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Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Randall

This a profile summary about Kasane Randall, a character in Scarlet Nexus for the PS4, PS5, Steam, and Xbox. Read on to learn Kasane Randall's Character Profile, Kinetic Abilities, Bonding Scenarios, and Best Combo Breakdowns.

Character Profile

Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Randall

Name Kasane Randall
Gender Female
Birthday June 10
Height 161cm
Power Psychokinesis
OSF Division 567th Class
ID RRK567310
OSF Service Record New Recruit
JP Voice Actor Asami Seto


Scouted by the OSF at an early age, Kasane Randall graduated at the top of her class and is one of their new recruits. An elite soldier known for her strong power and impressive fighting skills, she is a cool and confident individual that is indifferent to the people around her.

Despite her cold demeanor, she shows her real kind self to people she trusts, one of them being Naomi, her adoptive sister. After losing her parents in an Other attack as a child, she was adopted by the Randall family, owners of a huge military corporation.

Despite her complicated family relationship she has a deep love and appreciation for Naomi.

Every now and then she dreams of red strings, whose meaning remains a mystery.

Story Role

Spoilers! (Click to reveal)

OSF Training

Scarlet Nexus - Kasane OSF Training

Kasane's story starts off in the OSF Training Facility, where she will finally activate her SAS. The process was painful, but she passes along with her sister Naomi, and becomes eligible to join an OSF platoon.

Before they get assigned to a platoon, however, Others attack Suoh City. They fend them off along with fellow new recruits, and end up being recognized by the entire city as heroes.

She also gets assigned to the Kyoka platoon, and accomplishes her first mission along with Shiden.

How to Beat Wither Sabbat

Naomi (Phase 2)

Scarlet Nexus - Naomi Phase 2

After the success of her first mission, Kasane and the Kyoka get another mission and are tasked to go to the Abandoned Subway in Suoh to clear out Others present in the area.

Before they begin the mission, they join a simulation challenge arranged by Kagero and Tsugumi. She faces off against Yuito, allowing her to assess his skills as an OSF member, and as a possible partner for Naomi.

How to Beat Yuito Sumeragi (Phase 2)

Abandoned Subway

After the simulation challenge, they reach the Abandoned Subway in Suoh where they encounter an overwhelming amount of Others. As they proceed deeper, they encounter an area heavily infested by Others, which they were able to survive.

However, Naomi used her SAS to prevent Kasane from being hit by a bullet. This saves Kasane, but at the expense of Naomi, who turns into an Other. After a short confrontation, OSF members take Naomi away to a secret OSF research facility, which Kasane chases after. She gets stopped by Gemma, and confronts Kodama who is just looking for a quick fight to test Kasane. After this confrontation Kasane calms down, and returns to the hideout.

How to Beat Kodama Melone (Phase 2)

Suoh Incident

While waiting for her next mission, Kasane pursues a politician meeting with Karen. Before she gets to uncover more details, she gets captured by Karen and gets put under guard by Shiden. She confronts Shiden to get free and regroup with the Kyoka Platoon and chase after Karen.

Kunad Highway

After reaching the Kunad Highway, Kasane and the platoon encounter Karen. They face him off, but his SAS skills are too powerful and pushes Kasane and her entire platoon away. After this, she reunited with Yuito and hold off a Major Other, which both took a toll on their energy.

After the fight, Nagi Karman attacks them, but is prevented by Seto Narukami, who sacrifices himself to protect Kasane and Yuito.


Future Suoh

Scarlet Nexus - Kasane and Yuito Fight

After this incident, Kasane uses Red Strings for the first time to travel into the future. They encounter Karen, and faces off an older version of Yuito, who tells her about how to help prevent the future she sees from happening.

How to Beat Winery Chinery

Finding Naomi

Scarlet Nexus - Naomi Phase 6

After the Suoh Incident, Kasane and her platoon look to find Naomi and the secret OSF facility. They eventually reach the Supernatural Life Research Facility where they discover Naomi is under their care and can only be stabilized using Ampoules coming from human brains. They leave her to continue recovering, and promise to save her.

Togetsu and Uncovering the Past

Scarlet Nexus - Kasane and Yuito

To uncover more about her past, Kasane and her platoon move to Togetsu and know more about the Design Children. She then uncovers her origins and past, as she discovers her mother was sacrificed by the Design Children to find a way to use and activate Red Strings for their own goals.

She eventually gets captured by Kyoka, but somehow escapes with the help of Kagero. They also take Kyoka back with them and convince her to move away from the Design Children and carve her own path.

How to Beat Kyoka Eden


She also discovers that her mother is Wakane Sumeragi, and that Yuito is her brother. Their mother decides to help them remove entanglements in their timeline and put a stop to Karen's plan of changing the past to save Alice. She travels back to the OSF hospital where she rescues a young Yuito, and take Wakane to their timeline.

Confronting Karen

After Wakane helps her children and goes back to her timeline, Kasane confronts Karen to prevent his plan once and for all. After a huge battle, Karen concedes and decides to help out and remove all entanglements he caused. However, he sacrifices himself to save Alice, seemingly altering the world despite him not being able to see it.

How to Beat Karen Travers (Final Phase Encounter)


Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Ending

In Kasane's ending, she becomes a part of the Lunar Surface Survey team, and will be joined by some members of her platoon. While she may have lost Naomi, she looks to move forward and help out in the OSF her own way.

Powers and Abilities

Ability List

Exclusive Skills
General Skills
Power Up 1 Attack +5%. Increases damage for psychokinesis attacks.
Attack Up Attack +5%. Increases damage for weapon attacks.
Psychokinesis Crush Effect Up 1 Psychokinesis attacks can drain crush gauge by a great amount. Increase base by 5%.
Psychokinesis Crush Effect Up 2 Psychokinesis attacks can drain crush gauge by a great amount. Increase base by 5%.
Weapon Crush Effect Up Psychokinesis attacks can drain crush gauge by a great amount. Increase base by 5%.
Power Up 2 Attack +5%. Increases damage for psychokinesis attacks.
Consecutive Aerial Dash Can perform an additional aerial dash by using O(PS)/B(XBOX) while aerial dashing.
Expand Back-step Attack Can perform the Back-step Attack twice during a single combo. Kasane retreats back to the perfect range and performs a weapon attack by pressing ∆(PS)/Y(XBOX).
3rd Aerial Weapon Combo Hit Can perform three consecutive weapon attacks mid-air.
Aerial Follow-Up Attack Expand Can perform two consecutive aerial follow-up attacks.
Latent Power When health is 30% or below, increases damage dealt by 20% and reduces damage received by 20%.
Brain Drive: SAS Gauge Restore Activating brain drive completely restores all SAS Gauges.
Brain Drive: Status Up While Brain Drive is active, +10% to power, defense, attack.
Brain Drive Gauge Charge Rate Up Brain Drive Gauge Accumulation +20%. Specific actions such as defeating enemies or receiving damage will increase the accumulation rate, allowing the brain drive to charge faster.
Brain Drive: Auto-heal Health gradually recovers while brain drive is active.
Brain Drive: Status Ailment Recovery Restores status ailments when brain drive is activated.
Brain Drive: Restore Brain Drive 1 Defeating enemies with brain crush while brain drive is active slightly restores the brain drive gauge.
BD: Consecutive Assault Vision Assault Visions will be consecutively activated while the Brain Drive is active.*Assault Visions will be activated when the Bond Level increases.
Brain Drive: Restore Brain Drive 2 Defeating enemies with brain crush while brain drive is active slightly restores the brain drive gauge.
Brain Field: Overkill While Brain Field is activated, hitting enemies with a depleted crush gauge increases the EXP bonus. However, this doesn't work against strong foes whose HP has been depleted.
Brain Field: Launch Level Up 1 Increases the number of objects thrown with R2(PS)/RT(XBOX) in ☐☐☐(PS)/XXX(XBOX) or ☐☐☐R2(PS)/XXXRT(XBOX) while you have a Brain Field activated.
Brain Field: Charge Drop Level Up Increases the number of objects that are gathered when holding L2(PS)/LT(XBOX) and the damage the dropped objects deal when brain field is active.
Brain Field: Swing Level Up Increases the number of objects that can be swung with ☐(PS)/X(XBOX) and expands the area of effect when brain field is active.
Brain Field: Launch Level Up 2 Further increase the number objects thrown with R2(PS)/RT(XBOX) in ☐☐☐R2(PS)/XXXRT(XBOX) while you have a Brain Field active.
Brain Field: Time Extension 1 Prolong brain field active time by five seconds.
Brain Field: Reduce Damage While the Brain Field is active, you will receive less damage. There are 2 skills with the same name. Learning 1 will halve damage, while learning both will negate it completely.
Brain Field: Free Drive Charge If there is a brain field ready icon displayed, a brain field can be activated without consuming a charge when activated during brain drive.
Brain Field: Time Extension 2 Prolong brain field active time by five seconds.
Follow-Up Attack Increases damage dealt to enemies that are knocked down.
Revive Speed Up Increases speed at which allies are revived.
Max Psy. Gauge Boost Learning this skill will increase the psychokinesis gauge maximum by 50%, while learning the second of the same name will increase it by 100%.
Mid-Air Attack Charge Rate Up Increases Psychokinesis Gauge charge rate from aerial attacks.*Does not include X+☐(PS)/A+X(XBOX) rising slash attack.
Follow-Up Attack Expand 2 Can perform four consecutive follow-up attacks and rush follow-up attacks.
Mid-Air Dash Attack Use X(PS)/A(XBOX) while aerial dashing to perform a forward weapon attack.Requires "Aerial Dash" Skill.
Rebound Use O to recover when knocked away and prevent being knocked down.
Charge Attack Hold ∆(PS)/Y(XBOX) to charge power and release ∆(PS)/Y(XBOX) to perform a powered up weapon attack in a large area.
Slam Attack Hold ∆(PS)/Y(XBOX) while mid-air to perform a downward weapon attack.
Perfect Dodge Psychokinesis Restore Charge a small amount of psychokinesis gauge after a perfect dodge.
4th Weapon Combo Attack Hit Can perform four consecutive weapon attacks.
Item Attraction Automatically picks up nearby items.
Perfect Dodge Attack Use ☐(PS)/X(XBOX) right after a perfect dodge to perform a weapon attack.
Double Jump Can perform an additional jump by using X(PS)/A(XBOX) while mid-air.
Follow-Up Attack Expand 1 Can perform three consecutive psychokinesis follow-up attacks and rush follow-up attacks.
Aerial Dash Can perform an aerial dash by using O(PS)/B(XBOX) while mid-air.
Psychokinesis Finish Use R2(PS)/RT(XBOX) on a knocked down enemy to perform a psychokinesis attack slam.
Aerial Follow-Up Attack Execute an aerial follow-up attack by using R2(PS)/RT(XBOX) while performing an aerial weapon combo.
Quick Item Eliminates the actions needed for using items, applying the item effects immediately.
Additional Plug-in Equip Slot 1 Increases plug-in capacity at the equip screen by one.
Shorten Item Usage Cooldown Shortens cooldown after item usage.
Brain Crush SAS Restore Defeating enemies with brain crush while SAS is active slightly restores the gauge of the SAS being used.
Overkill Hitting enemies stunned by a depleted crush gauge increases the EXP bonus. However, this doesn''t work against strong foes whose HP has been depleted.
Concurrent SAS Activation Learning this skill will allow up to 2 concurrent SAS activations. Learning the second of the same name will allow up to 4.*SAS Electro and Pyrokinesis can't be used concurrently.
Auto-heal Health gradually recovers outside of combat.
Brain Crush Money Bonus Defeating enemies with brain crush will increase the amount of money received after the battle.
Brain Crush EXP Bonus Defeating enemies with brain crush will increase EXP gained
Additional Plug-in Equip Slot 2 Increases plug-in capacity at the equip screen by one.
Brain Crush Chance Expand After reducing an enemy's crush gauge to 0, the time enemies are disabled is increased along with the potential time to execute brain crush.

Combat Tips

Bombard Enemies With Objects

Scarlet Nexus - Winery Chinery Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis is most effective when used repeatedly. Bombard enemies with objects to knock them down, and finish them off using SAS Skills like Electrokinesis or Pyrokinesis.

Combine with Duplication

Using duplication along with Psychokinesis enables you to deal extra damage by creating copies of objects you throw at enemies. This is a very useful skill when you're aiming to break enemy shells, allowing you to Brain Crush faster.

Bonding Scenarios

Kasane Randall ThumbnailKasane Randall Bond Episode 1 Bond Episode 4
Bond Episode 2 Bond Episode 5
Bond Episode 3

Best Gifts for Kasane

Below is a list of all gifts you can give to Kasane to raise your Bond Level with her:

Gift Materials Needed
First Aid Kit Mizuhagawa Environment B
Pendu-type Suppression
Sewing Kit Rummy-type Suppression +
Hieno Mountain Environment C
Plug-In Parallelization Program V Pool-type Suppression
Other Ecology A
Vase Paws Analysis
Plug-in Parallization Program H Other Ecology A
Paws-type Suppression
Base Paws Analysis
Corkboard (2) Kikuchiba Environment C
Rut-type Suppression
Natural Photo Frame Cut Rut Analysis
Mizuhagawa Environment A
Red Drink Bottle Pool-type Suppression +
Hieno Mountain Environment B
Passionate Flower Painting Mizuhagawa Environment B
Pendu-type Suppression
Poem Collection "First Love and the Maiden" Pound-type Suppression +
Hieno Mountain Environment B
Hanging Scroll "Conviction" Kikuchiba Environment C
Rummy-type Suppression

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