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Scarlet Nexus - How to Use Combo Visions
This is a guide on how to use Combo Visions in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and PC (Steam) platforms. Read on to find out how to borrow your allies' attacks to more easily crush enemies!

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What Are Combo Visions?

Scarlet Nexus - What are Combo Visions

Similar to borrowing SAS Abilities from your allies, Combo Visions allow you to borrow special attacks from your allies to execute attacks against enemies for massive damage. Due to the powers you execute, Combo Visions are, in essence, Assault Visions that you can execute on command.

How to Use Combo Visions

Similar to Borrowing SAS Powers

Scarlet Nexus - How to Use Combo Vision

Like borrowing the SAS Abilities of your allies in a persistent manner, Combo Visions lets you use special attacks based off of the abilities of your allies in one quick burst.

These attacks can cause massive damage against your enemies, and is triggered in the same manner as using SAS Abilities with the exception of using the L1 (PS4)/LB (XBOX) Buttons to access the Combo Vision menu.

Watch the SAS Gauge

Scarlet Nexus - Watch the SAS Gauge

Unlike SAS Abilities that slowly drain the SAS Gauge of the Ability you're borrowing, using Combo Visions quickly depletes a portion of that Ability's gauge. In exchange for this quick reduction, you are given the opportunity to render massive damage against any enemy you're fighting against, adding another layer you can exploit in combat.

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