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Scarlet Nexus - Which Character to Play First

This is a guide on choosing the best starting character in Scarlet Nexis for the Playstation, Steam, and XBOX. Read on to know if you should play Yuito or Kasane first, perks of playing as Yuito, perks of playing as Kasane, and a list of all their allies during their routes.

Best Starting Character

Yuito pic

Yuito is More Beginner Friendly

Playing as Yuito allows you to be more aggressive with fast attacks. He also has Gemma in his team which allows you to block an enemy attack for free. Tsugumi's Clairvoyance is also extremely handy in weakening enemies by using its Level 2 SAS ability effect that greatly enhance your character's counter attack.

Gameplay Differences

Each protagonist has their own set of melee skills, as well as members in the party and accessible SAS.

Yuito Sumeragi

Scarlet Nexus - How to Perfect Dodge
Yuito's style of play is best described as being fast and aggressive. For first time players of Scarlet Nexus, playing through his storyline can be an easier experience due to Yuito's base powers that can contend against enemies more than adequately.

Yuito List of Allies

Yuito Route
Members SAS
Hanabi Ichijo ThumbnailHanabi Ichijo Scarlet Nexus - PyrokinesisPyrokinesis
Gemma Garrison ThumbnailGemma Garrison Scarlet Nexus - SclerokinesisSclerokinesis
Tsugumi Nazar ThumbnailTsugumi Nazar Scarlet Nexus - ClairvoyanceClairvoyance
Luka Travers ThumbnailLuka Travers Scarlet Nexus - TeleportationTeleportation

Kasane Randall

Scarlet Nexus - Rush Follow-up Attack
Opposite of Yuito, Kasane's playstyle involve a more calculated approach to combat. She exchanges the speed and power of her base strikes for medium distance hits and a small area of effect for her attacks that can hit multiple enemies at once. She is by far slower than Yuito in terms of movement, and can be difficult to use and maneuver.

Kasane List of Allies

Kasane Route
Members SAS
Shiden Ritter ThumbnailShiden Ritter Scarlet Nexus - ElectrokinesisElectrokinesis
Arashi Spring ThumbnailArashi Spring Scarlet Nexus - HypervelocityHypervelocity
Kyoka Eden ThumbnailKyoka Eden Scarlet Nexus - DuplicationDuplication
Kagero Donne ThumbnailKagero Donne Scarlet Nexus - InvisibilityInvisibility

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