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This is a page on Plug-ins for Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam platforms. Read on to view the full list of Plug-ins in the game!

List of Plug-Ins

Item Effects
Attack Damage Specialization Attack damage +10%/Crush effectiveness -10%
Body Enhance: Attack Non-Interruption on taking damage.
Body Enhance: Evade Non-Interruption on taking damage.
Bond Assist Bond Bonus
Brain Drive Accelerate +5% brain drive gauge charge increase.
Combat Experience Assist +5% Exp Gained
Confusion Ward: Generic Confusion Resistance
Confusion Ward: Specialized Confusion Resistance
Electric-Proof Barrier: Generic Shock Resistance
Electric-Proof Barrier: Specialized Shock Resistance
Emergency Invulnerability Field Brief Invulnerability
Emergency Limit Break +10% power, attack, and defense.
Enhance Burn +10% burn efficiency.
Enhance Crush +5% crush efficiency.
Enhance Shock +10% shock efficiency.
Evasion Ability Enhance Evade Enhance
Fire-Proof Barrier: Generic Fire Resistance
Fire-Proof Barrier: Specialized Fire Resistance
Forcefield: MK 0 Defense 60
Forcefield: Mk I Defense 5
Forcefield: Mk II Defense 14
Forcefield: Mk III Defense 23
Forcefield: Mk IV Defense 32
Forcefield: Mk V Defense 41
Forcefield: Mk VI Defense 50
Health Boost: Mk 0 Health 350
Health Boost: Mk I Health 80
Health Boost: Mk II Health 120
Health Boost: Mk III Health 170
Health Boost: Mk IV Health 210
Health Boost: Mk V Health 260
Health Boost: Mk VI Health 300
Health Total Status Up +5% power, attack, and defense.
Increased Survival Rate Health +10%/Defense +10%
Oil-Proof Coating: Generic Oil Resistance
Oil-Proof Coating: Specialized Oil Resistance
Power Enhance: Mk 0 Power 40
Power Enhance: Mk I Power 12
Power Enhance: Mk II Power 16
Power Enhance: Mk III Power 20
Power Enhance: Mk IV Power 24
Power Enhance: Mk V Power 30
Power Enhance: Mk VI Power 35
Psychokinesis Attack Specialization +10% PK attack / -10% weapon attack.
SAS Application Assist Power +5%/1.2x SAS Effect Time
SAS Recovery Support Mk 1 Bonus SAS Gauge Recovery
SAS Recovery Support Mk 2 Bonus SAS Gauge Recovery
SAS Recovery Support Mk 3 Bonus SAS Gauge Recovery
Special Bonus Contract 5% Exp Gained/+5% Money Gained
Special Mission Pay Bonus +5% Money Gained
Specialize Crush Crush effectiveness +10%/Attack damage -10%.
System 'Double-Edged Sword' Damage taken +20% / Damage dealt +20%.
Water-Proof Coating: Generic Water Resistance
Water-Proof Coating: Specialized Water Resistance
Weapon Attack Specialization +10% weapon attack/-10% PK attack.

What Are Plug-Ins?

Scarlet Nexus - Equipment - Plugins
Plug-ins are Equipment that offer a variety of effects, ranging from an increase in your defense, increases in your Psychokinesis Attacks, Weapon Attacks, and even increases to your health, among others.

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