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Scarlet Nexus - How to Change Tactics
This is a guide on how to change Party Member Tactics in Scarlet Nexus, available on the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on and learn more about how to change Tactics and the difference between each Tactical setting!

What Are Tactics?

Scarlet Nexus - What are Tactics
Tactics are modifiers for the behavior of Party Members in combat that dictate their focus during a fight. These behaviors range from being rather lax in combat to becoming hyper-aggressive against enemy combatants.

Changing Tactics is a useful way to either gang up on enemies or to back away from more dangerous types, reducing the need to use healing items.

Tactics: Options and Differences

Tactics and Differences
Tactic Effect
Don't Overdo It Party Members will be rather timid in combat, preferring that you perform the bulk of the actions.
Evasive Maneuvers Allies will do their best to avoid enemy attacks – they will seldom attack, preferring to keep some distance from the enemy.
Target Different Enemy Allies will split apart and take on different enemies at the same time.
Target Same Enemy Allies will move to attack the same enemy.
Battle at Will Allies will fight normally, balancing evading enemies and attacking them with aggression.
Fight to the Brink Heightened aggression against enemies, they will fight regardless of what the enemy does.

How to Change Tactics

Scarlet Nexus - How to Change Party Tactics
Changing Tactics is done in the same screen used for changing party members. Simply select the Party Member whose Tactics you wish to change and display the Tactics to change to. Select a Tactic from there, and then move back into the game world to see how they fare.

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