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The password from Episode 6 of Scarlet Nexus for the password-cracking mini-game has been found! Refer to our page on Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes for the latest Musubi code update!

Musubi Codes List and Rewards

This is a guide to downloading the Digital Soundtrack of Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. To find out how to get the Digital Soundtrack and its complete tracklist, read on!

How to Get the Soundtrack

Get the Digital Deluxe Edition

Scarlet Nexus - Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with a copy of the SCARLET NEXUS Digital Soundtrack. There are 38 tracks including the Scarlet Nexus opening theme, Dream in Drive by The Oral Cigarettes.

Scarlet Nexus: Digital Deluxe Edition

Get the Brain Punk Bundle DLC

Scarlet Nexus - Brain Punk Bundle

The newly released Brain Punk Bundle DLC, also includes the SCARLET NEXUS Digital Soundtrack. For a complete list of this DLC's features, visit our Brain Punk Bundle page!

Brain Punk Bundle DLC

Scarlet Nexus Digital Soundtrack

Dream in Drive Opening Theme

The music of Scarlet Nexus has always played a large part in the game's marketing. Prior to release, Bandai Namco announced its collaboration with The Oral Cigarettes to produce the Scarlet Nexus Opening Theme, Dream in Drive.

The song is but 1 of the 38 included tracks in the Digital Soundtrack. If you liked it, then the soundtrack promises more of the same!

Digital Soundtrack Complete Track List

Track Number Song Title Duration
1 Dream in Drive 1:32
3 The OSF -Advancing- 4:42
4 Grab your power by yourself 3:00
5 Suoh - A Sparkling Red Metropolitan 2:18
6 Calm at heart 3:25
7 Go, Scarlet Guardians 3:15
8 Eliminate the Others 2:33
9 The Other Appeared 3:34
10 A fresh breath of air 3:13
11 The OSF -Be Prepared- 2:58
12 The Abandoned Commercial City 6:48
13 The Abandoned Commercial City -the other- 6:48
14 Break Time 2:57
15 An illusionary city plan 8:09
16 An illusionary city plan -the other- 8:15
17 Crisis Approaching 3:38
18 Faded Bustles 6:37
19 Faded Bustles -the other- 6:38
20 Stand up to the threat 3:11
21 Ran over, Crushed and Scattered 2:37
22 With a carved injury 3:59
23 Bet our powers 3:27
24 Unremovable anxiety 3:06
25 An Abandoned Highway Dominated by Nature 5:26
26 An Abandoned Highway Dominated by Nature -the other- 5:25
27 The ones that consume [brains] 2:34
28 A far and warm memory 2:43
29 Incompatible thoughts 4:51
30 The madness inside 3:31
31 Seiran - Desiring the Blue mirror 4:38
32 A hidden taboo 6:13
33 A freezing breath 7:57
34 Human Wisdom [Bridge of Purification] 3:37
35 Welcome to the Musubi's 3:05
36 An Acrobat in the rainbow-colored skies 3:37
37 What is waiting at the last -the other- 2:26
38 My Sweet Hideout 3:24

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