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This is a guide on how to use Invisibility, a Struggle Arms System (SAS) skill in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to see how to use this skill, characters that have them, and their skill levels!

What is Invisibility?

Scarlet Nexus - Invisibility

Invisibility will make your character hidden from enemies. Your presence will only be revealed after attacking, deactivating your SAS, or getting hit by an enemy. Your attacks will also deal critical damage during this state. Charged special attacks also deal increased crush damage, making this a great hit-and-run type of skill.

How to Use Invisibility

Assign Kagero Donne

Characters That Use Invisibility
Kagero Donne ThumbnailKagero Donne

To equip Invisibility as one of your SAS Skills, assign Kagero Donne on the SAS Tab of the pause screen. You can equip a total of 4 SAS Skills in your party, and you can use the skills of inactive party members.

Avoid Detection and Surprise Enemies

Invisibility is an SAS skill allows you to disappear and deal critical damage. Use this to avoid enemies from detecting you, and take them by surprise.

Easy Escape from Some Encounters

Becoming invisible will let Others lose track of you, making for an easy retreat. This can also be used to skip random fights on the map, unless you're blocked in with a battle border, in which case you have to defeat all Others.

Invisibility Skill Levels

Invisibility has the following Skill Levels that can be unlocked after increasing your Bond Level with Kagero.

Level Description
1 Invisibility & Backstab
2 Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Guardian Vision
3 Sustained Invisibility & Combo Vision
4 Assault Vision
5 Prolong SAS Effect
6 Sustained Invisbility & Critical Invisibility



While invisible, sneak up on an enemy, hold the Special Attack button (△/Y), and release when fully charged to perform a powerful charge attack that deals a lot of normal and crush damage.

Critical Invisibility

Critical Invisibility

When your health goes below 30%, SAS Invisibility will activate automatically for an easy retreat/heal.

How to Heal and Revive Party

Invisibility Tips

Recover From Enemies

In situations where enemies are able to gang up on you successfully, particularly in fights against stronger opponents, you can give yourself a breather and plan for the continuation of the battle by turning invisible and running around, where enemies will not be able to attack you. The higher the level of Invisibility you have, the longer you can stay out of battle to plan and recover.

Enemies Can Track You Temporarily

Despite the nifty ability to have your enemies lose sight of you, projectile shooting enemies such as Pool-type enemies will still be able to track you for a short time, particularly when you turn invisible just as they are about to shoot. It is important to try and avoid these strikes, as getting hit would mean the failure of your invisibility.

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