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Scarlet Nexus - How Long to Beat
This is a page on the game length of Scarlet Nexus on the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam Platforms. Read on to find out how many hours it will take to complete all side activities, one of the two available storylines, and more!

Game Length: How Long to Beat

It Takes ~20-25 Hours to Beat the Game

Scarlet Nexus - Game Length
Regardless of your choice of which character to play through, the game will take ~20-25 hours to play through from start to finish for one storyline, with moderate exploration of all the side content such as Bond Activities and Quests.

The game is not that difficult to play, with the only major contributor to its runtime being the thick story being presented through the various cutscenes, dialogue, and narrative scenes you'll encounter.

Quests and Bond Activities Add ~5-10 Hours

Scarlet Nexus - Quest and Sidequests
Scarlet Nexus' side activities occupy much of the down time in between the Phases of the Main Story. These Quests and Bond Activities, if you wish to complete all of them, might add ~2-3 Hours of Gameplay, partly due to the requirements you'd need to finish each task.

100% Game Completion Will Take ~50-60 Hours

Scarlet Nexus - Full Completion
Playing through just one segment of the game is very much just completing one piece of a two-part puzzle. Both the Yuito and Kasane routes offer different perspectives that surround the events transpiring in-game. Completing both routes will only help to form the bigger picture of the game's Main Story.

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