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This is a guide on how to use Teleportation, a Struggle Arms System (SAS) skill in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to see how to use this skill, characters that have them, and their skill levels!

What is Teleportation?

Scarlet Nexus - Teleportation

Teleportation allows your character to travel to a different location or get closer to enemies.

How to Use Teleportation?

Assign Luka Travers

Characters That Use Invisibility
Luka Travers ThumbnailLuka Travers

To equip Teleportation as one of your SAS Skills, assign Luka Travers on the SAS Tab of the pause screen. You can equip a total of 4 SAS Skills in your party, and you can use the skills of inactive party members.

Reach Distant or Flying Enemies

You can use Teleportation to reach distant or flying enemies like the Marabou Pendu, Plateau Pendu, and the Bandeau Pendu.

Move Through Certain Walls

Some gates and walls will flash green. This means you can use Teleportation SAS to move through obstacles. This is necessary for finding Key Cards in the Supernatural Life Research Facility, and for progressing through the gates in Arahabaki.

Avoiding Enemy Attacks

Teleporting while fighting makes it more difficult for the enemies to hit you. Activating Teleportation which stringing combos is perfect for getting in and out of battle really quickly.

Teleportation Skill Levels

Teleportation has the following Skill Levels that can be unlocked after increasing your Bond Level with Luka.

Level Description
1 Teleportation
2 Mid-air Teleportation & Guardian Vision
3 Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Combo V
4 Assault Vision
5 Prolong SAS Effect
6 Charge Teleportation Attack

Charge Teleportation Attack

Charge Teleportation Attack

Hold down the Special Attack button (△/Y) and release to unleash a powerful teleportation attack. It can sometimes knock them down and is best used as a pre-emptive attack against Others.

Teleportation Tips

Use Teleportation to Get Through Enemy Fields

Some enemies have the ability to create a field around them that, when approached, will cause you damage. You can use Teleportation to get around this pseudo-shield, allowing you strike directly at the enemy within to disrupt its efforts.

Increased Attack Distance

With Teleportation on, you need not be up close to an enemy in order for you to be able to attack it. From a short distance, you can instead quickly teleport to your enemy's location in order to dish out attacks against it, all while being difficult to hit yourself due to the constant teleportation you perform throughout your attack.

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