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This a profile summary about Hanabi Ichijo, a character in Scarlet Nexus for the PS4, PS5, Steam, and Xbox. Read on to learn Hanabi Ichijo's Character Profile, Kinetic Abilities, Bonding Scenarios, and Best Combo Breakdowns.

Character Profile

Scarlet Nexus - Hanabi Ichijo

Name Hanabi Ichijo
Gender Female
Birthday August 16
Height 155cm
Power Pyrokinesis
OSF Division 567th Class
ID LIH567145
OSF Service Record New Recruit
JP Voice Actor Tomomi Mineuchi


An energetic and cheerful childhood friend of Yuito who despises injustice, Hanabi is a hardworking and caring member of the OSF.

While she and Yuito were both trained and scouted by the OSF, they spent a long time apart after finally being reunited by joining the same unit.

Story Role

WARNING: This section contains major spoilers!

Childhood Friends

Hanabi is one of Yuito's childhood friends. They attended the same school together and moved to the OSF training academy at the same time. While they trained at the same time, they did not see each other during their training. Despite that, they reunited once they became OSF members and are part of the same platoon.

Relationship with Yuito

Hanabi Phase 11 Bond Episode

Apart from being childhood friends, Hanabi has a liking towards Yuito. While she may not admit it, she deeply cares for Yuito and becomes concerned with him when his use of Red Strings put him at risk of losing his powers. Kasane also sees her as a good partner for Yuito, despite her reluctance to admit her feelings for him.


In the ending, Hanabi continues to support Yuito's goals of entering politics (with Hanabi being enoucraged to try it out as well), and Kasane's upcoming Lunar Surface Survey expedition. Kasane continues to push Hanabi to admit her feelings to Yuito, much to her hesitation and annoyance.

Powers and Abilities

Ability List

Ability Levels
Level Effect
1 Pyrokinesis & Expand Weapon Combo Area.
2 Flame Current & Guardian Vision
3 Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Combo V
4 Assault Vission
5 Prolong SAS Effect & Burn Negation
6 Flame Thrower & Enhance Pyrokinesis

Flame Current

Hanabi Flame Current
Creates a Flame Current when holding down the Power Attack button in mid-air, dealing damage over a large area.

Flame Thrower

Hanabi Flame Thrower
On the 5th Weapon Combo Attack, you will be able to unleash a Flame Thrower that deals continuous damage against enemies.

Combat Tips

Use Pyrokinesis Liberally

Scarlet - Pyrokinesis

Make use of Pyrokinesis to deal heavier damage against enemies. Others that are particularly weak to fire such as Fuel Pool enemies are prone to quick defeats when using this ability.

Bonding Scenarios

Hanabi Ichijo Thumbnail Hanabi Ichijo Bond Episode 1 Bond Episode 4
Bond Episode 2 Bond Episode 5
Bond Episode 3

Best Gifts for Hanabi

Below is a list of all gifts you can give to Hanabi to raise your Bond Level with her:

Gift Materials Needed
Luxury Oil Rummy-type Suppression +
Abandoned Subway Environment C
Colored Candle Pendu-type Suppression +
Abandoned Subway Environment C
Red Cushion Paws-type Suppression
Abandoned Subway Environment C
Squash Racket Rummy-type Suppression +
Abandoned Subway Environment S
Fashion Magazine "RUMOR" Kikuchiba Environment A
Pendu-type Suppression
Rare Antique Lamp Sabbat-type Suppression +
Abandoned Subway Environment A
Pink Drink Bottle Rut-type Suppression
Hieno Mountain Environment C
Plug-In Parallelization Program V Pool-type Suppression
Other Ecology A
Vase Paws Analysis
Plug-in Parallelization Program H Other Ecology A
Paws-type Suppression
Base Paws Analysis
Tea Set Rummy-type Suppression +
Research Facility Environment S
Fun Snack Set Rummy-type Suppression +
Mizuhagawa Environment A
Flower Aroma Candle Kikuchiba Environment C
Rut-type Suppression
"Fool-Proof Confectionary Recipes" Pendu-type Suppression
BABE Environment B
Antique Lamp Set Paws-type Suppression +
BABE Environment B
Simple Candle Sabbat-type Suppression
Kikuchiba Environment C
Mirror Abandoned Subway Environment S
Spawn Yawn Analysis
Red Abdominal Roller Pendu-type Suppression
Mizuhagawa Environment A
Starry Sky Vision Mizuhagawa Environment B
Marabou Pendu Analysis

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