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This a profile summary about Gemma Garrison, a character in Scarlet Nexus for the PS4, PS5, Steam, and Xbox. Read on to learn Gemma Garrison's Character Profile, Kinetic Abilities, Bonding Scenarios, and Best Combo Breakdowns.

Gemma Garrison Character Profile

Gemma Garrison Portrait

Name Gemma Garrison
Gender Male
Birthday July 1
Height 168cm
Power Sclerokinesis
OSF Division 538th Class
ID KEK538232
OSF Service Record 38 Years
JP Voice Actor Ryota Takeuchi

Gemma Garrison Biography

A quiet and calm OSF veteran with great knowledge of combat. As psionic powers weaken with age, the growth of OSF members is suppressed to maintain their young and powerful brains.

Gemma's growth, having restarted, shows that he is nearing the end of his OSF career, and he has started thinking about retirement.

He is extremely proud of what he has accomplished with the OSF, and keeps on improving his powers through intensive training to always be of use and protect those around him.

Extremely serious and earnest to a point that he is often clumsy, his life's focus has been fighting Others, as such, he often feels lost with the trends of young recruits and their relationships.

Story Role

WARNING: This section contains major spoilers!

Yuito Platoon Member

Gemma is an OSF veteran with a vast knowledge of combat. Being one of their most seasoned members, he is a very serious invidividual that is heavily focused on his workd within the OSF. Because of this, he is not interested with affairs and activities outside of his line of work, and is more of a loner.

Despite this, he has a strong sense of duty and makes sure that his allies remain safe throughout each mission.

Cooking and Retirement

Gemma Garrison

While Gemma is a man of a few interests, Naomi was able to convince her to start cooking. This helped him improve his skills and repertoire, allowing him to create different recipes. He feels deep regret over not being able to save Naomi, but he feels that moving forward and continuing to learn new things and protecting others is the best step to recover.


In the end, Gemma decides to spend his remaining days as a member of the OSF untl his powers weaken enough to make him retire from duty. He also wants to help Yuito in his goal of changing up the country's system. He also learned how to garden as another new hobby that he looks to be better at.

Gemma Garrison Powers and Abilities

Ability List

Ability Levels
Level Effect
1 Sclerokinesis
2 Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Guardian Vision
3 Status Ailment Negation & Combo Vision
4 Assault Vision
5 Prolong SAS Effect
6 Automatic Sclerokinesis

Automatic Sclerokinesis

Gemma Automatic Sclerokinesis
When attacked, a chance to automatically activate Sclerokinesis will trigger. Chance increases when Gemma is in the active party.

Combat Tips

Tank Hits

Session Pound - Use Sclerokinesis

With Sclerokinesis active, you can shrug off enemy attacks and negate any damage that comes your way. This is particularly useful in situations where enemy attacks are difficult to dodge.

Gemma Garrison Bonding Scenarios

Gemma Garrison ThumbnailGemma Garrison Bond Episode 1 Bond Episode 4
Bond Episode 2 Bond Episode 5
Bond Episode 3

Best Gifts for Gemma

Below is a list of all gifts you can give to Gemma to raise your Bond Level with him:

Gift Materials Needed
Squash Racket Rummy-type Suppression +
Abandoned Subway Environment S
First Aid Kit Mizuhagawa Environment B
Pendu-type Suppression
Famous Select Alcohol Set Paws-type Suppression
Kunad Highway Environment A
Sand Bag Kikuchiba Environment B
Rut-type Suppression
Heavy Dumbbell Kikuchiba Environment C
Pound-type Suppression
Hanging Scroll "Solid" Pendu-type Suppression +
Kunad Highway Environment B
Beige Abdominal Roller Rummy-type Suppression +
Kunad Highway Environment A
Plug-In Parallelization Program V Pool-type Suppression
Other Ecology A
Vase Paws Analysis
Plug-in Parallelization Program H Other Ecology A
Paws-type Suppression
Base Paws Analysis
Baki Floor Cushion Sabbat-type Suppression
Mizuhagawa Environment B
Tool Set Pendu-type Suppression
Abandoned Subway Environment B
Specialty Fruit Liquor Kikuchiba Environment A
Pendu-type Suppression
Single Candle Rut-type Suppression
Arahabaki Environment C
Beginners' Fishing Rod BABE Environment B
Slippy Chinery Analysis
Tactics Book "Secret Techniques" Pool-type Suppression +
Arahabaki Environment A
Home Medicine "Health for Tomorrow" Pool-type Suppression +
Hieno Mountain Environment C
New Himuka Map Pound-type Suppression
BABE Environment B
How-to Book "Hobby Recommendations" Arahabaki Environment A
Slippy Chinery Analysis

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