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This is a story walkthrough for Trusting the Path to the Future in Scarlet Nexus for the Xbox, Playstation, and PC. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, a story section, boss strategies, a list of enemies, and a list of items that can be found.

Yuito Route Story Walkthrough


1 Starting from the alley, pace forward and turn right until you reach the ! mark. A cutscene will play.
2 Continue forward and take out the Others in the car park. Progress through the alley and take out the remaining Others.
3 Return to the car park and go up the stairs. Continue forward and take out the Others in the car park.
4 Backtrack and climb the stairs. Defeat the Others and Continue forward going East and go through the open hole in the fence and climb the stairs. A cutscene will play.
5 Follow the length of the street and climb the stairs and enter the Upper-Level Construction Site.
6 Defeat the Others in the car park and continue forward and defeat another Other.
7 Continue forward and climb the stairs. Climb up the ramp at the far left until you reach the ! mark.
8 Use the SAS to pinpoint the invisible Other and defeat all the enemies in the area.
9 Backtrack to the the ! mark and ride the lift.
10 Continue forward to the the ! mark and defeat all the enemies in the area. Climb up the ramp. A cutscene will play.
11 Continue forward to the ! mark and prepare for a boss fight.
Boss Fight Gunkin Perry Boss Battle
Boss Battle: Gunkin Perry
13 You have completed the Demo.

Scarlet Nexus Demo Reward

Scarlet Nexus Demo Reward

Congratulations! You can now get a special item for the full game. The item you get depends on your progression in the demo, so please keep your demo data.

When players complete any of the Scarlet Nexus: Demo Edition routes, a reward will await them once the game releases. Make sure to keep your demo data to get the rewards on launch day.

And remember, stay tuned to know just what the reward is when the game launches!

Yuito Route Boss Fights

Gunkin Perry

Gunkin Perry
Recommended SAS SAS: Psychokinesis
SAS: Pyrokinesis

How to Beat Gunkin Perry

Use L2 to Drop Special Objects on Gunkin Perry

Charge up your Psychokinesis bar and lead Gunkin Perry under the Special Objects hanging above and press L2 to drop them on Gunkin Perry. Doing so will deal a huge amount of damage to the enemy.

List of Enemies Encountered

Enemies Encountered
Fuel Pool iconFuel Pool Buddy Rummy iconBuddy Rummy
Auger Sabbat iconAuger Sabbat Saws Paws iconSaws Paws

General Tips

Exploit Enemy Weaknesses with SAS

Scarlet Nexus - SAS

Activate SAS and optimize attacks with your teammates to deal extra damage.

Take Note of Special Objects You Can Use Psychokinesis on

Scarlet Nexus - Special Objects

An L2 prompt will show up on the screen, indicating there is a nearby special object you can hit an Other with.

Kill All the Others

Kill All Others

You must kill all the Others in the area to progress through the map.

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