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New World News and Updates

New World - Latest News and Updates.png

Latest News and Updates

New World's Open Beta Has Ended!

New World's open beta has concluded! All player progress during the open beta will be wiped before the game's full release on September 28, 2021.

New World Release Date: When Does Amazon's MMORPG Come Out?

New World Latest News

New World Patch Notes

Patch Notes

All New World Patch Notes

Latest Patch
New World - Open Beta UpdateOpen Beta Update
Previous Patch Notes
Closed Beta UpdateClosed Beta Update June Alpha Update Part 2June Alpha Update Part 2
June Alpha Update Part 1June Alpha Update Part 1 In-Game Store UpdateIn-Game Store Update
May Alpha UpdateMay Alpha Update Ice Bound UpdateIce Bound Update
Quest Design UpdateQuest Design Update The Empress of Ebonscale ReachThe Empress of Ebonscale Reach
Forge and FuryForge and Fury Update Honing the CraftHoning the Craft Update
Secrets of the SwampSecrets of the Swamp Update Alpha Test UpdateAlpha Test Update

List of Weapons

New World - Weapons Focus Banner.png

List of Weapons

Weapon Categories
Sword IconSword & Shield Rapier IconRapier Hatchet IconHatchet
Spear IconSpear Great Axe IconGreat Axe Warhammer IconWar Hammer
Bow IconBow Musket IconMusket Fire Staff IconFire Staff
Life Staff IconLife Staff Ice Gauntlet IconIce Gauntlet

List of Armor

Armor Partial Banner

List of Armor

Armor Types
Heavy Armor IconHeavy Armor Medium Armor IconMedium Armor Light Armor IconLight Armor Amulet IconAmulet
Earring IconEarring Ring IconRing Bag IconBag

List of Skills

Weapon Skills

New World - List of Weapon Skills.png

Weapon Mastery: List of Weapon Skills and Abilities

List of Weapon Skills
Sword and Shield SkillsSword & Shield Skills Rapier SkillsRapier Skills Hatchet SkillsHatchet Skills
Spear SkillsSpear Skills Great Axe SkillsGreat Axe Skills War Hammer SkillsWar Hammer Skills
Bow SkillsBow Skills Musket SkillsMusket Skills Fire Staff SkillsFire Staff Skills
Life Staff SkillsLife Staff Skills Ice Gauntlet SkillsIce Gauntlet Skills

Trade Skills

New World - Trade Skills Partial

List of Trade Skills

Gathering Skills
Mining IconMining Logging IconLogging Harvesting IconHarvesting
Tracking and Skinning IconTracking & Skinning Fishing IconFishing
Refining Skills
Smelting IconSmelting Woodworking IconWoodworking Leatherworking IconLeatherworking
Weaving IconWeaving Stonecutting IconStonecutting
Crafting Skills
Cooking IconCooking Weaponsmithing IconWeaponsmithing Arcana IconArcana
Armoring IconArmoring Furnishing IconFurnishing Jewelcrafting IconJewelcrafting
Engineering IconEngineering

Crafting Stations

New World - Crafting Stations.png

List of Crafting Stations

Crafting Stations
ForgeForge WorkshopWorkshop Outfitting StationOutfitting Station Arcane RepositoryArcane Repository
KitchenKitchen SmelterSmelter WoodshopWoodshop LoomLoom
TanneryTannery Stonecutting TableStonecutting Table



List of Tools

Tools by Type
Skinning KnivesSkinning Knives SicklesSickles PickaxePickaxes
Logging AxesLogging Axes Fishing PolesFishing Poles Azoth StavesAzoth Staves

This section is currently under construction. Check back later for updates!

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Partial

Tips and Tricks: Beginner's Guide to New World

Game Mechanics
Setting Up CampsHow to Set Up and Upgrade Camps Factions GuideFactions Guide
Fast Travel GuideFast Travel Guide Repair GuideRepair Guide
Multiplayer GuideMultiplayer Guide Gem Sockets GuideGem Sockets Guide
Corrupted BreachesHow to Cleanse Portals Azoth Staff GuideAzoth Staff Guide
Crafting GuideCrafting Guide Territory GuideHow to Gain Territory Standing
Respec GuideRespec Guide Attributes GuideStats Guide
Character CreationCharacter Creation Guide Leveling GuideLeveling Guide
Controller SupportController Support How to Get AzothHow to Get Azoth
Tracking ResourcesHow to Track Resources Marauder GearList of Marauder Gear and Resources
Syndicate GearList of Syndicate Gear and Resources Covenant GearList of Covenant Gear and Resources
best starter weapon partialBest Starter Weapon
Death PenaltyWhat Happens When You Die? What to do With Old GearWhat to Do With Old Gear
New World MountsWill New World Add Mounts?

Items and Resources

List of Resources

Resources by Type
OresOres IngotsIngots HidesHides
LeathersLeathers FibersFibers ClothCloth
Stone BlocksStone Blocks BrickBrick WoodWood
PlanksPlanks ConsumablesConsumables IngredientsIngredients
GemstonesGemstones Tuning OrbsTuning Orbs Alchemy ResourcesAlchemy Resources
Faction SealsFaction Seals Special ResourcesSpecial Resources Refining MaterialsRefining Materials
DyesDyes Repair KitsRepair Kits Crafting ComponentsCrafting Components
PigmentsPigments AzothAzoth AmmoAmmo
BaitBait Cooking Recipes and Crafting SchematicsCooking Recipes & Crafting Schematics -

These categories are currently under construction. Check back later for updates!

About New World

A Beautiful World Ripe With Adventure!

New World - Emphasis on exploration.png
New World offers a massive map filled with diverse landscapes and locales! From bustling settlements to deadly marshes and swamps, the visual impact of the game's zones is definitely one of its highlights.

Players can expect to delve into dungeons scattered across Aeternum filled with decent challenges and solid loot. They can also come across certain events called Corruped Breaches that momentarily change the landscape around them!

Faction Based PvP

New World - Faction based PvP.png
Corrupted monsters and fiercesome beasts aren't the only dangers to look out for in Aeternum! Players can flag up for PvP and engage in combat with rival factions in almost every part of the map outside settlements.

Guilds Play a Huge Part in PvP!

New World - Warring companies.png
Companies are essentially guilds that align with one of three factions in Aeternum that can vie for control of territories and the settlements within them. Opposing companies can contest each other's territory by establishing influence within those territories through various PvP missions. This eventually escalates to all-out war at key forts across Aeternum!

Focus on Player-Driven Systems

New World - Emphasis on player interaction.png
From the economy to territory control, New World has systems in place that foster and rely on player interaction. Companies that control territories can impose certain taxes on their settlements. These taxes affect how accessible and profitable certain amenities are such as Trading Posts and Crafting Stations.

This creates an engaging dynamic between the controlling company with the rest of the player base, which is missing in most titans of the MMORPG genre.

Game Information

New World - Official Cover Art 2.png

Release Date September 28, 2021
Price $39.99 USD ~ $49.99 USD
Platforms PC
Publisher Amazon Game Studios
Official Site New World Official Site
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