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Scarlet Nexus - Struggle Arrms System (SAS)

This is a guide to the Struggle Arms System (SAS) in Scarlet Nexus. Available for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to know about the SAS, Kinetic Abilities, and which characters possess which SAS skill.

What is the SAS?

Scarlet Nexus - What is SAS
The Struggle Arms System, or SAS, is a mechanic in Scarlet Nexus that allows you to borrow the powers of your allies to navigate around the game world or to use in combat.

The number of available powers for you to use varies depending on the character you're borrowing from, and the kind of powers you have equipped in the SAS menu.

How to Use SAS

Using SAS in Combat

Scarlet Nexus - Using SAS in Combat
While moving, you will see a group of icons at the bottom right of your screen. Each icon represents the particular skill you can borrow from allies for you to use, with each skill having a different effect compared to the others.

You can only have 4 SAS abilities to choose from at any given time, with each power having a limited amount of time with each activation for you to use.

Assigning Powers

Scarlet Nexus - Assigning Powers
The powers of your allies can be selected for use through the use of the SAS tab in the pause screen. Here, you'll be able to assign the different powers you have available to you to your chosen button prompts.

Inactive party member's powers can still be selected and used in any of the four slots available. Your chosen character's own powers will be separate from these options.

Use SAS Simultaneously

Scarlet Nexus - Use SAS Simultaneously
Initially, you'll only be allowed to use 1 SAS power. As you progress through the game, you'll be able to learn new skills that will allow you to use different SAS powers simultaneously, allowing for unique SAS combos and combat styes.

However, there will be certain SAS powers that cannot be used at the same time with others.

Moving Past Obstacles

Scarlet Nexus - Moving Past Obstacles
As you explore, you will encounter obstacles that will block your way. Although non-SAS methods of going through these obstacles are available, it will save you time to make use of the Abilities you have on-hand to make your way through the game world.

Kinetic Ability List

Here is a list of characters and their Kinetic Abilities:

Psycho-Kinetic Abilities
Scarlet Nexus - PsychokinesisPsychokinesis Scarlet Nexus - InvisibilityInvisibility Scarlet Nexus - HypervelocityHypervelocity
Scarlet Nexus - DuplicationDuplication Scarlet Nexus - ElectrokinesisElectrokinesis Scarlet Nexus - Clairvoyance
Scarlet Nexus - Teleportation
Scarlet Nexus - Sclerokinesis
Scarlet Nexus - Pyrokinesis

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