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This is a guide to Spawn Yawn, an Enemy in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to learn Spawn Yawn's strengths and weaknesses, attack patterns, and materials dropped!

Spawn Yawn Information

Type and Ailments

Spawn Yawn
Spawn Yawn
Enemy Type Ailments Inflicted
Yawn -

How to Beat Spawn Yawn

Spawn Yawn Attack Patterns

Energy Beam

Spawn Yawn - Energy Beam
From a distance, the creature can use an Energy Beam attack that can knock out a good portion of your own Health Bar. These, however, can be easily avoided due to the creature's inability to move its head to target you.

Toxic Breath

Spawn Yawn - Toxic Breath
As an alternative to using its Energy Beam Attack, Spawn Yawn can instead sweep its head from side to side, spewing out a toxic cloud that causes minimal damage.

Jaw Attack

Spawn Yawn - Jaw Attack
Staying too close to the Spawn Yawn to get in some melee hits will cause the creature to attack you with its jaws. This attack can knock you to the ground, recovering from which may leave you open to the Other's other attacks.

Spawn Yawn Strategies

Attack its Weak Point

Spawn Yawn - Attack its Weak Points
A particular vulnerability of this creature is its Weak Spot on its back. Hitting this area will cause it to lay down on the ground for a few moments, stunned, allowing you to sink in more shots into it for free damage.

Use Electrokinesis or Pyrokinesis

Spawn Yawn - Use Electrokinesis
Adding Electrokinesis or Pyrokinesis to your attacks will grant you more power in dealing the creature more damage as you strike it. Electrokinesis in particular will prolong its stunned state if you manage to hit its Weak Spot by inflicting the Shocked Status Ailment.

Use Hypervelocity or Invisibility

Spawn Yawn - Use Hypervelocity
Spawn Yawns can maneuver themselves fairly well. In order to hit its Weak Spot, you will need to move to its back in order to hit it. You can use Hypervelocity to achieve this, or alternatively, make use of Invisibility.

Spawn Yawn Location

Kasane Route

Arahabaki Secure Site
Arahabaki Secure Site
Arahabaki Secure Site

Yuito Route

Supernatural Life Research Facility
Arahabaki Secure Site
Supernatural Life Research Facility
Supernatural Life Research Facility
Arahabaki Secure Site
Arahabaki Secure Site

Spawn Yawn Droppable Materials

Material Rarity
Yawn-type SuppressionYawn-type Suppression Uncommon
Yawn-type Suppression +Yawn-type Suppression + Rare

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