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Scarlet Nexus - How to Level Up Fast
This is a guide on leveling up fast and farming Brain Points (BP) in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam platforms! Read on to know how you can purchase more skills early in the game!

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How to Level Up Fast

Leveling Up in Scarlet Nexus is a straightforward task that you can do: go to a location, fight enemies, and gain levels and Brain Points (BP).

BP is the most precious commodity you'll need as you make your way through the game, so leveling up fast and early is quite essential if you wish to unlock the true potential of your chosen character.

Battle Against Others

Scarlet Nexus - Battle Against Others
The easiest, and by far the fastest, method of earning enough EXP to level up and earn BP is through battling against the game's main enemies: the Others The more enemies you encounter and defeat, the better, as this lets you earn more EXP.

Others Combat Guide: List of Enemies

Advance Through the Story

Scarlet Nexus - Advance Through the Story
Although it seems counterintuitive from your ideal goal of having high levels as you fight your way through the story. making your way through the game's Phases is a good way of setting yourself up to fight against numerous Others.

Story Walkthrough Guide for Yuito and Kasane's Route

Finish Quests

Scarlet Nexus - Finish Sidequests
Certain characters in-game that can be interacted with will give you Sidequests you can accomplish. This is a good way for you to earn more EXP outside of playing through the main story. You can track down these characters by looking for the symbol on your map.

List of All Sidequests

Unlock EXP Bonus with Overkill

Unlock Overkill Skill
In your Brain Map, you can target the skill Overkill to gain EXP bonuses when fighting against Others. As it is one of the early skills that you can get, gaining the EXP bonus that comes everytime you hit enemies when their Crush Gauge is down is an extremely useful way for you to progress through levels faster.

Is It Worth Learning Overkill Skill

Learn Brain Crush EXP Bonus

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Crush EXP Bonus
Unlike Overkill, the Brain Crush EXP Bonus grants you bonus EXP for every enemy that you execute through the use of Brain Crush. Although not quite useful prior to you unlocking the ability to use Brain Crush itself, it is nonetheless a must-get when trying to level up to higher levels far away from the early areas in-game.

Is It Worth Learning Brain Crush EXP Bonus Skill

Backtrack Through Areas

Scarlet Nexus - Backtrack Through Areas
During the game's Phases, new areas will be unlocked to you. While progressing through the storyline is a good way to earn levels, backtracking through areas you've been to before, even outside of Quests or the Main Story, is another good way to farm for EXP.

Through exploring, or by bringing along party members with SAS Abilities that can help you navigate past barriers to places you couldn't access before, you'll be able to find new areas in familiar places that can net you fights against higher leveled Others and other rewards.

Use Brain Drive

Scarlet Nexus - Use Brain Drive

The Brain Drive is a useful tool that, once activated, can bring numerous EXP bonuses as you battle against Others. Activation of the drive is done automatically once the Brain Drive Gauge has been filled up, and slowly drains over time. Make the most out of it while its active, and secure the precious bonus EXP you need!

How to Use Brain Drive

Best Leveling Areas

Hieno Mountain

Hieno Mountain EXP Farming Guide

Hieno Mountain is home to Session Pounds, an enemy that self-explodes to deal damage to your party. They are easy to kill (just hitting them once with a Pychokinetic attack will stun them) and a single kill yields 600-1000 EXP a piece. This is high compared to the other enemies you encounter in the game and their relative ease to kill makes them the ideal EXP farming area if you wish to grind those BPs.

Togetsu - BABE Sub-Levels

Cut Rut - Use Psychokinesis Attacks
The sub-levels that can be found in Togetsu is home to many Others that provide EXP in the 1,000 or more range upon their defeat. Playing through the entirety of the BABE areas is a good way to earn BP with every successive run through the area.

Sumeragi Tomb - Memories of Nightmare

Sumeragi Tomb
Although it is an area that can be visited Post Game, the Memories of Nightmare Sub-Level in the Sumeragi Tomb area is home to Others that provide 3,000-14,000 EXP per enemy defeated. What's good about this area is that enemies spawn in each "arena" twice, which can double your EXP earnings.

This area connects to Memories of Impasse, the next sub-level over, which also contains many of the same enemies.

Where to Spend BP

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Map
For more info on how you can spend BP on skills, check out our Brainmap Guide below!

Brainmap Guide: How to Learn Skills

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