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This is a story walkthrough for Phase 3: Fated to Move Upon Awakening in Scarlet Nexus for the Xbox, Playstation, and PC. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, story section, boss strategies, a list of enemies, and a list of items that can be found.

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Phase 3 Maps

Suoh City Ryujin Ward
Main Street
Kunad Highway
Suoh Exit
Parking Area

Phase 3: Fated to Move Upon Awakening Story Walkthrough

Suoh City Ryujin Ward

Travel to the first objective marker on the map to begin the Phase.

OSF Training Facility

2 After the cutscene, you will be facing Shiden Ritter.
Boss Fight
Boss Battle: Shiden Ritter

Kunad Highway

3 Proceed to the first section of the Kunad Highway and use the buses to defeat enemies quickly. Use the Save Point and Item Shop to recover.
One section has a Brawn Yawn enemy. Lure it to the gas truck and detonate it to deal high damage.
The next section has 3 buses that you can ride and use to attack enemies. Use one to take down another Brawn Yawn, and then the 2 others to take down the Buddy Runnies.
6 The next part of the Highway has another Brawn Yawn and a gas truck. Use the same approach to take it out and deal with the other enemies after.
After finishing this section, a cutscene will trigger and you will confront Karen Travers.
Boss Fight
Boss Battle: Karen Travers
After the fight, you will be in another section of the Highway. Take down the Suoh soldiers to proceed to the next section.
9 The next section is a battle with the Winery Chinery.
Boss Fight
Boss Battle: Winery Chinery.
10 Defeating the Winery Chinery ends the Phase.

Phase 3 Standby Phase Available Bonds

This Phase does not have a Standby Phase.

Phase 3 Boss Fights

There are three boss fights in this Phase, Shiden Ritter, Karen Travers, and the Winery Chinery.

Shiden Ritter

Scarlet Nexus - Phase 3 Boss Shiden

Recommended SAS SAS: Psychokinesis

How to Beat Shiden Ritter

Barrage Him With Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis attacks will damage his shields. Keep throwing objects at him and avoid his attacks to defeat him.

Karen Travers

Scarlet Nexus - Phase 3 Karen

Recommended SAS SAS: Teleportation

How to Beat Karen Travers (Phase 3)

Defeat Scenario

Karen Travers is a Level 50 boss on this Phase. It is best to hold on until he damages you enough to trigger the next part of the phase.

Winery Chinery

Scarlet Nexus - Winery Chinery

This is a Major Other that serves as the last boss for Phase 3.

Recommended SAS SAS: Psychokinesis

How to Beat Winery Chinery

List of Enemies Encountered


Enemies Encountered
Buddy Rummy iconBuddy Rummy Bandeau Pendu iconBandeau Pendu
Brawn Yawn iconBrawn Yawn Scummy Rummy iconScummy Rummy
Suoh NDF iconSuoh NDF

General Tips

Use The Buses and Trucks

There are a number of Buses and Trucks that you can use to deal massive damage to enemies in this phase. Use the buses to run over multiple enemies, and ignite fuel trucks when enemies get close.

Phase 3 Obtainable Items

Marked Items & Data Spot Locations

Suoh City Ryujin Ward
Main Street
Kunad Highway
Suoh Exit
Parking Area

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