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This is a list of all Characters in Scarlet Nexus for the PS4, PS5, Steam, and Xbox. Read on to see a list of all the characters and their basic descriptions!

Scarlet Nexus Characters

List of Main Characters

Scarlet Nexus Main Characters
Yuito Sumeragi Thumbnail.png Yuito Sumeragi Kasane Randall Thumbnail.png Kasane Randall

List of Party Members

Scarlet Nexus Party Members
Hanabi Ichijo Thumbnail.png Hanabi Ichijo Kyoka Eden Thumbnail.png Kyoka Eden Gemma Garrison Thumbnail.png Gemma Garrison Kagero Donne Thumbnail.png Kagero Donne
Luka Travers Thumbnail.png Luka Travers Tsugumi Nazar Thumbnail.png Tsugumi Nazar Shiden Ritter Thumbnail.png Shiden Ritter Arashi Spring Thumbnail.png Arashi Spring

Other Major Characters

Scarlet Nexus Other Major Characters
Karen Travers IconKaren Travers Fubuki Spring Thumbnail.png Fubuki Spring Scarlet Nexus - Seto Thumbnail Seto Narukami Nagi Karman Thumbnail.png Nagi Karman
Scarlet Nexus - Kodama ThumbnailKodama Melone Scarlet Nexus - Yuta ThumbnailYuta Melone Scarlet Nexus - Haruka ThumbnailHaruka Frazer Scarlet Nexus - Wataru ThumbnailWataru Frazer
Scarlet Nexus - Naomi ThumbnailNaomi Randall Scarlet Nexus - Alice ThumbnailAlice Ichijo

Scarlet Nexus Playable Characters

Main Characters

Yuito Sumeragi ThumbnailYuito Sumeragi
Kasane Randall ThumbnailKasane Randall
Yuito Sumeragi
Yuito Sumeragi Portrait.jpg
Ability Psychokinesis iconPsychokinesis
A bright and positive recruit with a kind heart. He is the second son of the prestigious Sumeragi family, his ancestor was the founding father of New Himuka.
Kasane Randall
Kasane Randall Portrait.jpg
Ability Psychokinesis iconPsychokinesis
Scouted by the OSF at an early age, Kasane Randall graduated at the top of her class and is one of their new recruits.

Team Yuito Party Members

Gemma Garrison ThumbnailGemma Garrison
Tsugumi Nazar ThumbnailTsugumi Nazar
Hanabi Ichijo ThumbnailHanabi Ichijo
Luka Travers ThumbnailLuka Travers
Gemma Garrison
Gemma Garrison Portrait.jpg
Ability Sclerokinesis iconSclerokinesis
A quiet and calm OSF veteran with great knowledge of combat. Extremely serious and earnest to a point that he is often clumsy, his life's focus has been fighting Others, as such, he often feels lost with the trends of young recruits and their relationships.
Tsugumi Nazar
Tsugumi Nazar Portrait.jpg
Ability Clairvoyance iconClairvoyance
A shy OSF member. She often stutters when feeling exceedingly nervous while talking to others, and feels down because of it afterwards. However, she always says what needs to be said, strictly and clearly, and never loses her composure even in battle.
Hanabi Ichijo
Hanabi Ichijo Portrait.jpg
Ability Pyrokinesis iconPyrokinesis
An energetic and cheerful childhood friend of Yuito who despises injustice, Hanabi is a hardworking and caring member of the OSF.
Luka Travers
Luka Travers Portrait.jpg
Ability Teleportation iconTeleportation
While he may look like a young boy, he is a brilliant high-ranking officer of the OSF. He is one of the elite "Septentrion" members, the most powerful psionics in the OSF.

Team Kasane Party Members

Shiden Ritter ThumbnailShiden Ritter
Arashi Spring ThumbnailArashi Spring
Kyoka Eden ThumbnailKyoka Eden
Kagero Donne ThumbnailKagero Donne
Shiden Ritter
Shiden Ritter Portrait.jpg
Ability Electrokinesis iconElectrokinesis
Shiden's transfer to a new platoon, where he teamed up with Kasane, was caused by his sharp tongue and attitude. This complicated his relationship with his old commander.
Arashi Spring
Arashi Spring Portrait.jpg
Ability Hypervelocity iconHypervelocity
The face of the OSF, whose passion and sunny personality have earned her fans of all ages. She wears a persona for the public to see, but is really lazy amongst her comrades.
Kyoka Eden
Kyoka Eden Portrait.jpg
Ability Duplication iconDuplication
Kyoka is widely known as the OSF Major, the perfect amalgamation of brains and beauty. She is great at looking after her units and frequently oversees platoons as a result.
Kagero Donne
Kagero Donne Portrait.jpg
Ability Invisibility iconInvisibility
An adult recruit of the OSF, who was scouted much later than usual, Kagero is a sociable, somewhat frivolous young man. With his handsome appearance and silver tongue, he can befriend anyone and get himself out of any situation.


Fubuki Spring ThumbnailFubuki Spring
Karen Travers ThumbnailKaren Travers
Seto Narukami ThumbnailSeto Narukami
Fubuki Spring
Fubuki Spring Portrait.jpg
Ability Cryokinesis
He is an OSF team commander, currently one of the most powerful members of the organization. He is one of the Septentrions, members with exceptionally outstanding abilities.
Karen Travers
Karen Travers Portrait.jpg
Ability Brain Eater
A First Class Septentrion and the Second Regiment Commander of the OSF, Karen is recognized as the force's best with combat prowess that exceeds his peers. Confident and charismatic, many in the OSF respect and look up to him.
Seto Narukami
Seto Narukami Portrait.jpg
Ability Electrokinesis
A Seventh Class Septentrion, Seto is one of the OSF's platoon commanders. Cheerful and humble, he is someone who willingly lends a hand to anyone in need. and is also satisfied with his position within the OSF.

OSF Platoon Operators

Haruka Frazer ThumbnailHaruka Frazer
Wataru Frazer ThumbnailWataru Frazer
Haruka Frazer
Haruka Frazer Portrait.jpg
Ability Mental Response
The OSF Platoon Operator designated to Kasane's Platoon, she is a cheerful and lighthearted person, and the younger identical twin of Wataru Frazer. Her personality and behavior makes people mistake her for a boy, which is something that bothers her.
Wataru Frazer
Wataru Frazer Portrait.jpg
Ability Mental Response
The OSF Platoon Operator assigned to the Yuito Platoon, he is a dynamic personality who is the older identical twin of Haruka Frazer. His behavior and slight frame make people mistake him for being a girl (as opposed to Haruka being mistaken for a boy).

Melone Twins

Kodama Melone ThumbnailKodama Melone
Yuta Melone ThumbnailYuta Melone
Kodama Melone
Kodama Melone Portrait.jpg
Ability Sonokinesis
Energetic and eccentric, Kodama is a shrewd platoon commander who serves under Fubuki Spring. She follows orders without hesitation and will carry them out with glee, no matter how harsh or cruel it may be.
Yuta Melone
Yuta Melone Portrait.jpg
Ability Transformation
The twin sister of Kodama, Yuta's existence is kept top secret by the OSF. As a result, she and her sister play the part of Kodama Melone, having similar personalities to keep their act.

Other Major Characters

Nagi Karman ThumbnailNagi Karman
Naomi Randall ThumbnailNaomi Randall
Alice Ichijo ThumbnailAlice Ichijo
Nagi Karman
Nagi Karman Portrait.jpg
Ability Aerokinesis
A close friend of Yuito during their OSF training days, Nagi has endured the hardships of training to become someone that can help people and gain some recognition for his actions.
Naomi Randall
Naomi Randall Portrait.jpg
Ability Short-term Precognition
Naomi is the oldest daughter of the Randall family, which owns Randall Industries, one of the largest military contracting companies in the world. Despite being doted on by her parents a lot, she is a selfless girls who treats everyone with kindness and has a strong sense of justice.
Alice Ichijo
Alice Ichijo Portrait.jpg
Ability Genesis
The daughter of the Ichijo OSF Hospital's former director, Alice is also Hanabi Ichijo's Aunt. She was the close friend of Fubuki Spring and Karen Travers, and have been friends since childhood before they all joined the OSF.

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