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This is a guide to Booger Sabbat, an Enemy in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to learn Booger Sabbat's strengths and weaknesses, attack patterns, and materials dropped!

Booger Sabbat Information

Type and Ailments

Booger Sabbat
Booger Sabbat
Enemy Type Ailments Inflicted
Sabbat -

How to Beat Booger Sabbat

Booger Sabbat Attack Patterns

Booger Attack

Booger Sabbat - Booger Attack

At a distance, Booger Sabbats will try and shoot projectiles at you – getting hit by these will inflict the Confused Status Ailment, which can leave you vulnerable to its Charge Attacks due to your inability to control your character properly.

Charge Attack

Booger Sabbat - Charge Attack

An easily avoidable attack, Booger Sabbats' Charge Attacks are telegraphed early on by the way it stomps its feet on the ground. As soon as it does this, you can run away to avoid it.

Booger Sabbat Strategies

Attack its Weak Spot

Booger Sabbat - Attack its Weak Spot

The weak spot to a Booger Sabbat can be found on the area where its mouth should be. Hitting this area, particularly when your attacks are charged with a SAS Ability, will cause it to glow bright orange. Continue attacking this spot to wreak more havoc on the enemy.

Use Pyrokinesis or Electrokinesis

Booger Sabbat - Use Pyrokinesis

When attacking the enemy, regardless if your hits are connecting with its weak spot or not, supercharge your attacks with either Pyrokinesis or Electrokinesis to cause more damage and have a higher chance of causing Status Ailments on the beast.

Booger Sabbat Location

Kasane Route

Sumeragi Tomb
Arahabaki Secure Site
Sumeragi Tomb
Sumeragi Tomb
Arahabaki Secure Site
Arahabaki Secure Site

Yuito Route

Sumeragi Tomb
Arahabaki Secure Site
Sumeragi Tomb
Sumeragi Tomb
Arahabaki Secure Site
Arahabaki Secure Site

Booger Sabbat Droppable Materials

Material Rarity
Battle Record ABattle Record A Rare
Booger Sabbat AnalysisBooger Sabbat Analysis Special
Other Ecology AOther Ecology A Rare
Other Ecology SOther Ecology S Special
Sabbat-type SuppressionSabbat-type Suppression Uncommon
Sabbat-type Suppression +Sabbat-type Suppression + Rare

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