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This is a guide to Base Paws, an Enemy in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to learn Base Paws's strengths and weaknesses, attack patterns, and materials dropped!

Base Paws Information

Type and Ailments

Base Paws
Base Paws
Enemy Type Ailments Inflicted
Paws -

How to Beat Base Paws

Base Paws Attack Patterns

Oil Projectiles

Base Paws - Oil Projectiles

Base Paws can shoot at you from afar with Oil Projectiles. Getting hit by these projectiles consistently can inflict the Oiled Status Ailment, which is an easy affliction to get due to the fast fire rate that Base Paws have.

Drop Bombs

Base Paws - Drop Bombs

Approaching Base Paws will case its shell to drop down, covering its Weak Point. Attacking this shell will not cause it to break and will make the creature drop the lamp-like figures spread all over the metal bars on its head, exploding all around you.

Base Paws Strategies

Use Hypervelocity or Teleportation

Base Paws - Use Hypervelocity

Getting near the Base Paws under normal speed will make it impossible for you to cause damage against it, due to the impenetrable shell the creature drops to cover its Weak Point. Use Hypervelocity or Teleportation to get past its defenses, allowing you to strike at its legs, causing it to fall to the ground where you can quickly finish it off with regular melee attacks.

Base Paws Location

Kasane Route

Sumeragi Tomb
Arahabaki Secure Site
Sumeragi Tomb
Sumeragi Tomb
Arahabaki Secure Site
Arahabaki Secure Site

Yuito Route

Arahabaki Secure Site
Old OSF Hospital
Arahabaki Secure Site
Arahabaki Secure Site
Old OSF Hospital
Old OSF Hospital

Base Paws Droppable Materials

Material Rarity
Base Paws AnalysisBase Paws Analysis Special
Battle Record ABattle Record A Rare
Other Ecology AOther Ecology A Rare
Paws-type SuppressionPaws-type Suppression Uncommon
Paws-type Suppression +Paws-type Suppression + Rare

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