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This is a story walkthrough for Phase 4: Fate Split in Two in Scarlet Nexus for the Xbox, Playstation, and Steam. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, a story section, boss strategies, a list of enemies, and a list of items that can be found.

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Phase 4 Maps

Suoh City Ryujin Ward

Main Street

Phase 4: Story Walkthrough

Ryujin Ward

1 Back at Ryujin Ward, progress forward and clear the area. After defeating the Others, a cutscene will play.
2 Progress forward, clear out the area, and reach the ! at the other end of the map.
3 A cutscene will play once you come near the plaza. Prepare to fight Kasane beforehand.
Special Battle Kasane Randall Special Battle
Special Battle: Kasane Randall
5 Once you deal an enough amount of damage on Kasane (~1/10 of HP as damage), a cutscene will play.
6 Continue to battle Kasane in your new form. Enter Brain Field Convergence as soon as the prompt appears. Disengage the skill when the warning sign shows up on the bottom of the screen. A cutscene will play.
7 Rest on the Sofa to progress to the next phase.

Phase 4: Standby Phase Available Bonds

Tsugumi Bond Episode 2

Tsugumi Nazar Bond Episode 2 Start

Tsugumi Nazar's Bond Episode 2 can be viewed during Standby Phase 4 of the Yuito Route.

Tsugumi Bond Episode 2

Gemma Bond Episode 1

Gemma Garrison Bond Episode 1

During Standby Phase 4 of the Yuito Route, players will be able to access Gemma Garrison's Bond Episode 1.

Gemma Bond Episode 1

Kyoka Bond Episode 1

Kyoka Eden's Bond Episode 1 can be unlocked during Standby Phase 4 of the Yuito Route.

Kyoka Bond Episode 1

Shiden Bond Episode 1

Shiden Ritter's Bond Episode 1 will become immediately accessible during Standby Phase 4 of the Yuito Route. Shiden will send you a Brain Message titled Come to Musubi's. Reply to this message to begin the Bond Episode.

Shiden Bond Episode 1

Phase 4 Boss Fights

Kasane Randall

kasane randall

Recommended SAS SAS: Psychokinesis

Kasane has done something terrible and Yuito decides to confront her. There is no resolution to this battle as you simply have to deal 1/10 of Max. HP of damage on Kasane.

Kasane (Phase 4 Encounter) Boss Guide

Deal 1/10 of Max. HP of Damage on Kasane

To enter the second phase of the battle and for Yuito to enter Brain Field, you must deal damage amounting to 1/10 of Kasane's max. HP. Do so by mixing melee skills and Psychokinesis.

List of Enemies Encountered

Suoh City Ryujin Ward

Enemies Encountered
Missin Pound iconMissin Pound Rat Rut iconRat Rut
Grin Yawn iconGrin Yawn Seiran NDF iconSeiran NDF

General Tips

Master Rush Follow-Up Attacks and Psychokinesis Follow-Up Attacks

At this point in the game, mastering rush follow-up attacks and psychokinesis follow-up attacks will help you deal a lot more damage and end fights quicker. We recommend always applying them on stronger enemies with a large health pool.

Explore the Surrounding Area for Loot

There is a lot of loot to be gathered in this area. Make sure to explore the level thoroughly to obtain helpful HP recovery items for battle.

Kill All the Other

You must kill all the Other in the area to progress through the map.

Exploit Enemy Weaknesses with SAS

Experiment with different SAS to get a feel of how fighting and enemy weaknesses work in Scarlet Nexus.

Closely Follow Brain Field Convergence Tips

You must follow the tips on using Brain Field Convergence to successfully disengage from the battle with Kasane and progress further in the story.

Phase 4 Obtainable Items

Marked Items & Data Spot Locations

Suoh City Ryujin Ward
Main Street

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