmander - Pokemon SleepCharmander
Pokemon Sleep - Slumbering Squirtle - Pokemon SleepSquirtle
Umbreon - Pokemon SleepNighttime Pokemon Sleep - Dozing Umbreon - Pokemon SleepUmbreon
Pokemon Sleep - Snoozing Pokemon Sleep - Snoozing MeowthMeowth
Pokemon Sleep - Slumbering Diglett - Pokemon SleepDiglett

Let Us Know What Sleep Type You Got Below!

Dozing 81
Snoozing 72
Slumbering 94

Sleep Type Quiz Results and Details

What is Pokemon Sleep?

What is Pokemon Sleep Banner.png

Pokemon Sleep is a game and sleep tracking app that tracks how much sleep you've gotten, if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night, and other information regarding your sleep quality. You can then collect Pokemon Sleep Styles when you wake up.

What is Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep - News and Events Partial Banner

News, Events and Latest Information

Latest News

Server Maintenance Status

Server Maintenance Status (September 26)
Maintenance is Now Over!

Updates and Patch Notes

All Updates and Patch Notes
Version 1.0.10 September 28, 2023
Version 1.0.9 September 26, 2023
Future Updates (1.0.9+) TBD
Version 1.0.8 Update and Patch Notes September 13, 2023
Version 1.0.7 September 7, 2023
Version 1.0.6 August 25, 2023
Future Updates (1.0.6+) August 25, 2023 - TBD
Balance Patch August 9, 2023
Version 1.0.5 August 7, 2023
Version 1.0.4 July 27, 2023
Version 1.0.3 July 26, 2023
Version 1.0.2 July 25, 2023
Version 1.0.1 July 18, 2023

All Updates and Patch Notes

Previous News

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Pokemon Sleep - Tips and Tricks Partial Banner

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Pokemon Sleep Style Dex

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List of All Pokemon Sleep Styles

All Sleep Styles

All Sleep Styles
Sleep Styles
Sleep Styles
Sleep Styles

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Research Area Dex

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Taupe HollowTaupe Hollow Snowdrop TundraSnowdrop Tundra

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Pokemon Candies Exp. Items
Sleep Tips -

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Currency Guides

Pokemon Sleep Dishes and Recipes

Pokemon Sleep - Dishes and Recipes Partial Banner

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All Recipe Types

Recipe Types
Dessert and Drink Recipes

Pokemon Sleep Mechanics

Pokemon Sleep - Sleep Mechanics Partial Banner

List of Pokemon Sleep Mechanics and Terms

Pokemon Sleep Mechanics
Snorlax Strength and Ratings Sleep Session Mechanics
How Sleep Score is Calculated Drowsy Power Explained

Pokemon Sleep Specialties

Pokemon Sleep - Specialties Partial Banner

List of All Pokemon Specialties

All Pokemon Specialties

All Specialties
Berries Ingredients Skills

Pokemon Sleep All Natures

Pokemon Sleep - Natures Partial Banner

Best Natures: List of All Natures and Effects

All Natures
Adamant Bashful Bold Brave Calm
Careful Docile Gentle Hardy Hasty
Impish Jolly Lax Lonely Mild
Modest Naive Naughty Quiet Quirky
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Pokemon Sleep - Research Community Friend Request BoardResearcher ID Friend Codes
Pokemon Sleep - Shiny Bragging BoardShiny Bragging Board
Pokemon Sleep - Rare Sleep Styles BoardRare Sleep Styles Board
Pokemon Sleep - Memes BoardMemes Board

About Pokemon Sleep

Game Information

Game Title Pokemon Sleep
App Icon Art Pokemon Sleep Snorlax App Icon
Release Date Full Release: Late July, 2023 (Worldwide)
Beta Release: 07/10~13 (Select Countries)
File Size (Beta) 208 MB
Available Platforms Android, iOS (Beta is Android only)
Genre Casual, Health and Fitness
Official Site PokemonSleep.net

A Casual Sleep Tracking Health Game

Pokemon Sleep Styles Real World
Pokemon Sleep is a real world Sleep Health Tracking Game for Android and iOS. It follows a similar formula to Pokemon Go, in that real life actions and events affect in-game progress and events. Each time the player sleeps, their sleep data is categorized into one of 4 Styles: Snoozing, Dozing, Slumbering or Balanced. Pokemon that appear in the game will vary according to your sleep style, duration and score.

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