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Scarlet Nexus - What is Brain Field Super Armor

This page explains what the Brain Field Super Armor is on Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and PC (Steam) platforms. Read on to find out what the Brain Field Super Armor is and how you can finish the Quest it is tied to!

What is the Brain Field Super Armor?

Quest Related Objective

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Drive Brain Crush
Brain Field Super Armor is one of the requirements needed to complete the objectives for the Quest "Important Mission".

Despite the confusing name, accomplishing this quest objective with this requirement does not need any sort of armor at all.

Important Mission: Sidequest Walkthrough

How to Use Brain Field Super Armor

Use Brain Crush on Two Buddy Rummy Enemies

Scarlet Nexus - What is Brain Crush

The requirement you need, as specifically stated in the Quest log, is for you to finish off two Buddy Rummys using Brain Field Super Armor.

The name is rather misleading, as the true method of accomplishing this objective is by finishing off the Buddy Rummys using Brain Crush while in the Brain Field.

How to Use Brain Crush

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