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Scarlet Nexus - Enemies
This is a page about the Others, the primary enemies in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam platforms. Read on to find all of the enemies you can encounter in the game!

What are the Others?

Scarlet Nexus - What Are Enemies
Others serve as the primary enemies you clash with in Scarlet Nexus. They are mutants that have descended from the sky – highly resistant to most attacks and defences, they seek out the brains of living creatures to quell the pain they constantly suffer from their mutations.

These enemies are capable of inflicting Status Ailments upon you, which can make fights against them be challenging.

Defeating Others

Using SAS

Scarlet Nexus - What is SAS

SAS Abilities offer a significant contribution towards defeating the Others efficiently. Offensive SAS Abilities such as Pyrokinesis and Electrokinesis can be purposefully used to target enemy types that are weak against them, making combat end faster with their use.

Kinetic Ability List

Using Psychokinesis

Scarlet Nexus - How to Use Psychokinesis
Your own character is not without his or her own abilities that can be used against your enemies. Psychokinesis is a very useful ability available to both characters you can play with.

With it, you can string combos, inflict larger damage and break away pieces of armor from the armored forms of Others with Special Object Attacks.

How to Use Psychokinesis

Scarlet Nexus Enemies

Lesser Others

Paws-type Enemies

Base Paws Base Paws Saws Paws Saws Paws
Vase Paws Vase Paws

Pool-type Enemies

Bile Pool Bile Pool Doppel Pool Doppel Pool
Fuel Pool Fuel Pool Scummy Pool Scummy Pool

Rummy-type Enemies

Buddy Rummy Buddy Rummy Kitchen Rummy Kitchen Rummy
Rainy Rummy Rainy Rummy Scummy Rummy Scummy Rummy


Pendu-type Enemies

Bandeau Pendu Bandeau Pendu Marabou Pendu Marabou Pendu
Plateau Pendu Plateau Pendu Scummy Pendu Scummy Pendu

Pound-type Enemies

Cushion Pound Cushion Pound Missin Pound Missin Pound
Session Pound Session Pound

Mid-Level Others

Yawn-type Enemies

Brawn Yawn Brawn Yawn Grin Yawn Grin Yawn
Spawn Yawn Spawn Yawn Vine Yawn Vine Yawn

Sabbat-type Enemies

Auger Sabbat Auger Sabbat Booger Sabbat Booger Sabbat
Wither Sabbat Wither Sabbat

Rut-type Enemies

Cut Rut Cut Rut Rat Rut Rat Rut

Santa-type Enemies

Barrista Santa Barrista Santa Saliva Santa Saliva Santa


Seiran NDF Seiran NDF Suoh NDF Suoh NDF

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