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This is a guide on how to use Hypervelocity, a Struggle Arms System (SAS) skill in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to see how to use this skill, characters that have them, and their skill levels!

What is Hypervelocity?

Scarlet Nexus - Hypervelocity

Hypervelocity gives you a massive speed boost, making you harder to hit, and allows you to hit fast enemies as well.

How to Use Hypervelocity

Assign Arashi Spring

Characters That Use Hypervelocity
Arashi Spring ThumbnailArashi Spring

To equip Hypervelocity as one of your SAS Skills, assign Arashi Spring on the SAS Tab of the pause screen. You can equip a total of 4 SAS Skills in your party, and you can use the skills of inactive party members.

Effective Against Elusive Others

Hypervelocity is an SAS skill that is strong against Others that hide or run away. The Bandeau Pendu moves too fast to be hit and the Saliva Santa hides in its shell when you get too close. Use Hypervelocity to speed up and hit them!

Enter Special Doors

Some doors and gates will have gimmicks that make them close when you get too near. Some are impassable due to fast-moving lasers. Activate Hypervelocity to be able to enter these doors.

How to Enter Gates in Arahabaki

Dodge Tricky Attacks

If an enemy comes at you with an attack that's difficult to dodge, activate Hypervelocity to move out of the way.

Hypervelocity Skill Levels

Hypervelocity has the following Skill Levels that can be unlocked after increasing your Bond Level with Arashi.

Level Description
1 Velocity
2 Increase SAS Recovery Speed & Guardian Vision
3 Combo Vision
4 Assault Vision
5 Prolong SAS Effect
6 Psychokinesis Re-Acceleration

Psychokinesis Re-Acceleration

Psychokinesis Re-Acceleration

Gain a bit of extra Hypervelocity SAS time after a successful Psychokinesis Follow-Up Attack. Perfect for staying at hyper-speed for extended periods of time.

Hypervelocity Tips

Interact With Gimmicks Risk-Free

Certain Gimmicks that can be found in-game, such as Laser Gates, have the potential of causing you some damage if you try to get through them. Using Hypervelocity to get around these Gimmicks will help you avoid the damage you would otherwise take from these contraptions.

Use Alongside Other Abilities

Hypervelocity is an extremely useful skill, allowing you to cause damage against enemies freely. The SAS Gauge for it, however, depletes fairly quickly. A quick work around to this small problem is by enhancing your attacks to use Brain Crush on enemies, which fills up the SAS Gauge once again if you have the SAS Gauge Restore skill unlocked in your Brain Map.

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