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This is a guide on Battle Items in Scarlet Nexus for Playstation, XBOX, and PC (Steam). Read on to know more about Battle Items and their effects.

List of Battle Items

Here is a list of all available Battle Items:

Item Effect
All: Light Jelly Recovers 30% of max HP for all allies.
All: Max Jelly Recovers HP completely for all allies.
All: Medium Jelly Recovers 60% of max HP for all allies.
All: Normalization Tablet Cures status ailments for all allies.
Brain Field Gear Recharges brain field meter. Requires careful handling.
Light Jelly Recovers 30% of max HP.
Max Jelly Completely recovers HP.
Medium Jelly Recovers 60% of max HP.
Normalization Tablet Cures status ailments.
SAS Refuelling Drink Recovers SAS gauge to full.

What Are Battle Items?

Battle Items are items that have combat and restorative effects, such as healing HP and curing ailments. They can be acquired from treasure cubes that litter the different areas of Scarlet Nexus.

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