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Scarlet Nexus - Best Early Game Skills
This is a guide on how to acquire the best early game skills you can use in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam platforms. Read on to find out which skills you can get to level up faster, defeat your foes, and gain access to unique new moves!

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Early Game Skills Skills Tier List

How to Learn Skills

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Map
To unlock new skills for you to use, simply navigate to the Brain Map tab on the pause menu. From here, you can select any of the available skills you wish if you have the appropriate BP.

For a guide and full list of all skills you can acquire for your characters, check out our Brainmap Guide below!

Brainmap Guide: How to Learn Skills

Level Up to Gain BP

Scarlet Nexus - How to Level Up Fast

The only way you can gain enough BP to purchase new skills is by levelling up. BP Farming and Level Farming go hand in hand, seeing as how skills are needed to survive through many of the game's dangerous enemy encounters, and defeating them is key to earning enough EXP to earn BP.

How to Level Up Fast

Best Early Game Skills

Scarlet Nexus - Best Skills
Straight after completing Phase 0 of either path, it is recommended that you follow the storyline until you can finish the area of Kikuchiba. From here, you can backtrack back to the area once done, allowing you to farm enough levels and BP to unlock these best early game skills.

Yuito Skills

Scarlet Nexus - Yuito Sumeragi

Yuito at the start is a very reliable fighter. Due to his base attack speed and strength, he can easily be used to put down enemies. As such, the focus of the early game skill learning for him should be ones that increase his abilities to defeat enemies, which will make it easier in the long run to farm for more levels and BP before you decide to move along and end Phase 1 of the story.

Yuito Early Game Skills
Skill BP Cost Description
Overkill 3 Attacking enemies with depleted crush gauge increases EXP bonus. Does not work on strong foes with depleted HP.
Power Up 3 Increased damage for Psychokinesis Attacks by 5%.
Attack Up 2 3 Increased damage for weapon attacks by 5%.
Brain Crush Change Expand 4 Time enemies disabled due to crush gauge increased.
Concurrent SAS Activation 4 Allows up to 2 concurrent SAS activations.

Kasane Skills

Scarlet Nexus - Kasane Randall

As a fighter, Kasane is significantly slower and weaker than her counterpart. The best skills early on for her prior to finishing up with Phase 1 would be ones that increase her survivability, while gradually increasing her effectivity in combat as you level up. Doing so increases her durability with the latter Phases of the game.

Kasane Early Game Skills
Skill BP Cost Effect
Brain Crush SAS Restore 3 Using Brain Crush with SAS active restores SAS gauge.
Shorten Item Usage Cooldown 4 Shorter cooldown when using items.
Brain Crush Money Bonus 4 Using Brain Crush increases money rewards.
Attack Up 3 Increases weapon attacks by 5%.
Psychokinesis Crush Effect Up 1 3 Drains crush gauge when using Psychokinesis Attacks. Base increase by 5%.

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