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Welcome to Game8's Tales of Arise Wiki. Here you can get detailed walkthroughs on the Main Story, Bosses, as well as guides on Characters, Artes, Equipment, and more!

Tales of Arise Story Walkthroughs

Tales of Arise - Story Walkthrough Banner.png

Story Walkthrough


Tales of Arise - Calaglia Banner.pngCalaglia Tales of Arise -Cyslodia BannerCyslodia
Tales of Arise - Elde Menancia BannerElde Menancia Tales of Arise.pngMahag Saar
Ganath Haros Walkthrough bannerGanath Haros The WedgeThe Wedge
berg volcano bannerBerg Volcano Rena WalkthroughRena

Tales of Arise Boss Guides

Boss Guides Partial Banner.png
List of Bosses

Story Bosses

Story Bosses
Balseph.pngBalseph Ice Wolf Leader BannerIce Wolf Leader
Ooze HiveOoze Hive Lord Ganabelt.jpgLord Ganabelt
Zacarania.pngZacarania Kisara.pngKisara
Dohalim.pngDohalim Venoflage.pngVenoflage
Temararus Logo.pngTemararus Grinymuk Logo.pngGrinymuk
Mesmald.pngAlmeidrea & Mesmald Meria Phein.pngMeria Phein
Kalmarzel & Kaldinzel.pngKalmarzel & Kaldinzel Vholran.pngVholran
Eljarania.pngEljarania Efreet Malum.pngEfreet
Tormented Limbs.pngTormented Limbs Red Woman.pngRed Woman
Valcynimus.pngValclynimus Great Astral Spirit.pngGreat Astral Spirit
Subsumer.pngSubsumer Vholran (Final Boss).pngVholran (Final Boss)

Optional Bosses

Toxidillo Icon.pngToxidillo Boisterous Roper Icon.pngBoisterous Roper Polycephus Icon.pngPolycephus
Great Dragon Icon.pngGreat Dragon Relentless Charger Icon.pngRelentless Charger Flamewrecker Icon.pngFlamewrecker
Alpha Reaper Icon.pngAlpha Reaper Stormbringer.pngStormbringer Elemental.pngElemental
Regent Bee.pngRegent Bee Agony Keeper.pngAgony Keeper Mother Boomy.pngMother Boomy
Ruthless.pngRuthless Thunderites Icon.pngThunderite Mantis.pngMantis
Calamity Arms Icon.pngCalamity Arms Meneiys Icon.pngMeneiys Ezamamuk Icon.pngEzamamuk
Sword Dancer Icon.pngSword Dancer Undine Drop Icon.pngUndine Drop Luo Undine Icon.pngLuo Undine
Grand Gnome Icon.pngGrand Gnome & Vas Phein Masher Mare Icon.pngMasher Mare & Masher Bull Procella Sylph Icon.pngProcella Sylph & Sylph Zloa
Tales of Arise - Mesmald Icon.pngMesmald Edna Icon.pngEdna Nimus Origin Icon.pngNimus Origin
Eizen Icon.pngEizen Edna & Eizen Icon.pngEdna & Eizen Chronos Icon.pngChronos
Dulneiys Icon.pngDulneiys, Maleiys, & Vasneiys

Tales of Arise Characters

Tales of Arise - Characters Partial
List of All Characters and Voice Actors

Tales of Arise Playable Characters
Tales of Arise - Alphen Icon Alphen Tales of Arise - Shionne Icon Shionne Tales of Arise - Rinwell Icon Rinwell
Tales of Arise - Law Icon Law Tales of Arise - Kisara Icon Kisara Tales of Arise - Dohalim Icon Dohalim

Tales of Arise Tips and Tricks

Tales of Arise - Tips and Tricks Partial

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Articles

Game Mechanics
Controls and Best Settings How to Switch Characters
How to Save How to Use Camps
How to Use Items How to Heal
How to Use and Restore CP How to Revive Party Members
How to Cure Physical Ailments Manual vs. Semi-Auto
Cooking Guide Fishing Guide
Difficulty Mode Differences How to Raise Affinity Between Characters
How to Increase Combat Points Stats and Parameters Explained
Map Icons: Explained List of Cinematics and How to Unlock
Crafting Guide: How to Craft Accessories How to Watch Skits
How to Get All Trophies and Achievements How to Fast Travel
How to Flee (Run) From Enemies Battle Chain Bonuses Explained
Ranch Guide: How to Raise Livestock Post Game Contents
Zeugle Types and Effects Training Grounds Guide
List of All Campsites Penetration Effects and How to Raise
Best Food to Cook -
Tier Lists
Character Tier List Best Strategy Setup: How to Customize Strategies
Best Part and Team Setup Best Artes and Skills For Each Character
Farming Guides
Best Way to Level Up Artes How to Farm Money
How to Level Up Fast SP Farming Guide
Ore Farming Guide -
Combat Guides
Combat System: Explained Combat Tips and Tricks
How to Use Boost Attacks How to Use Boost Strikes
Perfect Evades and Counter Edges How to Lock On and Change Targets
How to Use Artes How to Use Mystic Artes
Over Limit Mode: How to Enter and Effects How to Restore AG (Artes Gauge)
How To Do Break Boosts and Effects What Happens When All Allies Die?
How Do Encounters Work? Demo Secret Boss
All Dahnan Owl Locations and Rewards

Tales of Arise Equipment

Tales of Arise Equipment Partial Banner.jpg

List of Equipment

All Equipment Types

Weapons IconWeapons Armor IconArmor
Accessories IconAccessories Outfits IconOutfits

Equipment By Character

Alphen IconAlphen Shionne IconShionne Rinwell IconRinwell
Law IconLaw Dohalim IconDohalim Kisara IconKisara

Equipment Guides

Best Equipment for Each Character How to Make the Best Accessory
How to Get Devil's Arms Weapons

Tales of Arise Enemy Guides

Tales of Arise Enemies Partial Banner.jpg
List of Zeugles (Enemies)

Enemies By Type

Enemies by Type
Normal Zeugle IconNormal Unique Zeugle IconUnique Gigant Zeugle IconGigant

Enemies by Element

Enemies by Element
Element - Fire Icon HD.pngFire Element - Water Icon 2HD.pngWater Element - Earth Icon HD.pngEarth
Element - Wind Icon HD.pngWind Element - Light Icon HD.pngLight Element - Dark Icon HD.pngDark

Enemies by Trait

Enemies by Trait
Element - Aerial Icon HD.pngAerial Element - Armored Icon 2HD.pngArmored Element - Charging Icon HD.pngCharging Element - Fleet-footed Icon HD.pngFleet-footed

Tales of Arise Artes

Tales of Arise - Artes.png

List of All Artes

List of Arte Types

Artes Type
Arcane Artes Icon HD.pngArcane Martial Artes Icon HD.pngMartial Support Artes Icon HD.pngSupport Flaming Sword SP Artes Icon HD.pngSpecial

List of Artes by Character

Artes by Character
Tales of Arise - Alphen Icon Alphen Tales of Arise - Shionne Icon Shionne Tales of Arise - Rinwell Icon Rinwell
Tales of Arise - Law Icon Law Tales of Arise - Kisara Icon Kisara Tales of Arise - Dohalim Icon Dohalim

Tales of Arise News

Tales of Arise - News and Game Info Banner

News and Game Info

Tales of Arise News and Game Info

Release Date Guide All Official Trailers
Available Platforms Guide Demo Release Date and How to Download
Multiplayer Special Editions
Is Tales of Arise a Sequel? New Features
Demo Guide and Features How Long to Beat the Demo
Character Creation PS4 and PS5 Version Differences
How to Upgrade to PS5 All DLC and How to Obtain
Game Length: How Long to Beat Patch Notes and Update History
SAO Collaboration

Release Date

Tales of Arise
Release Date
September 10th, 2021

Is Tales of Arise a Sequel?

Tales of Arise Battle

Brand Director Yusuke Tomizawa has confirmed that Tales of Arise is not directly connected to previous games or characters in the series, although core gameplay mechanics will be returning.

New Features

Tales of Arise Town (1).png

By making use of the Unreal Engine 4, Tales of Arise steps up the visuals to a new level. Pulling off flashy techniques and exploring sprawling landscapes has never looked so good.

Tales of Arise Message Boards

Tales of Arise - Message Boards Banner.png

Message Boards Top Page

Tales of Arise - Discussion Board.pngDiscussion Board Tales of Arise - Questions Board.pngQuestions Board
Help Board Suggestions Board

About Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Box Art

Title Tales of Arise
Release Date September 10th, 2021
Standard Price $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD
Platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC.
Genre JRPG
Developer / Publisher Bandai Namco Studios
Official Site Tales of Arise Official Site

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