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This is a guide to Brawn Yawn, an Enemy in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to learn Brawn Yawn's strengths and weaknesses, attack patterns, and materials dropped!

Brawn Yawn Information

Type and Ailments

Brawn Yawn
Brawn Yawn
Enemy Type Ailments Inflicted
Yawn -

How to Beat Brawn Yawn

Brawn Yawn Attack Patterns

Beam Attack

Brawn Yawn - Beam Attack

When at a distance, Brawn Yawn will spew a torrent of concentrated energy at you. Getting hit by this attack will knock you to your back, and is best avoided by running in a diagonal line while keeping the monster in your sight.

Jaw Attack

Brawn Yawn - Jaw Attack

Attacking Brawn Yawns head first opens you to its Jaw Attack, which knocks you to the ground. Avoid at all costs attacking it head on, as positioning and your ability to maneuver when you can are key recipes to ending a fight with this Other.

Leap Attack

Brawn Yawn - Leap Attack

During Combat, Brawn Yawns will sink themselves into the ground, disappearing from sight. They will suddenly reappear and leap up from the ground where you are standing. It is easy to get swept away by this attack if you stay still too long, and so a wise tactic to avoid getting hit with this attack would be to remain moving when it disappears.

Brawn Yawn Strategies

Attack its Weak Point

Brawn Yawn - Attack its Weak Spot

The weak points for Brawn Yawn can easily be found on its arms. Appearing as yellow glowing light-bulbs, attacking either weak point on either of its arms will cause it more harm the more you can sink in attacks into them.

Use Pyrokinesis

Brawn Yawn - Use Pyrokinesis

In order to quickly deplete its HP or Crush Gauge, making use of Pyrokinesis is one method you can tap into to quickly finish the fight. Inflicting the Burning Status Ailment on the beast can only help damage it more in the long run, even if you are not actively attacking it.

Brawn Yawn Location

Kasane Route

Arahabaki Secure Site
Arahabaki Secure Site
Arahabaki Secure Site

Yuito Route

Mizuhagawa District

Brawn Yawn Droppable Materials

Material Rarity
Battle Record ABattle Record A Rare
Battle Record SBattle Record S Special
Brawn Yawn AnalysisBrawn Yawn Analysis Special
Other Ecology AOther Ecology A Rare
Other Ecology SOther Ecology S Special
Yawn-type SuppressionYawn-type Suppression Uncommon
Yawn-type Suppression +Yawn-type Suppression + Rare

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