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Scarlet Nexus - What is Scarlet Nexus
Telekinetic powers, monstrous executions, and other powerful psionics flourish in the world behind Scarlet Nexus, coming to Playstation, Xbox, and Steam. Read on and learn about the game's features including the Brain Map, SAS, and the game's story plot!

What is Scarlet Nexus?

Scarlet - What is Scarlet Nexus
Scarlet Nexus is a Brain Punk inspired, narrative driven game that focuses on the unique abilities that humans have developed in a distant future. You play through the stories of two characters: Kasane Randall and Yuito Sumeragi, members of the OSF – a group dedicated to the suppression of monsters that terrorize the masses called Others.

Scarlet Nexus Game Features

Story Focused Game

Scarlet Nexus - Story Focused Game
The world of Scarlet Nexus centers around two concepts: the unique powers for the brain humans have developed, and the strange monsters that fall from the sky, against which humans – through the Other Suppression Force – defend against.

You have the option of playing through two different stories as you go through this strange world, each with different characters and contexts that flesh out the world you find yourself in.

Dynamic Combat

Scarlet Nexus - Dynamic Combat
Scarlet Nexus features a dynamic combat system that sees you engage with the Others through the use of your chosen character's weapons, their psychokinetic powers, or that of the companions you have.

You can choose to dash to and from your enemies, hack and slash your way through fights, or even throw various objects in your environment at your foes with your abilities in fast paced engagements against the Others.

Party System

Scarlet Nexus - Party System
Customize your group's strengths by choosing people to be in your party. Each character you choose brings their own unique powers to the table, changing the dynamics in how you fight against the Others.

If enemies are proving too tough, consider changing party members and utilizing their own strengths to fight your way through foes.

Struggle Arms System (SAS)

Scarlet Nexus - SAS
Add more variety to your combat by borrowing the powers of your allies! Teleport through walls, electrocute your enemies, and even set them ablaze if you wish. These are all possible under the SAS system, which lets you utilize the powers of others for your own use.

You can access different effects to their abilities by increasing your Bond Level with your friends.

Brain Map

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Map

Develop your chosen character into being a powerful OSF member on the field! The Brain Map lets you purchase new skills for your character to use in combat, giving you numerous options on how you wish to play through Scarlet Nexus and interact with the various challenges you encounter.

To unlock these skills, you will need to spend Brain Points, which can be gained by leveling up through fighting monsters you find that loiter the environment.

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