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Scarlet Nexus - List of Status Ailments
This is a page for Status Ailments in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam platforms. Read on to find out what Status Ailments are, their effects, and a list of all Status Ailments in-game!

What Are Status Ailments?

Status Ailments are statuses enemies can inflict on you through combat. These ailments induce single or continuous damage against you.

These Status Ailments can also be used and inflicted against the enemies you encounter through the use of Psychokinesis Attacks using environmental hazards, or through SAS Abilities.

List of Status Ailments


Scarlet Nexus - Burning

Receiving enough fire damage from enemies will inflict Burned status on you. Until the status is removed, you will continue to receive additional damage.


Scarlet Nexus - Shock

When you receive Shocked status when you get hit with electricity attacks, you will be knocked down and temporarily will be unable to move. This leaves you vulnerable to enemies positioning or crowding around you, making it difficult to move around once you recover.


Scarlet Nexus - Oil

Getting Oiled is dangerous, particularly when surrounded by enemies that can inflict fire damage. Being Oiled will make it easier for you to get Burned status while under the effects of this Status Ailment.


Scarlet Nexus - Soaked
Similar to Oil, being put under the Soaked Status Ailment will make it easier for you to receive the Shocked status.


Scarlet Nexus - Confusion
Receiving enough brain damage will cause the Confused status. You will not be able to lock-on or use SAS throughout the duration of this ailment.

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