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This is Game8's hub for all available Heavy Armor in New World. See the lists and general information of Heavy Armor across all tiers here!

List of Heavy Armor

Heavy Headwear

Heavy Armor Categories
Heavy Headwear Heavy Chestwear Heavy Glove
Heavy Legwear Heavy Footwear

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Tier 1 Heavy Headwear

There are no available armor in this category

Tier 2 Heavy Headwear

Iron Plate Helm ImageIron Plate Helm Reinforced Covenant Initiate Helm ImageReinforced Covenant Initiate Helm Reinforced Marauder Soldier Helm ImageReinforced Marauder Soldier Helm
Reinforced Syndicate Adept Helm ImageReinforced Syndicate Adept Helm

Tier 3 Heavy Headwear

Amrine Guard Helm ImageAmrine Guard Helm Obelisk Infantry Helm ImageObelisk Infantry Helm Reinforced Covenant Templar Helm ImageReinforced Covenant Templar Helm
Reinforced Marauder Gladiator Helm ImageReinforced Marauder Gladiator Helm Reinforced Syndicate Scrivener Helm ImageReinforced Syndicate Scrivener Helm Steel Heavy Helm ImageSteel Heavy Helm
Steel Plate Helm ImageSteel Plate Helm

Tier 4 Heavy Headwear

DeepwardenDeepwarden's Battlehelm Reinforced Covenant Excubitor Helm ImageReinforced Covenant Excubitor Helm Reinforced Covenant Lumen Helm ImageReinforced Covenant Lumen Helm
Reinforced Marauder Destroyer Helm ImageReinforced Marauder Destroyer Helm Reinforced Marauder Ravager Helm ImageReinforced Marauder Ravager Helm Reinforced Syndicate Cabalist Helm ImageReinforced Syndicate Cabalist Helm
Reinforced Syndicate Chronicler Helm ImageReinforced Syndicate Chronicler Helm Shipyard Guard Helm ImageShipyard Guard Helm Starmetal Heavy Helm ImageStarmetal Heavy Helm
Starmetal Plate Helm ImageStarmetal Plate Helm

Tier 5 Heavy Headwear

Dryad Guard Helm ImageDryad Guard Helm Fur-Lined Orichalcum Helm ImageFur-Lined Orichalcum Helm Guardian Plate Helm ImageGuardian Plate Helm
Orichalcum Heavy Helm ImageOrichalcum Heavy Helm Orichalcum Plate Helm ImageOrichalcum Plate Helm Reinforced Covenant Adjudicator Helm ImageReinforced Covenant Adjudicator Helm
Reinforced Covenant Inquisitor Hat ImageReinforced Covenant Inquisitor Hat Reinforced Marauder Commander Helm ImageReinforced Marauder Commander Helm Reinforced Marauder Legatus Helm ImageReinforced Marauder Legatus Helm
Reinforced Syndicate Alchemist Helm ImageReinforced Syndicate Alchemist Helm

Heavy Chestwear

Heavy Armor Categories
Heavy Headwear Heavy Chestwear Heavy Glove
Heavy Legwear Heavy Footwear

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Tier 1 Heavy Chestwear

There are no available armor in this category

Tier 2 Heavy Chestwear

Iron Plate Breastplate ImageIron Plate Breastplate Reinforced Covenant Initiate Breastplate ImageReinforced Covenant Initiate Breastplate Reinforced Marauder Soldier Breastplate ImageReinforced Marauder Soldier Breastplate
Reinforced Syndicate Adept Breastplate ImageReinforced Syndicate Adept Breastplate

Tier 3 Heavy Chestwear

Amrine Guard Breastplate ImageAmrine Guard Breastplate Obelisk Infantry Breastplate ImageObelisk Infantry Breastplate Reinforced Covenant Templar Breastplate ImageReinforced Covenant Templar Breastplate
Reinforced Marauder Gladiator Breastplate ImageReinforced Marauder Gladiator Breastplate Reinforced Syndicate Scrivener Breastplate ImageReinforced Syndicate Scrivener Breastplate Steel Heavy Breastplate ImageSteel Heavy Breastplate
Steel Plate Breastplate ImageSteel Plate Breastplate

Tier 4 Heavy Chestwear

DeepwardenDeepwarden's Battleplate Reinforced Covenant Excubitor Breastplate ImageReinforced Covenant Excubitor Breastplate Reinforced Covenant Lumen Breastplate ImageReinforced Covenant Lumen Breastplate
Reinforced Marauder Destroyer Breastplate ImageReinforced Marauder Destroyer Breastplate Reinforced Marauder Ravager Breastplate ImageReinforced Marauder Ravager Breastplate Reinforced Syndicate Cabalist Breastplate ImageReinforced Syndicate Cabalist Breastplate
Reinforced Syndicate Chronicler Breastplate ImageReinforced Syndicate Chronicler Breastplate Shipyard Guard Breastplate ImageShipyard Guard Breastplate Starmetal Heavy Breastplate ImageStarmetal Heavy Breastplate
Starmetal Plate Breastplate ImageStarmetal Plate Breastplate

Tier 5 Heavy Chestwear

Dryad Guard Breastplate ImageDryad Guard Breastplate Fur-Lined Orichalcum Breastplate ImageFur-Lined Orichalcum Breastplate Guardian Plate Chestguard ImageGuardian Plate Chestguard
Orichalcum Heavy Breastplate ImageOrichalcum Heavy Breastplate Orichalcum Plate Breastplate ImageOrichalcum Plate Breastplate Reinforced Covenant Adjudicator Breastplate ImageReinforced Covenant Adjudicator Breastplate
Reinforced Covenant Inquisitor Coat ImageReinforced Covenant Inquisitor Coat Reinforced Marauder Commander Breastplate ImageReinforced Marauder Commander Breastplate Reinforced Marauder Legatus Breastplate ImageReinforced Marauder Legatus Breastplate
Reinforced Syndicate Alchemist Breastplate ImageReinforced Syndicate Alchemist Breastplate

Heavy Glove

Heavy Armor Categories
Heavy Headwear Heavy Chestwear Heavy Glove
Heavy Legwear Heavy Footwear

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Tier 1 Heavy Glove

There are no available armor in this category

Tier 2 Heavy Glove

Iron Plate Gauntlets ImageIron Plate Gauntlets Reinforced Covenant Initiate Gauntlets ImageReinforced Covenant Initiate Gauntlets Reinforced Marauder Soldier Gauntlets ImageReinforced Marauder Soldier Gauntlets
Reinforced Syndicate Adept Gauntlets ImageReinforced Syndicate Adept Gauntlets

Tier 3 Heavy Glove

Amrine Guard Gauntlets ImageAmrine Guard Gauntlets Obelisk Infantry Gauntlets ImageObelisk Infantry Gauntlets Reinforced Covenant Templar Gauntlets ImageReinforced Covenant Templar Gauntlets
Reinforced Marauder Gladiator Gauntlets ImageReinforced Marauder Gladiator Gauntlets Reinforced Syndicate Scrivener Gauntlets ImageReinforced Syndicate Scrivener Gauntlets Steel Heavy Gauntlets ImageSteel Heavy Gauntlets
Steel Plate Gauntlets ImageSteel Plate Gauntlets

Tier 4 Heavy Glove

DeepwardenDeepwarden's Battlebraces Reinforced Covenant Excubitor Gauntlets ImageReinforced Covenant Excubitor Gauntlets Reinforced Covenant Lumen Gauntlets ImageReinforced Covenant Lumen Gauntlets
Reinforced Marauder Destroyer Gauntlets ImageReinforced Marauder Destroyer Gauntlets Reinforced Marauder Ravager Gauntlets ImageReinforced Marauder Ravager Gauntlets Reinforced Syndicate Cabalist Gauntlets ImageReinforced Syndicate Cabalist Gauntlets
Reinforced Syndicate Chronicler Gauntlets ImageReinforced Syndicate Chronicler Gauntlets Shipyard Guard Gauntlets ImageShipyard Guard Gauntlets Starmetal Heavy Gauntlets ImageStarmetal Heavy Gauntlets
Starmetal Plate Gauntlets ImageStarmetal Plate Gauntlets

Tier 5 Heavy Glove

Dryad Guard Gauntlets ImageDryad Guard Gauntlets Fur-Lined Orichalcum Gauntlets ImageFur-Lined Orichalcum Gauntlets Guardian Plate Gauntlets ImageGuardian Plate Gauntlets
Orichalcum Heavy Gauntlets ImageOrichalcum Heavy Gauntlets Orichalcum Plate Gauntlets ImageOrichalcum Plate Gauntlets Reinforced Covenant Adjudicator Gauntlets ImageReinforced Covenant Adjudicator Gauntlets
Reinforced Covenant Inquisitor Gauntlets ImageReinforced Covenant Inquisitor Gauntlets Reinforced Marauder Commander Gauntlets ImageReinforced Marauder Commander Gauntlets Reinforced Marauder Legatus Gauntlets ImageReinforced Marauder Legatus Gauntlets
Reinforced Syndicate Alchemist Gauntlets ImageReinforced Syndicate Alchemist Gauntlets

Heavy Legwear

Heavy Armor Categories
Heavy Headwear Heavy Chestwear Heavy Glove
Heavy Legwear Heavy Footwear

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Tier 1 Heavy Legwear

There are no available armor in this category

Tier 2 Heavy Legwear

Iron Plate Greaves ImageIron Plate Greaves Reinforced Covenant Intiate Legguards ImageReinforced Covenant Intiate Legguards Reinforced Marauder Soldier Legguards ImageReinforced Marauder Soldier Legguards
Reinforced Syndicate Adept Legguards ImageReinforced Syndicate Adept Legguards

Tier 3 Heavy Legwear

Amrine Guard Greaves ImageAmrine Guard Greaves Obelisk Infantry Greaves ImageObelisk Infantry Greaves Reinforced Covenant Templar Legguards ImageReinforced Covenant Templar Legguards
Reinforced Marauder Gladiator Legguards ImageReinforced Marauder Gladiator Legguards Reinforced Syndicate Scrivener Legguards ImageReinforced Syndicate Scrivener Legguards Steel Heavy Greaves ImageSteel Heavy Greaves
Steel Plate Greaves ImageSteel Plate Greaves

Tier 4 Heavy Legwear

DeepwardenDeepwarden's Battleguards Reinforced Covenant Excubitor Legguards ImageReinforced Covenant Excubitor Legguards Reinforced Covenant Lumen Legguards ImageReinforced Covenant Lumen Legguards
Reinforced Marauder Destroyer Legguards ImageReinforced Marauder Destroyer Legguards Reinforced Marauder Ravager Legguards ImageReinforced Marauder Ravager Legguards Reinforced Syndicate Cabalist Legguards ImageReinforced Syndicate Cabalist Legguards
Reinforced Syndicate Chronicler Legguards ImageReinforced Syndicate Chronicler Legguards Shipyard Guard Greaves ImageShipyard Guard Greaves Starmetal Heavy Greaves ImageStarmetal Heavy Greaves
Starmetal Plate Greaves ImageStarmetal Plate Greaves

Tier 5 Heavy Legwear

Dryad Guard Greaves ImageDryad Guard Greaves Fur-Lined Orichalcum Greaves ImageFur-Lined Orichalcum Greaves Guardian Plate Greaves ImageGuardian Plate Greaves
Orichalcum Heavy Greaves ImageOrichalcum Heavy Greaves Orichalcum Plate Greaves ImageOrichalcum Plate Greaves Reinforced Covenant Adjudicator Legguards ImageReinforced Covenant Adjudicator Legguards
Reinforced Covenant Inquisitor Pants ImageReinforced Covenant Inquisitor Pants Reinforced Marauder Commander Legguards ImageReinforced Marauder Commander Legguards Reinforced Marauder Legatus Cuisses ImageReinforced Marauder Legatus Cuisses
Reinforced Syndicate Alchemist Legguards ImageReinforced Syndicate Alchemist Legguards

Heavy Footwear

Heavy Armor Categories
Heavy Headwear Heavy Chestwear Heavy Glove
Heavy Legwear Heavy Footwear

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Tier 1 Heavy Footwear

There are no available armor in this category

Tier 2 Heavy Footwear

Iron Plate Boots ImageIron Plate Boots Reinforced Covenant Initiate Boots ImageReinforced Covenant Initiate Boots Reinforced Marauder Soldier Boots ImageReinforced Marauder Soldier Boots
Reinforced Syndicate Adept Boots ImageReinforced Syndicate Adept Boots

Tier 3 Heavy Footwear

Amrine Guard Boots ImageAmrine Guard Boots Obelisk Infantry Boots ImageObelisk Infantry Boots Reinforced Covenant Templar Boots ImageReinforced Covenant Templar Boots
Reinforced Marauder Gladiator Boots ImageReinforced Marauder Gladiator Boots Reinforced Syndicate Scrivener Boots ImageReinforced Syndicate Scrivener Boots Steel Heavy Boots ImageSteel Heavy Boots
Steel Plate Boots ImageSteel Plate Boots

Tier 4 Heavy Footwear

DeepwardenDeepwarden's Battlestompers Reinforced Covenant Excubitor Boots ImageReinforced Covenant Excubitor Boots Reinforced Covenant Lumen Boots ImageReinforced Covenant Lumen Boots
Reinforced Marauder Destroyer Boots ImageReinforced Marauder Destroyer Boots Reinforced Marauder Ravager Boots ImageReinforced Marauder Ravager Boots Reinforced Syndicate Cabalist Boots ImageReinforced Syndicate Cabalist Boots
Reinforced Syndicate Chronicler Boots ImageReinforced Syndicate Chronicler Boots Shipyard Guard Boots ImageShipyard Guard Boots Starmetal Heavy Boots ImageStarmetal Heavy Boots
Starmetal Plate Boots ImageStarmetal Plate Boots

Tier 5 Heavy Footwear

Dryad Guard Boots ImageDryad Guard Boots Fur-Lined Orichalcum Boots ImageFur-Lined Orichalcum Boots Guardian Plate Boots ImageGuardian Plate Boots
Orichalcum Heavy Boots ImageOrichalcum Heavy Boots Orichalcum Plate Boots ImageOrichalcum Plate Boots Reinforced Covenant Adjudicator Boots ImageReinforced Covenant Adjudicator Boots
Reinforced Covenant Inquisitor Boots ImageReinforced Covenant Inquisitor Boots Reinforced Marauder Commander Boots ImageReinforced Marauder Commander Boots Reinforced Marauder Legatus Greaves ImageReinforced Marauder Legatus Greaves
Reinforced Syndicate Alchemist Boots ImageReinforced Syndicate Alchemist Boots

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